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That Gamer Girl : "Naked Picture" For Highest Score TROLOLO

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Text Comments (91)
AngryZombieBoy Gaming (4 years ago)
The guy liked the picture . he left because he jacked off to it
Ms Fox (4 years ago)
Omfg!!!!! XD IM DYING
the shadow walker (4 years ago)
the shadow walker (4 years ago)
My own names class willow add me i am a girl
lochie martin (5 years ago)
I got that pic and I took a photo of that
Rixy Nix (5 years ago)
I don't know why everyone in the comments thinks its gross because it was fricking funny
Rixy Nix (5 years ago)
Why are they so mean to a boy
Partypants123 (5 years ago)
Thats grose
James (5 years ago)
He says mangina... So that's what he sent .
botreally (5 years ago)
MetaWolfakaZERO (5 years ago)
cameron nelson (5 years ago)
Oh man if that was me i would have problems
Sophia (5 years ago)
I think he did send the picurr
Sophia (5 years ago)
Even if their first then they still have a lost
Boush Mane (6 years ago)
So did he really send those guys a pic of his dick
xGLGxGamingPro (6 years ago)
Blamo is epic
Garthundis (6 years ago)
Just played with this dude
n4tg6594 (6 years ago)
HAHAHAHAHA nice one. :D
lachie8789 (6 years ago)
You trolled me I'm the space turtle
Cydney Reed (6 years ago)
lol i was guh he has some epic abs
LeChopper (6 years ago)
Wow....just wow lol
TheFordShelbyGT (6 years ago)
I laughed like crazy when I saw his shirt up
Quinix (6 years ago)
Like, i'm a dude. XD
Roblox Timid (6 years ago)
Did he really take a picture of that :l?
Petar Ilic (6 years ago)
did you really sent a naked picture? rofl
Oblividiot (6 years ago)
Hardman is like facepalm then thinks not bad but then realizes i think i like men 0_o WTF and btw your good at guitar
baole58 (6 years ago)
its a game, its not like they killed anyone jheez :/
irvin romero (6 years ago)
those guys are assholes
Wy Dog (6 years ago)
Lmao, they are all mad that they aren't in first place, so they make fun of hardman and the he/she lololol
FearTehZooCow (6 years ago)
TheCockEater69 (6 years ago)
that is fucking great
Lukas (6 years ago)
Nice abs trollolol.
OGFlabeh (6 years ago)
omg amazin
poke3p1 (6 years ago)
I love how he actually took the picture of his dick xD EPIC TROLL
dylan thomas (6 years ago)
zICisCo (7 years ago)
lol right can i say expose :o
gabriel parra (7 years ago)
Troll my friend for me
gabriel parra (7 years ago)
That guys awesome he didn't fall for it
Rose Quartz (7 years ago)
Brian Richards (7 years ago)
fucking retards got trolled bad
Voodo Girl (7 years ago)
rainbowcuppycakex (7 years ago)
They got a naked pic of you either way o.o, I think that's a win XD
Reeebekah23 (7 years ago)
You have a nice body in that pic! Lol
Rua893 (7 years ago)
lol youtube money
TheMymast (7 years ago)
and you want to see it?
chrischimera (7 years ago)
lol thats fucked up xD
richard Davis (7 years ago)
i just got banned on xbox live for trolling a kid to bad we even started texting he hacked me lol
siggyv (7 years ago)
LMAO..good shit
IG: baltimark (7 years ago)
i can imagine me doing this, forgetting to mute my mic before i bust out laughing and making it obvious that i was fucking with these guys
YoutubableHD (7 years ago)
Logan Basham (7 years ago)
@thebarnineffect Idiot...not idot. Lol.
Bren Smith (7 years ago)
Pizzy (7 years ago)
Hardmans going hard for the picture!!!!! jokes
APooOnAStick (7 years ago)
"Can you just say 'YouTube Money' for us?" "...Noo." I lost it there.
Dino (7 years ago)
I was loling my ass off when you whent into the message thingy :D
PosterChildd (7 years ago)
Pizzy (7 years ago)
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KiLlZwiTcH (7 years ago)
that dude never tried so hard for anything in his life lol
mrjanay90 (7 years ago)
XBox <3
Collin Hunt (7 years ago)
stream again rachel
simerpreet11 (7 years ago)
Whats the song at the end with the guitar! TELL ME!
GetEmGurl (7 years ago)
Lmao, did u tuck it in?!
landocchi (7 years ago)
ImTrakk (7 years ago)
Eddy (7 years ago)
lol nice
YoutubableHD (7 years ago)
If anyone is asking i sent a picture of me doing a "MANGINA" lol!
Luke Hoover (7 years ago)
dude this is super funny
Eclihpse (7 years ago)
What did he send them abs or nuts
Nick Terrance (7 years ago)
LMAO! That shit is gr8.
YoutubableHD (7 years ago)
Lol! if you guys like these videos keep active on both channels. for exclusive content.
Nick Terrance (7 years ago)
LMAO! YOu should be an actor... You would play an awesome crazy chick.
Nick Terrance (7 years ago)
LMAO! "That's mean, don't call her that!" LMAO! What a Cpt. Save Uh Hoe.
ibrahim kishk (7 years ago)
hey......please do a video of you playing guitar i always listen to the guitar sound in the end of your video 5 times at least please replay :)
TheTrueRetad (7 years ago)
"what can i say..." "you can say youtube monaay" LOL
ThePwNzclan (7 years ago)
dylan kanhai (7 years ago)
iambored7171 (7 years ago)
Puddock3000 (7 years ago)
He wasn't HARDMAN after that pic HAHA
SheisFreakyable (7 years ago)
hahah just to let everyone know he sent this pic to me also haha he tucked his dick if anyone was wondering lmao -sheisfreaky
adam fagan (7 years ago)
mnburns hmmm ;D
Jin Yijian (7 years ago)
What if that guy is gonns post the photo on the internet after he saw this vid?
мαя¢υs (7 years ago)
he sent a picture of his dick OMFG AHHAHAHA
SndZ11 (7 years ago)
Amazing video havnt laughed so hard for a while!
Vezuls (7 years ago)
lmao. I got tit pics everytime I got a MOAB. And I get 4 in a row before I got off.
Dharc (7 years ago)
can't belive they all think he's a girl xD
kidrangpker (7 years ago)
You didn't need to say that o-o
Chuck Norris (7 years ago)
Chick with a dick
MelloKKhaos (7 years ago)
awesomvideosarebeast (7 years ago)
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