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Top 5 Amouage Fragrances

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In this video I will reveal my top 5 fragrances from the niche house of Amouage.
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QLDavis01 (1 day ago)
Is It 'Blue Mist' Or 'Blue Beast'!? & Where Can I Find It!?
Builder Pond (10 days ago)
Video starts at 2:34
Chado (14 days ago)
Lyric man is no Masculine rose. hahaha YSL Ultime is a masculine rose. Got a sample of Lyric man and lets just say, I will be gifting it to my daughter. Nice but not for me. Just because people don't say you smell like a women doesn't mean they aren't thinking it. hahah
Lola Tara (1 month ago)
... Opine antes de terminar de ver el video completo amigo!!.. Y me encanto tu sonrisa de baby boy❣️😁... "muchacho". Tienes muito "charme".. Bien por ti!!!
Lola Tara (1 month ago)
Me gusta tu corbata!... Y la forma en que bajas los párpados!!! Entiendo poco inglés... But... Me encanta tu manejo corporal!!!, ❣️
E Gallo (1 month ago)
What about interlude man ?
E Gallo (1 month ago)
+BowTie FragranceGuy thanks yo! 👍
BowTie FragranceGuy (1 month ago)
E Gallo it’s #3 on this list...
Stripties (1 month ago)
Have you gotten the chance to try Memoir? That's definitely in my top three Amouage scents as well.
BowTie FragranceGuy (1 month ago)
Stripties nah man, I’ve heard good things about it though. I need to sample that one....
ahmed al-harmali (2 months ago)
Amuage factory is just next to my house.. they did an offer once a year .. I recieved an SMS invitation with a strict timing to come. I never miss any of these offer days.. very good prices for an exclusive collections ..LOL
tom spann (2 months ago)
I am an Amouage fan and own Reflection Man, Sunshine Man, Interlude Man, Jublilation 25, and now Lyric Man. Lyric was presented to me for Valentines. Love love love Lyric Man.
Jason King (2 months ago)
I agree with Reflection Man being #1 on your list. It’s the easiest to understand from Amouge for sure. Interlude would be #2 if it weren’t so spicy at first spray but after drying, its smoky notes stand out for a suit n tie feel.
YouAreDumb (2 months ago)
Bro you in that suit deserve my money each and every one.
BowTie FragranceGuy (2 months ago)
thanks homie!
ChestyMD (2 months ago)
I love rose, I bought a sample of lyric can't wait, hope I like it enough to buy the bottle
Confessions (2 months ago)
I wanna subscribe, but the audio quality is keeping from subscribing. I hope you fix that asap, so I can support
Confessions (2 months ago)
+BowTie FragranceGuy that's what they all say... lol just joke... subbing...
BowTie FragranceGuy (2 months ago)
Confessions just forgot my mic that day..
Nero Bruno (2 months ago)
The Chronic was 1993. In 2000 Dre released the sequel: The Chronic 2000. Nice review but you lose a few points for this small but important detail. Make it up by dropping the piano music next time.
Samantha Guzman (2 months ago)
Please do too 5 for women!
Elinor Rehash (1 month ago)
Hey Samantha, :) I have done my favourites from the house of amouage. Here's is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA5-Ie7LyWI&t=22s
Lesia van der Woman (2 months ago)
I must buy for my husband something of your top 5. thanks.
BowTie FragranceGuy (2 months ago)
Lesia van der Woman 👌🏾
Ernie Prescott (2 months ago)
Dude, drop the music when you're talking. I couldn't get thru the review because of it.
AW (2 months ago)
Just tested Interlude Man for the first time the other day. It's a lot more wearable than I thought it would be. Love it.
BowTie FragranceGuy (2 months ago)
AW 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Ricky Reagan (3 months ago)
Just subscribed. Really enjoy your videos and they’re on point
BowTie FragranceGuy (3 months ago)
Thank you sir! Welcome aboard!
Peter Rivera-Pierola (3 months ago)
Jubilation XXV is my favorite scent to smell—I take a hit almost nightly! And Reflection Man is my wife’s favorite, so you know it’s a main player in my rotation!
