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Deadly Swimming Snake Hunts Underwater For Fish | Wildest Europe

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See how the Golden Jackal hunts fish in the Danube Delta, and the amazing swimming snake that can hunt underwater for up to 10 minutes at a time. Subscribe to Discovery UK for more great clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=DiscoveryTV Follow Discovery UK on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DiscoveryUK
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Text Comments (499)
k anil kumar (8 hours ago)
JC Stone (2 days ago)
That’s one heccin cool danger noodle
WAR BOT (8 days ago)
Thats indian music in d snake vdo
SecretCrownQueen (13 days ago)
I want to hug those pups.. So cute 😍
Spike Wyvern Zilla (14 days ago)
So its venomous then...
Pikabooxxd (15 days ago)
Am I the only one question how tf snake able to swim without fin, hands and legs?
Mauricio Marroquin (16 days ago)
I just want to pet them
Joshua Macarandan (17 days ago)
I wish my diet was like the snake. Once a week 🤣
Komal Karam (17 days ago)
At 1:06 that bird well if you are a Muslim then you will probably know but he is called hoodhood he can find water under ground and at first when I found out that he can find water under ground I didn't believe it! He can find water which is very deep below
Md Kalimullah (20 days ago)
4.51 watch from here
Good Bye (21 days ago)
What you came for starts at 4:47 no thanks or likes needed
drServitis (20 days ago)
Okay, I neither thank you nor like you. Shame. We could have been friends.
Uncle Sam (21 days ago)
The music towards the end sounds like the ottomans
drServitis (20 days ago)
The Ottoman Empire?
Frank M (22 days ago)
Jennie Kelly (23 days ago)
That is a beautiful delta, seeing all of the birds, jackals, and the snake, pretty cool.
ToudaHell (23 days ago)
It's a water snake. I'm surprised only 4 species of snakes live in water in Europe. I've seen at least 6 in North America and that's just in the east. The snake will have very back curved teeth like fish hooks.
ToudaHell (20 days ago)
+drServitis In Canada, Northern Water snake, and Lake Erie Water Snake. I went to Florida 6 years ago and saw a Florida Water Snake, water moccasin, a red mangroove snake species and 1 other species I forgot the name of near a spring at the Manetee park.
Walter Tschöpe (23 days ago)
I will never go in to the Water again ☠
Erudite Sourav (23 days ago)
A snake can't have his lunch in peace without a cameraman following him. Geez
drServitis (20 days ago)
Well, by paying your Youtube membership you pay the camera-man's salary, so you are also to blame.
Mamta Rao (24 days ago)
Lawdaaaaa sahi chij dikha na
Andrea Kingsley (24 days ago)
Romania is so beautiful 🇷🇴🌿♥️
Emg Ger (24 days ago)
I had the pleasure of watching a small grass snake hunting minnows in a brook one afternoon. It was pretty cool to see...the snake was underwater and snapping at the small fish as they swam by. Unfortunately I had to make a run for the "facilities" and when I came back, the snake was gone. I don't know if it ever caught one or not...but I imagine so. I've also seen these snakes picking blackberries off a bush...never did I suspect that snakes would eat berries...if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes not sure I would believe it !
MellonistKnight (24 days ago)
Way to clickbait Discovey UK
mas bro (25 days ago)
Cotton Panda (27 days ago)
Why is this in my recommendation 🤔
Riham Reez (27 days ago)
Wow our planet is Amazing, and we destroy it ☹️
Bilal Ahmed (28 days ago)
No its from 4:50
YouTube Addict (28 days ago)
The Indian music during the snake scene was too much. Other than that it was a beautiful video
drServitis (20 days ago)
I thought it was pretty cool. But I'm not a connoisseur.
Kaushal Raval (1 month ago)
Snake comes at 5:00 and eats the fish at 6:42
Omar (1 month ago)
That’s not a deadly snake. It’s a non venomous Dice snake.
Scipio Africanus (1 month ago)
Did you just show the same footage of the snake swimming 3 times? Discovery really is a discount NG which in itself is a discount BBC.
drServitis (20 days ago)
Showed the same footage of the fox looking at the other fox a couple of times too.
john castro (1 month ago)
Aljay Cruz (1 month ago)
Is this the voice of...?
TheLU83 (1 month ago)
Beautiful place
Johann Guerrero (1 month ago)
prikov1 (1 month ago)
Yikes...That's a mean looking snake...
kidprep (1 month ago)
Everytime I see a swimming snake I think of that one scene from Anocondas wen that giant swimming snake took that one nigga out
[DA2K] Serpent 2312 (1 month ago)
I love to eat fish.
5:56 "Nessie" lives.....
Chris Burdette (1 month ago)
Too bad the same can’t be said for humanity.
BeyondYourImagination (1 month ago)
And this is one of the reasons why I wanted to be a shape-shifting snake so bad.
Arjo G (1 month ago)
Snake part starts at 4:45
Good Guy (1 month ago)
There is another species of snake that also swims but has taken it even further by becoming a marine reptile, that particular species is called a coral snake.
