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Drunk Lesbians Watch Ellen's Coming Out Episode Pt. 1 (Feat. Aliee Chan)

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This week on Drunk Queer Women Watch, Aliee Chan joins us to watch the infamous Puppy Episode on Ellen, where she comes out to the world. We laugh, we cry, we scream a lot. All of Ellen's sitcom is on Hulu in America, I highly recommend watching the episodes! To support queer content, donate to our Patreon: Patreon.com/GirlShipTV Check out Aliee on social media: @alieechan Check out Amanda on social media: @AwkwardHolland BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE! WE ARE SO CLOSE TO 100K!
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Girl Ship TV (10 months ago)
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! Do yourself a favor and watch The Puppy Episode Pt 1 & 2. Ellen's sitcom is on Hulu in America and these eps should be required viewing for queers as they changed the landscape for gay/queer people on TV forever.
Isabella Ramirezzo (5 months ago)
+Donna Brooks yes, it is really tragic but i think its because its realistic thats why. and its really close to my culture and my 'circumstance' right now thats why i feel close with it. the actors are amazing, talented and beautiful. i feel like this movie was necessary in the middle east although they banned it. its just my opinion, some people may hate it some may love it. everyone has their views.
Jay Grey (5 months ago)
Correction: he said it on her talk show a few months before the ceremony
Jay Grey (5 months ago)
Donna Brooks He gave her the Medal of Freedom a couple years ago
Donna Brooks (5 months ago)
+Isabella Ramirezzo The most amazing movie ever?? Well, to each their own, but it certainly is depressing. But maybe you like it b/c it's realistic. I watched some interviews of the actors & filmmaker. She said she needed to find actors who would accept that they'd never be able to return to Iran again after making this film. She also needed to find people who could speak both English and (is the language Farsi?) and 2 female leads who were comfortable not just with sexuality on camera but with queer sexuality. I will say that they are HOT in that scene where she undresses standing right in front of her!
Donna Brooks (5 months ago)
+Jay Grey President Obama said that about Ellen?! Cool! I didn't know he said that. What was the occasion?
Anna Bulakhova (7 days ago)
Gayme changing
RapidObsessor (14 days ago)
please watch ek ladki!
Hannah Penner (19 days ago)
oh my god did i gay gasp when laura dern walks out.... like i'm literally tearing up right now LAURA DERN
Nicole Pimenta (21 days ago)
Chris Christian (1 month ago)
I was 18 and finishing my senior yr when this aired. My parents reaction to Ellen (deep east TX) pushed me so far back in closet. It was a very scary time. Thank you for showing this cause we need to understand our history as a queer community.
Lisa Lanier (2 months ago)
You asked in the video how it Must have felt for lesbians watching the Ellen episode when it first aired. I was one of those people. I was 25 and I just came out to my friends the year before that. I was a late bloomer even though I actually knew I was gay since age 6 but I struggled with it because I also have a disability and use a wheelchair. That’s a lot to unpack living in the South in a time where nobody was really out. Anyway, the night Ellen aired We had a watch party at my little condo. my girlfriend and I, my roommate, and two gay guy friends that were a couple attended. The build up to the episode had me feeling conflicted. Most of the people I heard talking about it at work were boycotting the episode as did some local ABC affiliates and advertisers. Therefore, we didn’t announce we were having a viewing party. Meanwhile, we were about to burst with excitement. When the airport scene came on we screamed, jumped up and down, kissed and cried tears of joy. The aftermath was difficult. The backlash was swift and gut wrenching but that’s progress. I will never forget that night. Visibility is vital. ♿️🏳️‍🌈
Lisa Lanier (2 months ago)
Girl Ship TV keep doing what you’re doing. I’m proud of you.
Girl Ship TV (2 months ago)
Not gonna lie, this comment made me tear up. Visibility is so vital!
3ChordsAndTheTruth (2 months ago)
Who else cried at the audience reaction . So much acceptance.