BowTie FragranceGuy (3 months ago)
Yes sir! Happy wife, happy life! 😁
Darin Irwin (3 months ago)
Bowtie FragranceGuy I love your reviews. You are one helluva a singer too. You are about to burst out of that suit. LOL. How much do you bench press?
BowTie FragranceGuy (1 month ago)
Darin Irwin 365 💪🏾
The Proud Mississippian (3 months ago)
I wore Jubilation XXV to work one day...I must have been smelling like a snack because the big girls were licking their lips!
yahweh1979 (2 months ago)
Panty dropping? D&G The One does the same
BowTie FragranceGuy (3 months ago)
Y Ad (3 months ago)
I have maybe 8 in my collection. My top 5 will be: 1. Dia man 2. Reflection Man, 3. Jubilation Man, 4. Journey Man, 5. The Blue Beast! Haven't smelled Lyric Man or Ciel man, but if anyone is willing to trade for either of those, let me know
BowTie FragranceGuy (3 months ago)
Y Ad nice top 5
Med Marr (3 months ago)
You are one of best fragrances reviewers
randy tikah (3 months ago)
You sealed it lol my nex purchase
Zaaraa Ajmeri (3 months ago)
james suddeth (3 months ago)
I have a small sample box of all of the fragrances. I do have in my collection Lyric Man and Jubilation 25, my wife loves Jubilation I receive lots of compliments from both fragrances. Awesome list.
BowTie FragranceGuy (3 months ago)
james suddeth thanks homie!!👌🏾
Grand Themes (3 months ago)
Over $1000 in cologne...where do you get bread.lol
Daniel (3 months ago)
Thank you for your videos!
BowTie FragranceGuy (3 months ago)
thank you for watching!
Nivaldo vidente (3 months ago)
Tenho o jubilation xxv e o lyric man ......são incriveis......aqui do. Brazil....parabéns
Túlio Oliveira (3 months ago)
It would be really nice if you do a TOP5 overall Amouage Fragrances. Amouage have an interesting Marketing work... A lot of the "Woman's Fragrances" are more complex and well done than the Man's oferring. Don't get fooled by their names, you would be surprised to find out that most of the feminine versions can actually be a lot better.
youtouboutso (4 months ago)
I didnt subscribed till i see your mumber one😁.... But now you have me in bro, reflection is one of the best scents ever. Well done
BowTie FragranceGuy (3 months ago)
youtouboutso thanks!!
DIGITAL CTHULHU (4 months ago)
Classy taste of men fragrance right here ma man. A gentleman wearing Amouage will always stand out and that’s guaranteed. I am from Oman 🇴🇲 and I really appreciate your review. There was a mega sale at the Amouage factory in Muscat ranging between 30% and 75% discount on discontinued lines such as Silver man, Cirrus, Black Shadow, Sur and more. It also included all the Attar range of perfumes. I was lucky to grab the above perfumes plus three (now very rare) Attar perfumes paying a fraction of the retail price.
BowTie FragranceGuy (4 months ago)
DIGITAL CTHULHU thAnk you for watching!
Danny Fraser (4 months ago)
Lyric Man is soooo underrated. One of my all time favorites
BowTie FragranceGuy (4 months ago)
sergio khovanets (4 months ago)
I have Jubilation 25 and Lyric Man bottles. They're my favourites. But I also like Reflection man and Beloved man.
BowTie FragranceGuy (4 months ago)
I need to try Beloved Man!
John Metzger (5 months ago)
You are a sharp dressed Man. I enjoy Aventus. Also from PDM Herod Layton Galloway Percival this being said what Amouage would capitalize this collection? Like and subscribed ✳️
Dhruba Dasgupta (5 months ago)
Love the list. I may have to try journey man! I truly appreciate the lengths you went to describe the oregano note.
BowTie FragranceGuy (5 months ago)
Thank you for watching! I'm glad that you found the video beneficial!
Efrain Perez Pinzon (5 months ago)
Excellent list.
