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Sea snake laticauda attack scuba diver

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Diving at Lembeh Strategia north sulawesi.
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Text Comments (10)
OOF GANG (9 months ago)
He dead prob
OOF GANG (9 months ago)
Tommypfilms lol
No name (9 months ago)
Seal The Deal I’m ssssslithery lil snAAAAKe
uyrtu jjhh (2 years ago)
Kuoliks se?
spellinen (2 years ago)
misaä sun tilaajat on?
MaxPowerzs (2 years ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laticauda_colubrina >Kraits are also attracted to light and can be distracted by artificial sources of light, including hotels and other buildings, on coasts. >it is less aggressive and tends to avoid humans. If they do bite, it is usually in self-defense when accidentally grabbed. >Adult males are more terrestrially active during mating and hunt in shallower water, requiring more terrestrial locomotive ability. If I had to guess, you stumbled upon mating territory and the snake got pissed, made even worse by the fact that it was attacted to your dive light. How bad was the bite?
Shaun Singer (2 years ago)
Won't those things kill you with 1 bite?
Obaidullah Sujan (10 months ago)
wafflesofchaos give the book link
Abdullah Jadani (1 year ago)
wafflesofchaos plz give me the link
wafflesofchaos (2 years ago)
No. About a third of their bites don't excrete venom. However, the times that it does can kill you fairly quickly if you aren't able to get to a hospital right away. I wrote an entire book about venomous sea creatures. HMU if you want a link to it.

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