5:59 "I'm sorry Richard this has never happened to me before" i don't get the joke can someone explain it pls
+Minas Tirith oh lol
Minas Tirith (1 month ago)
well...normally guys are saying that phrase to their women when they are not able to satisfy the lady 😉
awwwwww ahfdklsafhdl;sahfdls;fjjjfhfhhdddsssss I'm crying
Betty Leigh (4 months ago)
"What was his name " "Susan " Lol 😂
louise mcghie (4 months ago)
Think this shit is amazing love what you do. I’m from England and the best Lezza tv I like is tipping the velvet, finger Smith. I loved my teens because of these shows/series doing an ace job😝
Veanuka NeonPizzaDragon (4 months ago)
Can you do la luciérnaga? The firefly, it's on Netflix, please please please!
amelia nugget (5 months ago)
Aliee chan is so hot she made me even more gay
Donna Brooks (5 months ago)
Look at Ellen's and Laura's faces after she delivers the, "I'm gay" line! That look starts with them in character, but turns into Ellen and her friend, Laura, sharing what they know is an historic TV moment and a great personal triumph for Ellen. You can see the genuine smile between them. Also, from what I can remember, Ellen has a dream in which a bunch of stars appear all alluding to some aspect of being gay. That is great fun! I remember Gina Gershon as a checkout girl, country singer Dwight Yoakum offering to take her groceries to her "gay car", Laura Dern walking by holding 2 melons in front of her, and K.D. Lang saying, "Ellen, over here!" LOL!! Melissa Etheridge also makes an appearance at the very end. I guess all that is in Part 2. I watched the ep when it first aired. This brings back such great memories!
Heather Snodgrass (6 months ago)
Bonus points for noticing Steven Eckholdt played the man Ellen went on a date with. He played Henry, Tina's love interest (ew), on "The L Word."
Natalia Lestrange (6 months ago)
Minas Tirith (3 months ago)
nope...and she never was
Emma-Michelle Hickey (6 months ago)
How have I never seen this before... I'm holding back tears
My Øbsessiøn (6 months ago)
Anna Guggenberger (6 months ago)
I always watched Ellen as a kid, but never realizing she was gay, so watching the puppy episode and the last season in my 20s when I have come out for about 10 years was the most awesome thing ever <3 <3 same with Willow and Tara <3 <3
brandelynmarie (7 months ago)
Can't wait for the next episode of Parallel! 😍
RabbitCatDogFish (7 months ago)
Can you guys do Ellen Paige's coming out speech?
Jennifer Ferris (7 months ago)
MARISA SANGAR - (8 months ago)
watch Tenny - 159cm
Claramel Queen (8 months ago)
Dakota Brown (8 months ago)
Watch Ellen pages coming out, and Clexa
Lilliana Maxfield (8 months ago)
That’s true
Coffeekicker (9 months ago)
Please watch Almost Adults
StaticShock234 (9 months ago)
This episode on Gay Screaming
Thea Danielle Gonzales (9 months ago)
Amanda! You should watch something like The Life of Ms. Marsha P Johnson — it’s on Netflix and tells the story of one of the key activists and trans women who helped change the game through the Stonewall Riots!
Jessica Hogsed (9 months ago)
I'm bi/pan and I'm not out to my family so when Aliee said "if I only date men no one will know" I was like saaaame! Because was my plan but i recently got a girlfriend so whoops I guess
blissfulpeace (9 months ago)
"If you don't like Ellen you're a sociopath" LMAO TRUE
Zephilia S (9 months ago)
ALL THE GAY. ALL OF IT hahaha lmao
Miranda J (9 months ago)
oh my god please do the episode of Ellen where Emma Thompson's gay it was the absolute height of comedy
Jordyn McEvoy (9 months ago)
"i'd be lying if i said i wasn't tearing up right now," amanda says, as i wipe away tears
Angela Britt (9 months ago)
duck butterrr!!!! pleeease duck butter
Kayla Paul (9 months ago)
A good movie to watch is Alto
Micaela Gonzalez (9 months ago)
Hi!!!! Are goint to do "disobedience" ?