Silver Man (5 months ago)
Lyric Man for me
Paulo Sérgio Pereira (6 months ago)
My number one is memoir man😍
Tom Ombui (6 months ago)
Nice review, my top 5..Opus Vi,Jubilation, Sun Shineman,Brackenman,Dia.
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Tom Ombui thanks for watching!
Mazhar Khan (6 months ago)
Which perfume vary vary longlast perfume oil attar
DIGITAL CTHULHU (4 months ago)
All of the Attar collection will last very long
Brad Peterson (6 months ago)
Good list, except for Journey Man.
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Brad Peterson Thanks for watching! 👌🏾
RyzFragz34 (6 months ago)
Very nice picks! Great house for sure:)
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
RyzFragz34 Thanks Bro! I appreciate the kind words...especially coming from you. 👌🏾
M. S. BitEth (6 months ago)
I have most of them. Fate is a beautiful bottle but, whoa, so hard to ware. Would trade it or sell my nearly full bottles of Dia or Fate for 100 bucks plus shipping. Favorites are non magnetic Jub 25, Epic, and Interlude. Have Imitation Man but unopened.
Diego Castillo (6 months ago)
I'm interested in Imitation Man, if you decide to part ways with it. Let me know, thanks
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
M. S. BitEth great picks! You’re selling Dia Man?
Sal Geno (6 months ago)
Sunshine Man and Reflection Man 🔥
david sugar (6 months ago)
Great video as always amouage Is my favorite house I own interlude man reflection and su shine man will be buying jubilation bracken and besch hut man in 2 months
jeff smallwood (6 months ago)
Nice list! I have Jubilation 25, Interlude Man, Sunshine Man and Reflection Man and they’re all up for sale! 90% full in each one. $125 a piece! 641-777-6062 or 641-680-7630 if interested. Keep smelling even better!
randy tikah (2 months ago)
YOL0 TOURE (6 months ago)
Quality list man, my favorite is reflection man
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Thanks bro!
Pedro (6 months ago)
It smells like Kim Kold after a big back session
Michael Bullock (6 months ago)
Great list and I enjoyed it and I'm gonna try these fragrances and have a blessed day
Fragrance Journey (6 months ago)
I want Lyric Man really bad.Im big on rose so it’s a must have.Good video bro.
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Thanks bro
Victor Wang (6 months ago)
Jurry Blessed (6 months ago)
A new one that nobody is really talking about is imitation man I really like that one keep the videos coming brotha stay blessed 🙏🏾💯
M. S. BitEth (6 months ago)
I have this in the box still, unwrapped. Afraid to open it and hate it. You really like it?
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Thanks bro!
dexxhunt (6 months ago)
Word fam,solid list/vid.Slick suit as well.Nice touch with the tie and pocket square.Peace & Blessings
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Thanks homie!
It's Kyuu (6 months ago)
Reflection man really is a 10/10. I don't think it's much like le male either.
John Kennedy (1 month ago)
I was really looking forward to this sample. I do "like" it, but man I get too much "household- cleaner" vibe for me to wear
BowTie FragranceGuy (5 months ago)
maradona maradona2014 very good..8-10 hours of longevity
maradona maradona2014 (5 months ago)
how this fragrance long last and performance?
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Kenneth Hargrove (6 months ago)
I have Jubilation, Reflection, Fate, and Bracken. I think I enjoy this house more than Creed. Great video as always.
Ofis Dorionas (3 months ago)
Cheers man! Definitely agreed. Creed is, let's say the Rolex of niche fragrances... It has become more of a brand name, rather than quality for price. I still love most of their scents though, I just consider them overpriced, considering how most of their fragrances perform and how they present their "imperial" line (Creed Viking is my signature btw). But with this house, you just get what you pay for. Maybe Amouage is like Patek Phillipe of fragrances. But no, wait. That's Roja, lol.
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Thanks bruh! I really enjoy Amouage as well man..I need to try Bracken and Fate!
Alexander Riggins (6 months ago)
Jubilation and Reflection Man are actually on my next to buy list from this house. Solid list!
BowTie FragranceGuy (6 months ago)
Thank you sir!

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