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Drunk Lesbians Watch "Kiss Me" (Feat. Ashly Perez)

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"I'm definitely not into my best friend, said every gay woman ever" CHECK OUT ASHLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Snap/Insta/Twitter: @itsAshlyPerez WATCH UNFORTUNATLY ASHLY SEASON 2: https://www.youtube.com/user/buzzfeedviolet SUPPORT QUEER CONTENT! Check out our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GirlShipTV If you can't afford to support our pattern, please just spread the Girl Ship word to your friends! Check out Amanda's social stuff too: @AwkwardHolland on insta & twitter PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE, PAINT A MASTERPIECE AND SMILE AT A PUPPY
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Text Comments (1533)
Girl Ship TV (1 year ago)
Sorry about the screaming, headphone users!
Anna Guggenberger (8 months ago)
This movie gave me 10 000 soul orgasms
banafsheh ghezelayagh (9 months ago)
I am here for the gay scream.
brandelynmarie (10 months ago)
The screaming was totally warranted! What a movie!❤🧡💛💚💙💜
fabulouskind (10 months ago)
Girl Ship TV Ashly is too adorable i just cant handle it anymore for fuck sake
maria kara (3 days ago)
wow okay i’ll watch!!!
ddjdhdbt (5 days ago)
Men dont wear engagement rings in america?
Myyea phom (8 days ago)
This is so funny.
Estrella Casias (9 days ago)
As a bisexual I can confirm that usually straight sex is a bummer
Lisa Bing (18 days ago)
Loved the "boop boop" at beginning! Any @harto reference..
Panda Paws (18 days ago)
You guys should watch España SKAM, season 2
Tyler Peterson (1 month ago)
Ruth Vega Fernandez my aunt that is Mia in the movie said it was her favorite movie to be in by far !!! Love you 😘❤️❤️👋🏼
Katelyn Mines (1 month ago)
I fucking love Ashly! She’s so funny! It’s hilarious watching her with Amanda! This is amazing! Go Amanda and Ashly!
Patrick Aderoh (1 month ago)
I'm only gay at night...Gay warewolf🤣🤣🤣🤣
1 3 (1 month ago)
SJL6392 (1 month ago)
"Straight sex is just a bummer. " a truer statement has never been said.
Tristen Groves (1 month ago)
i didn’t know that guys in the US don’t wear engagement rings. in Sweden they defiantly do.
icecream munster (1 month ago)
"She's going down She's yelling timber Shes gonna fuck... Her new step sister" It's just works yall
June (2 months ago)
Do men NOT wear engagement rings???
Michelle Barrios (2 months ago)
Can u please react to Liz in September??? 🥰
YaRaH아라 (2 months ago)
Smth happens ur like ouwewew
YaRaH아라 (2 months ago)
metteby (2 months ago)
A little chocked that a couple in the US dont both wear an engagement ring ... something got lost there, when migrating across the Atlantic. The whole point with the rings, is to symbolize being together. With only one ring it's more like a one way "now your mine". What does it symbolize in the US? What about friendship rings/ necklages? We break this heart in 2. One for the trash, and one for you?
A.A.M. (2 months ago)
Why do you think the sex scenes in blue is the warmest colour are so unrealistic? Ive heard so many people say it and i just dont know why.
Blurr ble (3 months ago)
Do fingersmith next!
Valerie Garcia (3 months ago)
you need to watch park chan wook's the handmaiden
napizza Obiorkor Tetteh (3 months ago)
Where can I watch this movie
Caroline Scieszinski (3 months ago)
Ashly Perez is so hot!
Lena Morningstar (3 months ago)
I live in Canada and men also wear engagement ring, I saw men's having them in the us too.
Wonderful movie!
goodeatz-ASMR (3 months ago)
Fleece (3 months ago)
As a swede that also works in a jewelry store hell yes men wear engagement rings here!
Colette Dempsey (4 months ago)
My favourite gay film everrrrrrrrrrr
sleepyghost x (4 months ago)
Kiss me is just american citrus
Isolde Lans (4 months ago)
im gay and from sweden why didnt i know about this movie
Cam Bam (4 months ago)
Why the crunchy snacks?!
