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How to Make French Creamed Eggs

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Give your eggs a twist and make French Creamed Eggs. Brought to you by the Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu. Visit Le Cordon Bleu at http://www.chefs.edu
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Colleen Wasner (1 hour ago)
This chef is lovely!
polly jetix (3 hours ago)
I've gotten addicted to a version of this... 2 yolks plus one whole egg. Heavy whipping cream, salt and pepper. Lots of butter in the pan. Let the eggs slowly congeal, as presented here. then push them into a bread-slice-sized patty. Let them slightly brown on the one side, then flip and lightly brown on the other. Cheese is nice, but not needed. I eat this without bread, as I cannot have so many carbohydrates. It raises the blood sugar too much for me. (No arguments--everyone is different!) I have always loved eggs... but a few years ago realized I didn't feel so good on the whites. Thus, one egg white replaced with a yolk. And I feel good on this! It's so easy and fast to make on a workday morning. And the protein carries me many hours.
M. H. Nude (3 hours ago)
That dish looks beautiful when it’s finally done but I don’t think I have the patience so I guess I’ll just have some cereal and milk instead bonjour
Tasker Matic (4 hours ago)
Going to give those eggs a try. Thanks.
roost56pan (6 hours ago)
excelent thank you
Buffsbeard (6 hours ago)
Better if he had left the garlic whole , heated it in the oil and as it turns brown lift it out . Slicing it and infusing the oil that way could become bitter . Then heat the oil to a higher temp and fry your croutes . That way the outside of the bread is crisp and the inside soft and fluffy . Season the eggs after the cheese has been added . He didn't check the seasoning , naughty boy . Leaving his knife on the board , slapped wrists .
yyrkoon13 (8 hours ago)
Shark Fin head
Tracy Czernik (9 hours ago)
That nose whistle though?
kevin vousden (9 hours ago)
I had a heart attack watching this video
anne percival (11 hours ago)
Ah..spoke too soon..that’s for the bread!
anne percival (11 hours ago)
Seems an awful lot of oil for two eggs!
Ofer Po (12 hours ago)
great, thank you
Jeff Cooper (15 hours ago)
I can't listen to your snot nose sucking and blowing like a fucking whale.
Nick's Stuff (15 hours ago)
Tu sum-up: they're undercooked scrambled eggs with cheese
MURRYCHOOCK (16 hours ago)
There is a word saying you should always trust the chubby chef
Shaun Rebello (18 hours ago)
'its very enjoyable to enjoy the food'. that's logic. hmmmm
E R (20 hours ago)
they look beautiful
Glen Olsen (20 hours ago)
I'm sure Teflon is used across the world, black iron pans are standard for chefs
Samsng Device (22 hours ago)
He was my personal chef when I did time. he's A GOOD thing. M. Stewart. REPLY: Martha! Don't come back! If you do, you WILL eat pink sausage and be forced to wear pink undies. Sheriff Jo; Tent City AZ. Parody - Not to be taken seriously.
Poppy (1 day ago)
nakedchef1982 (1 day ago)
And here's me looking forward for a recipe for a cadbuy's cream egg!
Crz Show (1 day ago)
It s not healthy
kimberley marshall (1 day ago)
GEEZ! Move the mic further away! Sounds like you are having an asthma attack.
"it's very enjoyable to enjoy the food"... next video
Happy Newyear (1 day ago)
yummy yummy thx chef xoxo :-) :-)
MrMudcatslim (1 day ago)
Breathing 😬😬😬
Warren Abeshouse (1 day ago)
An excellent instructional video on how to make this dish. It looks delicious and I'm sure it is. I must make it one day.
Charles Rice (1 day ago)
You sound like a fat perv beating off.
Lightyear33 (1 day ago)
Please take your fingerring off...