ellen3000gaming (9 months ago)
I was so angry at Ellen for doing this. But let me explain before I get flamed, haha. When this aired, I was in middle school. I was a very awkward, troubled kid. I was bullied a lot at school because of my hair and my clothes and my general uncoolness, abused at home daily, and I was very confused and ashamed about my identity. I was gender non-conforming, so of course the other kids teased me that I was a lesbian. I vehemently denied it, being in middle school in the 90’s and having a religious upbringing, but I was afraid there was some truth to it because I knew I didn’t like boys like the other girls did, and I sometimes got crushes on girls. But the label still felt wrong to me, for many reasons. My name is Ellen. So. When this episode aired and Ellen was on the magazine cover saying “Yep, I’m gay,” I had entire classrooms laughing and yelling that I was a lesbian. It was awful, and in my troubled child way, I blamed Ellen D. for doing this and being this way so publicly because now it made the bullying even worse, and it made my internal confusion exponentially worse. I was angry at her for a long time until, after many years of growing and working on myself, I figured out who I am and accepted it. Turns out I’m an asexual greyromantic (or demiromantic; it’s complicated, lol). Now of course I love Ellen D and am so grateful to her for having the courage to do what she’s done for queer people. And I was never really angry at her in the first place. I was angry at myself, for being different and for not understanding who or what I was. Also I was angry at the bullies for being bullies, heh. Anyway, I love this channel, love what you do, love that we have the freedom to express ourselves this way. Thanks for the smiles today! 😊
dowoonsglass (9 months ago)
*queer squeal*
peep peep (9 months ago)
Watch Maybe Tomorrow (Baka bukas) next plssss!!
Wot n Tarnation (9 months ago)
You should watch concussion next!
Max Concannon (9 months ago)
Is no one going to mention that the man’s NAME is RICHARD
Antonia Ramalho (9 months ago)
Mia Valbracht (9 months ago)
I ❤️ this so much
Jenny M (9 months ago)
Squealing!!! I love when you do the old shows!
Abbi Rose (9 months ago)
Gayme changing
Alex Perez (9 months ago)
I will be the next contestant on your show im a lesbiansexual
Colosika Circus (9 months ago)
Love the vids someone please watch my videos though I’m so desperate
Kim Lmll (9 months ago)
Need to see « LIZ IN SEPTEMBER » 😭
Danielle Zuce (9 months ago)
Aliee's 'HI' everytime Laura Dern comes on tv.
Blind Girl Gaming (9 months ago)
Can I have some wine LOL not like there’s any chance of finding a girlfriend. LOL I live out in the middle of nowhere in the Bible belt… :(
Caitlin Elizabeth (9 months ago)
My fave show, when I was coming to terms with being gay when I was like 11 and I watched this over and over again
mcyrus27 (9 months ago)
can i fiend i gf in the comments?
Maialen Blanco (9 months ago)
I LOVE your videos 🤣🤣 You have to watch a Spanish film called Holy Camp! Who hasnt fantasied about turning a nun (It happens in the movie😁) and also its really funny, so I recommend it. I think its on Netflix Hi from Spain 👋🏻
Kate McCune (9 months ago)
You should watch The Girl King next!
IwatchStuff (9 months ago)
You guys should do a episode wit the movie 'A incredibly true story of true girls in love, ' from 1995. It was the first lgbtqa+ movie i saw as a kid.
Ndy` (10 months ago)
please watch the circumstance (2011)
En Sha Han (10 months ago)
Please do the movie professor marston and the wonder woman with gaby it features bisexual if not queer women and a polyamorous relationship. The people in the relationship are scientists who are inventing the lie detector.
Kamryn Yates (10 months ago)
the Making Gay History podcast has an interview with Ellen from a few years after this aired and the show got cancelled. She talks about why she did it and her feelings during the process and after. Super great we stan an icon.
That AlyCat (10 months ago)
Being someone who was born either after or very shortly before Ellen came out, it is SUPER WEIRD seeing her with a dude! Also, thank you for watching this with us, it was a trip.
Ndy` (10 months ago)
please react to kadena from the bold type~
Broito (10 months ago)
Relate so hard to that idea about trying to convince yourself that you're straight. There were so many signs my entire life, even girls I really liked and kissed. Everyone always thought I was a dyke and it bothered me a lot, and I felt like I had to prove them wrong. So I wholly convinced myself that I was straight and got engaged to this guy and lived through 3+ years of absolute hell, to the point I thought I was sexually broken, near the end of our relationship I even literally wanted to die. I can't explain how much it means now that I wake up every day thanking God that I'm still alive and that I have the most amazingly beautiful woman who loves and cares for me and whom I can love and care for endlessly. There has never been this kind of balance, never such a fluidity that makes life complete. I'm fucking gay. 🤘
Flip Flop & Fly (9 months ago)
Same here, I try so hard to fit the norm that it almost killed me. I did try to kill myself from age 17 until the last attempt at 22 ending up in the E.R. because I didn't accept it and I was forcing myself going out with men which was catastrophic for my gay self, it didn't feel right at all until I finally accept it and told myself that's better being gay than dead.