Vod Kanockers (4 months ago)
Omg Edward Scizzor hands needs to cut her nails. Ouch!
someone (4 months ago)
What Ashly said about this movie being -the best movie- the most well made lesbian movie there is, I definitely agree. I remember thinking that the first time I finished watching this movie.
DisLiz’s Adventure (4 months ago)
Please watch The Firefly
sb14 B (4 months ago)
THAT IS A GOOD MOVIE I WANNA WATCH IT AGAIN BUT ITS 11:43 And I have school tomorrow so
cowgirl boots (5 months ago)
i didnt know that in us man didnt wear engagement rings lol, i think both of them wearing is more normal to me.
Skyler Morley (5 months ago)
Love the fidget spinner lol
KeeblerElf (5 months ago)
I love unfortunately Ashly so much when is the next season?
PtoRicanDBLT (5 months ago)
I love this movie! I think Frida is so beautiful! My goodness. ❤️😍🥰
Karla María Raudales (5 months ago)
I know this video is sorta old but I might add that last scene was in Sitges and if you're queer that's your place to be.
Darla Eckart (5 months ago)
You missed the perfect opportunity to say queerwolf
Darla Eckart (5 months ago)
Update: I just realized I commented this ten months ago
Elle's Ghost (5 months ago)
You dont get drunk enough
wambamdawson (5 months ago)
Had to watch this again, Frida is freaking gorgeous. Definetly the most well made lesbian film...
Jazzy Nixon (5 months ago)
I just watched Kiss Me for the first time on Hulu about a month ago. Let’s just say I’ve seen it at least 6 times by now.
tuilelor (6 months ago)
Try to watch swedish movie Fucking åmål, it’s a teen movie but good.(1998)
Em Ellisor (6 months ago)
Some men wear engagement rings. Both of my brothers did, and I probably will one day. It’s respect to your partner. Actually, both my one brother and his boyfriend, fiancé now, wear engagement rings.
Alexa S. (6 months ago)
OMG men named Tim are kinda always in the same situation or what ? (Tim - Jenny - Marina and now this 😄)
Anani Marie (6 months ago)
you two are the literal cutesttttt! Ah, thank you for all the queer content, and queer yells at all the eyefucking. so true. haha
jaclyn camacho (6 months ago)
More gay more gay more gay
Casera Pinto (6 months ago)
They took this off of Netflix and I'm annoyed
Torv anna123 (7 months ago)
lol. steamy part
Adele Moravcov (7 months ago)
also remember when Frida said she wouldnt cheat, well plot twist showed she did lol
Adele Moravcov (7 months ago)
I love to rewatch this episode cuz Ashly was KILLING IT with the lines LOL
jenny cowsert (7 months ago)
Amanda whats your full name.....I would like to talk with you and learn more about you and the show...it makes me laugh...get back to me...jenny
Annaliyse Christine (7 months ago)
I love Ashly. Everything she says is relatable.
Sylvia Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Watch Below Her Mouth??
Fatima El-Hassan (7 months ago)
Hey girls I love this fucking series keep on keeping on please
Catalina Barroilhet (7 months ago)
They do in Brazil. The man wears his wedding ring, but on the right hand
Ashley Brown (7 months ago)
Blue is the warmest
hannah mckee (7 months ago)
You guys should watch kill for me. Cause you guys complain that a lot of lesbian sex scenes are too gentle which I agree. And I feel like you guys would like it
SkyeThere (7 months ago)
I genuinely didn't know men in America don't wear engagement rings. I'm from Slovakia and men do wear them here too. I'm genuinely curious about this now
Cosette Garzon (7 months ago)
It’s Havana not Barcelona but close enough
Theo Quinn (8 months ago)
Aw they don't have it on Netflix anymore
Zofia Godlewska (8 months ago)
That fidget spinner XD
Isapuff (8 months ago)
Yes, the men do also wear wedding rings and on a wedding the girl puts it on :3
Alicia Sager (8 months ago)
Swedish gays are just the best, just saying (no promo)
livvy dx (8 months ago)
I’d do anything to feature on this show, love you guys
HeyEmmy (8 months ago)
you neeed to watch Show Me Love!! it's another great swedish lesbian movie! it's a very "coming of age"/"teen angst" movie but with a really good plot! it actually inspired t.a.t.u to do the whole lesbian "stunt"
I’m not Real (8 months ago)
Pls watch the handmaiden
Anna Guggenberger (8 months ago)
The first time Mia and Frida had sex was the best lesbian sex scene I've ever seen <3 Like you said, hot but beautiful <3 Very realistic. The second and third time were good, too.