Wisdom King (1 day ago)
Wow ,, People pay big money for a tiny meal of grease bread with eggs on top ???
snappytoetapper6 (1 day ago)
Many,many years ago in a college far away, I went to culinary school...It was a JC in Oakland CA. The teachers names were Mr. Ross and Mr. Hanks. Both were very nice and it was a great program. Not to long ago I read an interview with Tom Hanks.. Yep, Mr. Hanks was Tom's dad. I never had any idea. Chef Hanks did compliment my stuffed bell peppers one day, I was so thrilled by his compliment. Ah, to be eighteen again and just the joy of learning something new...This chef seemed was pretty nice, as screaming and yelling, serves no real purpose I've found. That idiot Ramsey is just that, a jerk....
george waite (1 day ago)
Great job Chef !
Vanilla Man (1 day ago)
He's not a YouTube star. He's a fantastic chef. The video is about something he is an expert about. If you are troubled more about how he spoke, what he wore, his accent, his gender or race, or that the microphone wasn't placed well - then move on to something else without revealing to everyone your inability to focus.
blondstallion (1 day ago)
'This pan is getting too hot now' *keeps talking for 20 more seconds with pan on the fire
naryah22 (1 day ago)
Heavy breathing in just talking, yes indeed. Something is not right. Or the eggs well, never had them, maybe one day but too much heavy stuff, heavy butter, heavy cream oh did I mentiones Heavy Breathing.
thomas spratt (1 day ago)
Dude go see a doctor
John Hozvicka (1 day ago)
very good
vance m (1 day ago)
did this dude just run a fucking 4k or what.
Brian Lemons (1 day ago)
Okay you don't need to clarify butter just because you don't want it to burn for this recipe since you are cooking at such a low temperature however if you have clarified butter use it, You can't coagulate eggs which is a natural process of a liquid that does not require heat. Lastly all the talk about rubbery eggs wont be an issue unless you severely over cook them and at that point you aren't making creamed eggs anymore.
Robin Redbreast (2 days ago)
How many times did he say the word beautiful?
Samuel Allen (2 days ago)
I want the 4th piece of bread too, sorry, but I'm a cretin.
Scott Fabian (2 days ago)
Looks like oily, slimy, slippery, undercooked eggs dumped on top of burnt, greasy toast to me. Why not just scramble eggs, dump them on toast, and sprinkle cajun spices and Parmesian cheese on it?
Kingy B (2 days ago)
Hurling chunks...sorry, did I get any on ya?
stell4you (2 days ago)
If that's french I'm Egyptian (I'm German).
Nick S (2 days ago)
This is like enjoyable edible artwork. Almost like French sushi
Is that microphone IN his lungs picking up his breathing?!
girlsrockurboyz (2 days ago)
girlsrockurboyz (2 days ago)
girlsrockurboyz (2 days ago)
girlsrockurboyz (2 days ago)
Mathias B (2 days ago)
Nice, now im hungry >(
A B (2 days ago)
This was filmed in mid-2013, which judging based on the chef's heavy wheezing, he's prolly dead by now.
Sanddab Z (2 days ago)
Can this be done proficiently & consistently when you're doing 400+ covers?
MrPouHan (2 days ago)
You should not add salt to raw eggs - it makes them watery. Seems to kinda defeat the purpose of creamed eggs.
ChingChang148 (2 days ago)
..nose whistle..
timmytide1 (2 days ago)
Nothing like heavy nostril wind with my eggs 😃💩
julius ceasar (2 days ago)
how to get fat and die
The Boy (2 days ago)
Why does he sound so tired😂
Aidan seabock (2 days ago)
I feel like every couple years YouTube throws this video down my throat
arati vidyasagar (2 days ago)
Jeez, this guy can barely breathe
Colin Farrowman (2 days ago)
I could have cooked my sunday lunch in the time he took to make a dish of 4 mouthfuls. The amount of aggro for what ?
TSK 126 (2 days ago)
This guy would benefit from a brisk 10-mile walk followed by a salad
Elvisr29 (2 days ago)
His tits rises up to his breast..... Stop making excuses people. He teaches this and eats it all day every day.
