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How to Make French Creamed Eggs

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Give your eggs a twist and make French Creamed Eggs. Brought to you by the Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu. Visit Le Cordon Bleu at http://www.chefs.edu
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Abhishek Chakraborty (2 days ago)
"I will be on camera, making eggs. Why me?" "Deep breaths, Henry, you'll be fine." "I am, I am, I have it all memorized but what if I forget something?" "Just take a few deep breaths." "Hundreds of people will be watching me." "Now, now Henry, deep breaths, in through the nose, out through the mouth. Just like that. Stop worrying. Millions will be watching you." "Fuck!"
Elizabeth Orozco (3 days ago)
Loved the way he explained how to cook the dish and his attention to detail. Part of enjoying a dish should entail the process of cooking it like he said. So grateful for this video and they food looks amazing!
Cindy Parrish (4 days ago)
Looks wonderful
tr Doster (5 days ago)
Thank you Chef! These eggs are so good I have been preparing them almost weekly since I found this video 4 months ago. I have cooked breakfast all my life and had never cooked eggs that were as flavorful as these. They feel and taste great in your mouth; definitely a dish you want to eat slowly. I inevitably wished I had cooked more when the last bite is gone. Please make more videos for those of us who will never be able to attend Le Cordon Bleu.
Abhijit Mehta (5 days ago)
Can you imagine how many calories just went into that product
jsfbr (7 days ago)
Tom S (7 days ago)
“I have a special purpose”
Dominic Crimmings (7 days ago)
Oh man,this guys breathing makes me question of diet / lifestyle choices. If he's wheezing, I'm not gonna eat what he's cooking !!
Dominic Crimmings (7 days ago)
"creates a lot of mouthful"??? WTF does that even mean?
Emmet Dicaprio (8 days ago)
In the crispy oil?
Emmet Dicaprio (8 days ago)
It is very enjoyable to enjoy enjoyable food
Pet Andy (8 days ago)
It's Quite amazing all the crap and hateful comments on here over Friggin EGGS !!!...
Pet Andy (8 days ago)
Teflon pans are BAD for your health...do the research ! Ceramic pans a must ! This is creamed scrambled eggs, you don't need oil in a ceramic pan and put the cheese in with the whisked eggs...it all cooks at the same time...and that's Not Toast, it's Fried Bread...
jules11788 (8 days ago)
Homeboy sounds like Tony Soprano when he breathes lol. But in all seriousness, this was a good video
HoneyBadger (8 days ago)
Gonna have to try this, looks legit
James Bramley (9 days ago)
I would just love to see Gordon Ramsey to comment on this.
Andrew Wilson (10 days ago)
as usual a chef making a big deal about a very simple recipe and taking forever to do it, i kid you not
Andrew Wilson (5 days ago)
37 yrs a chef ,but thanks for the reminder
James Bramley (9 days ago)
Andrew Wilson - it’s the art of ‘coagulation’ 🤣
Andrew Urban (10 days ago)
I'm going to breathe very heavily while adding all of these heavy ingredients.
Dime Bag (11 days ago)
Great instruction, but this dude breathes like a huffing bear. Lol lovely recipe
Kylow Mads Lowin (12 days ago)
Very well explained and presented, although I couldn’t help but laugh at 3:28 ‘crispy oil’
InternetLearningUserJ (12 days ago)
Gordon Ramsay would throw your ass in the gym before allowing you to touch any food, you mouth breather.
DANIEL BET (13 days ago)
its incredible that a cordon blue teacher doesnt have basic knowlege about food higienic, you can not crack the eggs on your cutting table, both of them, and even worse dont wash your hands later before to manipulate other products, do you know the word SALMONELLA? read about that and how to proceed with eggs in a kitchen.........
Ron Hebard (14 days ago)
yummm I want some now!!!!
wtfuchattin (15 days ago)
Hey guys, French here. The only cream eggs I know are made by Cadbury’s. Also what is the wheezing sound throughout the video?
