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1920's PIN-UP GIRLS (sexy FLAPPER fashion)

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BEFORE SLIM FAST AND DIET PILLS WOMEN NATURALLY WERE SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL. Flappers were a "new breed" of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Flappers were seen as brash for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, treating sex in a casual manner, smoking, driving automobiles, and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms. Flappers had their origins in the liberal period of the Roaring Twenties, the social, political turbulence and increased transatlantic cultural exchange that followed the end of World War I, as well as the export of American jazz culture to Europe.
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Text Comments (72)
Karl Marx (1 month ago)
What for a schitty music is this ? What have this with the 20s 30s to do ?
Engelbert Dollfuss (1 year ago)
What is the name of the music
Mish Mash (1 year ago)
sorry i cant remember what its called, so much hard drive, so little memory
Veronica Blackwood (1 year ago)
So, I walked in on my brother "enjoying" this one day. Now when he annoys me I just whisper flapper-fapper and he leaves me alone. Thank you, Youtube. ;)
Mish Mash (1 year ago)
ha ha, thats funny
ANNO DOMINI (1 year ago)
Women in the 20's were the absolute most sexy women.
The Flying Hamster (1 year ago)
Some super sexy girls there!!!!!!!
i want be in the 50s and apart of 20s
Mish Mash (1 year ago)
would be a cool time to be alive, unless you were a soldier at the time
Katie Churchill (3 years ago)
emmmm more please
videoturysta (4 years ago)
Great and amazing - those were the days!
Emily Hills (8 months ago)
Mish Mash and racism
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
yeah, cool times to be in, apart from ww1
Isabel Rebelo (4 years ago)
Absolutely amazing! Like this 20's fashion!
Horror Squad (4 years ago)
nice gotta give props to the 1920's. I watch Boardwalk Empire sometimes which is around that setting
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
watch that one too. Nucky is Boss in that, fav scene is the golf clubbing to the head on the beach in one of the series.. cheers man.
Big up !!! my Dude
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
cheers Braz,
MrMoneyAD (4 years ago)
#Cool  - A.D.$
Barbara Anna Biegaj (4 years ago)
Fantastycznie, dobrej nocy życzę:):)
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
Dzienki Bardzo.
gigi101060 (4 years ago)
excellent these photos, wow!
Miki (4 years ago)
Awesome video;-)
Fantastic video Dear Ralph . Have a great Time . Lara .
Gloria Franchi (4 years ago)
Great! I love it. 
Mojca - goslarka (4 years ago)
Beautiful video I wish you a happy nice weekend Greetings!!
Carlos Pais (4 years ago)
wonderful video and splendid photos. superb creative idea. thumbs up! i wish you a splendid weekend. Carlos.
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
thanks man, they sure look great back then.
VB Ed (4 years ago)
Its  a shame all those young hotties died of old age decades ago. A very creative idea. I loved it.
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
OORVOKKI (4 years ago)
very beautiful photos.....and sensuel...nice to see them...thanks Ralpk...Mirja
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
was a nice era for sure.
Reckyz Rose (4 years ago)
This is really good video friend very good stuff well done my good friend Ralph K Love & Peace From Reckyz Rose 1920's PIN-UP GIRLS (sexy FLAPPER fashion)
Reckyz Rose (4 years ago)
Love always
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
thanks man, Peace Braz
Melody Angel (4 years ago)
Great,amazing upload Ralph.Thumbs Up!!!!
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
thank you for that,
wolfbracker (4 years ago)
That's actually pretty tame compared to today's standards.
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
for sure man, too many open legs these days,
Big Gaz (4 years ago)
This was great Ralph. I've thought for a long while that these shots are way more arty and erotic than modern stuff. I see you snuck Lily Munster in there :)
haider155 (4 years ago)
excellent video 。☆* thumbs up .......
Some beautiful women and poses. In them days I would imagine only a select few would be able to see these sort of photo's. I have no idea how Lady GaGa at 2:09 got in it....
Holy Moses...
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
she's a Vampire.
Zoi Pana (4 years ago)
Excellent!! Gave a like! :)
Fernanda Campos (4 years ago)
WOW...so interesting and nice video...fantastics photos docs from 1920's!! Love it!! :)
MAYKIRA (4 years ago)
Very very cool!!! I loved♥ Pinnaps 1 referência na beleza e moda :-) kissesssss in ♥
MAYKIRA (4 years ago)
+Maga Lee Craveiro uns dizem que somos do tempo antigo :-P rsrsrsrs
Maga Lee Craveiro (4 years ago)
Eu sou retrô!!
Maykira MTKMello (4 years ago)
+Jamal assi nice :-D thank you! Kissessss
Jam A (4 years ago)
Hi my friend +MAYKIRA yes indeed love ... Como você está meu amigo hoje......? Nice music (: ÔÔ
VARVATE (4 years ago)
Wowww mui bonita canción y el video fantástico saludo amigo del manolo  like***
Juanelo1946 (4 years ago)
Thanks for a very enjoyable journey back in time to the days of the flappers!
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
thank you for watching, was fun making this one.
RENATE HEINEMANN (4 years ago)
...5....ollala that's something renate greeting
Alex saile (4 years ago)
A principios de siglo!
Jutta H. (4 years ago)
Hello Ralph, that was a great fashion for lady...;)) Thumbs up... Greetings Jutta
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
still today, but rare,
j Hicks (4 years ago)
bring back the 20s Beautiful thanks Ralph 
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
cheers for that, need a time machine.
Ryocko (4 years ago)
Yep the women were gorgeous back then and this is why many try to copy the fashion :)
Ryocko (4 years ago)
xD okay then Ralph :D
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
its ten am, ahh what the heck..tea, have one beer later maybe two.
Ryocko (4 years ago)
lol xD lets drink up then Ralph ^-^
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
sweet. was going to shout you one, lol.
Ryocko (4 years ago)
oh i had real one but okay *gets a virtual beer*
Horst König (4 years ago)
das waren die sogenannten Goldenen zwanziger Jahre 
debmart59 (4 years ago)
Mish Mash (4 years ago)
they sure were

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