Joshua Garza (2 days ago)
Why did I watch this whole thing? I don't have the skill, the tools, or the ingredients to make this.
Fleece Johnson (2 days ago)
He totally had room for that 4th piece of bread.
Michael C. (2 days ago)
Enjoyable to enjoy the food?
Rolf Olger (2 days ago)
Quit breathing plz
Endless Waltz (3 days ago)
Cheers Chef!
BernieTime (3 days ago)
Appreciate the skills on display here. Not a fan of how the French approach scrambled eggs (I prefer a larger curd), and this dish makes the eggs look like they were transformed into a cheese sauce losing the eggs in the process.
Milo The Russian Blue (3 days ago)
I hope we see more videos.
Cheebo Chevere (3 days ago)
Une texture merveilleusement diarrhée.
Brandon Lambert (3 days ago)
I've just started making eggs like this last week, they are incredibly satiating and delicious.
M W (3 days ago)
Paul Ward (3 days ago)
That has to be the worst commentary ever.
Marvin (3 days ago)
"it is very enjoyable to enjoy the food"
dhdjdkxj dhzjsdj (3 days ago)
You put the mike too close to your mouth.
dlagrua (3 days ago)
This chef is undoubtedly a culinary artist.
kwxj61b (3 days ago)
It's scramble egg with cheese..the title is over stated.
Mike Gordon (3 days ago)
Could do without him 'dropping one' and the heavy breathing!
Frankenstein (3 days ago)
If youre asking your self why he has such a hard time breathing... just look at the ingrediants of his beakfast... fat with fat and oil and heavy cream and some eggs and some garlic...
Terry Miller (3 days ago)
72K subscribers, 14K thumbs up, and 1.6K vegans.
Automaticstop1 (3 days ago)
That breathing tho!
RebelRadius (3 days ago)
Ah, here was me thinking it was my own recipe lol. It's what I cook for breaky most mornings, without the bread. Sometimes I add cayenne, sometimes chopped onions and sometimes add curry powder.
ANGEL YOUNG (3 days ago)
Arkanoid McZombietron (3 days ago)
I do remember that episode of Magnum when he came up from the ground haha
David Edwards (3 days ago)
LOL! I like this guy! He said we have the tech to pull an over heated pan off the stove. LMAO!!
Ken Nickels (3 days ago)
I've heard of data points but never toast points. That must be chef talk.
Kim Hansen (3 days ago)
Great vid - makes me hungry :-) But honestly, if that's one serving - Wow! 3 eggs, 1 dl. full cream, 60g full cheese and cooked in 2 tablespoon ghee (used up) - That's 800-1000 cal! Now add 1 slice of white toast SOAKED in olive oil, that's 200-300 cal. more, for a total of let's just say 1200 cal!!! Top it off with a nice, strong Cafe Latte and a cookie and we call it 1500 cal and that's about my daily calorie intake... Sorry, no more food today :-)
Joseph Smith (3 days ago)
The chef covered all the bases, including explanations on not only the dish, but on the utensils used. You can't break it down any better, and the eggs came out perfectly.
John Hutton (3 days ago)
The French learned to use soap from the Arabs but are such a marvel when it comes to cooking with cream as if they didn’t learn that too, smh lol!!!!
All I can focus on is how heavy he’s breathing!
King Of Kings (3 days ago)
All I hear is breathing
Average Lad (3 days ago)
Crispy oil
Brett Rudesill (3 days ago)
He sure breaths loud...
mistamowgli (3 days ago)
his nose whistles
weldrider (3 days ago)
DO NOT WATCH THIS AT 1130 PM......Everythings Closed.....DayUm.
Irish RedBone (3 days ago)
Alex, you're a turd
Harmony XVI (3 days ago)
Marie Walter (3 days ago)
Scrape your bowl
Frank (3 days ago)
why not just make steamed guppy lips with garlic, so they're not too rubbery, if you use clarified butter.

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