P M (10 months ago)
When Night is Falling, please!!
Keiondra Johnson (10 months ago)
Im screamed so much
Isabella Ramirezzo (10 months ago)
PicekRudly (10 months ago)
Politally JB (10 months ago)
ilseizi (10 months ago)
PLEASE watch: Love, Simon. That movie is so good. I wachted in yesterday
Ysabella Ylagan (10 months ago)
You guys need to watch love,simon
Lkc Toms (10 months ago)
I'm a baby queer too
Julia Crager (10 months ago)
this was so good! pls do the handmaiden!
S D (10 months ago)
"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't crying" too...
Tidde (10 months ago)
Also please please please review dyke hard. I can send you a copy of the dvd if you post your PO boc adress
Tidde (10 months ago)
Can't wait for part 2 and hearing your reactions to the dream sequence with all the super cool famous 90s lesbians!
Emmi The Cactus (10 months ago)
Can you please react to zolita music videos!! ♥️♥️♥️
sehansa de silva (10 months ago)
pleasee do a video about SAVING FACE!!!!
Madeline Morgan (10 months ago)
Anna K-C (10 months ago)
https://youtu.be/u33g0vlGaPM. PLEASE REACT TO THIS
thetacooooos (10 months ago)
You guys should check out the episode “Just Coffee” when Ellen meets her girlfriend ouo
Elise Smith (10 months ago)
Can you please watch Everythingsucks! On Netflix
NevidljivoPismo (10 months ago)
You guys should review some of the Sarah Waters movies!! (fingersmith, tipping the velvet etc) or scenes from Xena!!!
Flip Flop & Fly (9 months ago)
That was so obvious the Love between Xena & Gabrielle, for me it was the most beautiful love story between two women even though that was not explicit or too out there as gay we knew it from the start and it was confirmed later on from the two main actresses that in fact, they were in Love and in a gay Loving relationship all along.
Amyia !! (10 months ago)
I CAME OUT TO MY MOM IN THE FORM OF MEMES also she’s a homophobe so it didn’t go well
sad inside, fresh outside (10 months ago)
react to yes or no thai movie pls? thats amazing
Lady Labyrinth (10 months ago)
I mean the audience clapped But there was a lot of negative backlash for a long time after this. Thank you Ellen
Suilen Spooky (10 months ago)
Happy Pride Month! 🙌 🌈
Aaliyah Collins (10 months ago)
"Go to her room. Follow your dream."😂
Lea W0rld (10 months ago)
I have now watched the puppy episode (both parts) about 5 times since seeing this video. And cried a lot of gay tears. Thank you for reminding me this was something that existed and paved the way.
some one (10 months ago)
Can you guys do "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women"? It's pretty underrated but I think you'll like it.
Jess the Mess (10 months ago)
I believe I’m also a dernsexual
Alice Vent (10 months ago)
Lisandra R. Valencia (10 months ago)
I forced myself to date guys even though I am lesbian. I was so fucken crushed and so fucken miserable. I felt like if I went out with guys that were nice and smart I would be ok but I just couldn't.
Flip Flop & Fly (9 months ago)
I did that too, it's very dangerous to go against our true nature because I end up in the E.R. after my last attempt at killing myself at start attempts at 17 because I didn't accept it and was forcing myself to date men, the last attempt it was at 22. Afterward, no more dating men, that was it, I told myself it was better being gay and alive than dead, period.
Selena Serrano (10 months ago)
Cristina C. (10 months ago)
How could someone not like this video? I love Ellen, I love the channel, I love you girls. Great episode
Sophia Fried (10 months ago)
Why did you put lesbians in the title if she corrected you? It should be queers :(
LaedeeTyme (10 months ago)
how is is i watched all of Everybody loves Raymond as a kid and didn't know Ellen had a sitcom until like a few months ago
Kateydid It (10 months ago)
Please watch the first episode of Lip Service!! Ugh Frankie is like the next level Shane. 😍😍😍
ondinedancer (10 months ago)
When I was discovering my sexual orientation I saw this chapters like a hundred times. Seeing a woman come out, later in life, letting herself finally feel the feelings she had. It was awesome to hace that kind of representation. Make a Legend of Korra episode please!!!
The Oracle (10 months ago)
Have you seen 'it's over isn't it' from Steven Universe?
Gabriela Rodriguez (10 months ago)
YESS ellen sitcom is lit

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