Sarah Kamen (8 months ago)
Do Blue is the Warmest Color!
Ri ya (8 months ago)
Since y'all watch gay movies in other languages, watch "THE HANDMAIDEN" I bet you'll love it. It's the greatest lesbian love story also huge plot twisttt
NuTi-Chan (8 months ago)
0:39 song?😎💗
Anna Guggenberger (8 months ago)
Oh my God, that's the most beautiful movie I've ever seen! I didn't quite get the end, though. Did they meet at the airport or text before seeing each other in Barcelona?
Skolinn (9 months ago)
men wear engagement rings here in Iceland, little close to sweden
Buzzin Boi (9 months ago)
They're still in buzzfeed?
Lauren Matthews (9 months ago)
Man straight sex is just a bummer...
Tristen Groves (9 months ago)
“Can we go back to the gay please?” Meeeeeeee
Jane van Zyl (9 months ago)
You girls are a hoot 😂😂😂😂
kidared (9 months ago)
please watch Fingersmith <3
Meghan Chines (9 months ago)
the change in expression from 10:30-10:33 lmfaoaosdfashdlkfjhlk
Frida Caro (9 months ago)
I’m not used to other people having my name, this was a very jarring video to watch having to hear two lesbian icons continuously shout my name with shock, disapproval, and gay encouragement. I feel so alive
Fanny Johansson (9 months ago)
this movie is actually super good, i've watched it many times (i'm a swede and the brunette in the movie is one of my favorite female actors) and i also really like the ending
The Master gamer (9 months ago)
7:18 MEEE!!!
Lovy (9 months ago)
in sweden both partners get an engagement ring, and then if it's a m/f coupple the woman gets an additional ring at the wedding
Lauren Matthews (9 months ago)
Nothing like making out in a dark forest in front of a bunch of deer..." Gold.
chefrozzi (9 months ago)
I never realized the tension 😂
couldyounot (9 months ago)
omg those swedish blue eyesss
N.A. Jean (9 months ago)
If you want to watch a weird fucked up mind bending one watch In my end is my beginning
N.A. Jean (9 months ago)
You guys should watch this Korean movies called Our Love Story and Two Weddings and a Funeral
Ying Huang (9 months ago)
I think for men who wear engagement rings are Bc they have the money, it’s not like a problem with the budget and all. So it’s usually girls who wear engagement rings but guys can too
Tobias Whitehurst (9 months ago)
Only some men in Sweden where engagement rings they can if they want sometimes but it can be rare by the person but usually they do if they want it can be different on how they’re personality is sometimes
Lady H. Wotton (9 months ago)
'Straight sex is just a bummer.' Oh my god i snorted so inelegantly at that lmao
StephWorsnop (9 months ago)
Watch mullholand drive
Nancy Norman (10 months ago)
You girls are soo funny~i wish you lived n Louisiana we could be buddies
heist (10 months ago)
men don’t wear engagement rings in america?? that’s kinda messed up
Laura G (10 months ago)
thank you guys for this series ♥️ it's so good to watch when you've just had an annoying interaction with a straight person and you need some gay joy as a palate cleanser. It's like being with friends ♥️
blackrose013 (10 months ago)
I'm a simple woman. I see Ashly, I click
Sherri Sides (10 months ago)
I love this movie too. Beautifully shot!

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