Rodney Davis (1 month ago)
4:49 for the snake
Gordon ramsay decided to work for discovery channel lol
Julie Rose (2 months ago)
beautiful movie...
محمد العمري (2 months ago)
How brutal...... Beeing eaten alive. It will suffocate inside the snake.
GREEK BEACHES! (2 months ago)
Nope water rope
TheChristmasNinja12 (2 months ago)
"The snake is not venomous, but research has shown that it can inject a neurotoxin into its prey."
Pawan Kumar (4 days ago)
Jacob Mccreary (16 days ago)
TheChristmasNinja12 lol
Dwyne YT (2 months ago)
*the animals were paid during this video*
TheNeffGuy (2 months ago)
Obv fake they used the same clip of the snake a million times
Momo Dash (2 months ago)
never see a snake eating a fish intressant👍
vijay raghavan (3 months ago)
Waste video
ScoobyShotU (3 months ago)
The Jackal looks like a coyote
umad bro (3 months ago)
It's OK people that fish is a paid actor
Mohammadali Guro (3 months ago)
This animals sure are paid actor
Rohit Sabale (3 months ago)
Nice music...use of Indian Shehna 😍i
Bhabani Dash (4 months ago)
How are the underwater scenes recorded?
M&M LINDSEY (4 months ago)
Leo ishak (4 months ago)
snake save fish that are washed away ..😢 thank you snake
Samuel agzmam (4 months ago)
DP lol
Tonetwisters (4 months ago)
Why do all of these productions mix the music up so high to the point you can hardly hear the voice "over"? And why don't the narrators speak up, and quit trying to be so "artsy"??
Superman Robin (4 months ago)
So I thought this video was going to be about a snake. 4 and half minutes in and still no snake. Video is more than half way done. -_-
Jessica Marquez (4 months ago)
11 30 2018
Thicki Nikki (5 months ago)
5:55 oh hello there
Jon keJ (5 months ago)
I dont know Kevin Durant is a diver
Jon keJ (5 months ago)
You are snakes for doing a clickbait title
Sir Gems (5 months ago)
Imagen just seeing a snakehead rise out of the water next to you
FAIZAN ANZAR (6 months ago)
Boppo (6 months ago)
now please get off my recomended
rollingklouds (6 months ago)
So much for Johann Strauss' Blue Danube. He was a propagandist.
Kishor (6 months ago)
Dang you can see the similarities with snakes and lizards with that snake
Kishor (6 months ago)
That’s a Gucci snake look at its scales
zyzyx (6 months ago)
Didn't know Magneto was such a hippie...
Suhas bhat kalasa (6 months ago)
snake 4:45
awkf (6 months ago)
6:18 Are those bubbles photoshoped?
Fiha Rani (6 months ago)
3:53 I actually died seeing them, so cute
KENTUT MU BRO (6 months ago)
Kyuubi 😁
Bella the cockatoo (6 months ago)
dice snakes...deadly? bruh
desmond tinarwo (6 months ago)
So if snakes see only using heat sense, is there enough heat transmitting from the fish underwater to enable the snake to 'see' the fish?
Kiran kumar (6 months ago)
Fake click bait 👎 I hate your background music it's not real. Scripted hunt 😒
Ikonoklast (6 months ago)
Yea.. fuck snakes
SnekyDoodle (6 months ago)
Snake, you're supposed to kill the prey before you eat it! Silly snake!
deharleyva (6 months ago)
There used to be lions and all types of big game in Europe.
Leonard M (6 months ago)
This is what we are always complaining about. The devs are always playing favorites and letting some builds slide. This snake build is cancer. I call hax. This is definitely an exploit. Obviously against the TOS
Genie Bouchard (6 months ago)
James Anderson (6 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed they kept replaying the shots they took of the snake till it caught the fish ;)
viruz 90 (6 months ago)
5:24 how can the snake smell underwater? Im confused
Haley Goodwin (6 months ago)
Holy. Crap💩💩💩!!!!!!!! I. Can. Not. Believe. That. Europe. Has. Jackals.
bluemenace04 (6 months ago)
Whoever said snakes can't bite underwater is full of shit.
lily & yari bff (6 months ago)
How I don't want to go swimming
Brian Orr (6 months ago)
Woah~ cool looking golden jackels.
Vaibhav Ingle (6 months ago)
Amazing biodiversity
FAST & LOUD (6 months ago)
Yum! nothing like some dead swamp carp! 🤢🤮😂
DEAD POOL (6 months ago)
The Winspear (6 months ago)
That Snake is one good Fisherman.
drServitis (20 days ago)
It's a fishersnake, not a fisherman.
Nightshade (6 months ago)
Such harmony background
Maya Thompson (6 months ago)
Oh those birds are fuckin’ cute
Shadow (6 months ago)
You all just showed the same clip of the snake swimming over and over... I'm disappointed
H8erfisternator (6 months ago)
For real, was basically repeating stock footage for most of the video and half of the video wasn't even about snakes
Yay I'm in this
EvilWeAre (6 months ago)
Clickbait video, no snakes until 4:40, not to mention this documentary reuses clips over and over to extend the video length. Shame on you.
Prince Tempting (6 months ago)
How can snack smell under water

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