Drew Rycerz (18 days ago)
Beautiful presentation.
Spotted Bullet (21 days ago)
Wow! Did you guys see that? At 3:03 this guy turns TWO pieces of bread into FOUR TRIANGLES! OMG...flippin' triangles...unbelievable. I wish I could do that =(
Jacob Henderson (21 days ago)
“This is why the French enjoy it so much, because it’s enjoyable to enjoy the food”
Swaggy C (23 days ago)
Looks so much more delicious than Gordan Ramsay's 😛
ZappayaZappayo (23 days ago)
Can someone there edit out the dad breathing??
Eurotruth (24 days ago)
scrambled egg recipe ;-D
Fergus McClelland (24 days ago)
Wow, what a wonderful lesson. Deffo have to make it - and the techniques were excellent to learn as well.
Great Recipe for French Creamed Eggs. Thank you very much.
GalloPazzesco (26 days ago)
Sheeeeesh, love the dish BUT ... if he had said the word “beautiful” one more time it would have triggered me AND he either needs to lose some weight or have sinus surgery because the heavy mouth and nose breathing took away from his ‘beautiful beautiful’ presentation.
DooperPool Asterix (26 days ago)
I want the 4th piece of bread as well...
POLYZENIDAS (26 days ago)
sir r u pregnant?
Ros Lyn (27 days ago)
video is gr8, but that very heavy breathing is too much
Ludovico Persic (27 days ago)
Le cordon bleu in where julia child learned to cook ahah
Geeth Kalupahana (27 days ago)
His lungs work as air ventilation in the kitchen
mz555 (1 month ago)
does the heavy breathing in the mic count this as an ASMR food video?
Andrew O'Brien (1 month ago)
this guy needs to learn how to breath. Given its from 2013 he's probably dead now. RIP
tacsmoker (1 month ago)
the french enjoy it because it is very enjoyable to enjoy the food..................... that was actually said 0:11
Erno d'Vries (1 month ago)
5:51 - this got me confused. Either: 1. You use Gruyere which is swiss full stop not swiss style cheese. or 2. You don't use Gruyere but a swiss style substitute. Which one is it?
Furn427 (1 month ago)
Is that Darth Vader hiding behind the chef ?
Cheemeng Vang (1 month ago)
“It’s very enjoyable to enjoy food”
Susie Evans (1 month ago)
Great video. Straight to the kitchen now try it! Thanks!
bp (1 month ago)
This Chef looks like Creamed Eggs...
Dave Brock (1 month ago)
Heavy breathing.... not because it looks good. That was the chef.
petercallinicos (1 month ago)
Mouth breathing chef.
anarchocyclist (1 month ago)
"It is very enjoyable to enjoy the food." This is why LCB went belly-up
Gregg Trainer (1 month ago)
I think he’s out of breath because he’s in a rush to finish this before he has his heart attack
Z Man (1 month ago)
Why do you season with pepper and mustard before you cook the eggs? I can maybe understand why the mustard but why pepper BEFORE you cook?
Micol Fortuna (1 month ago)
A real Chef NEVER wears jewelry!!
Ragingquitter (1 month ago)
Gordan Ramsey would be very displeased that you season your eggs before cooking them
🙏🏻👍😊would try the recipe with my boys on the weekend.
CT! (1 month ago)
Wow! Interesting. Interesting ingredients. That looks great! By the way, I wonder why that mic is so hot (is so loud); it sounds like this bro is running a marathon.
Crabby Creates (1 month ago)
Very nice! I made this recipe this morning. My wife loved it. I served it with crispy bacon and orange slices (she doesn't like raw tomatoes). I brushed toasted and trimmed bread with garlic/onion butter instead of using Chef Wendeborn's method. My wife said she'll make mimosa next time so we can truly eat like the French. Thank you. Subscribed.
Alvin Castro (1 month ago)
you talk too much fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jsfbr (1 month ago)
ihuman007 (1 month ago)
12 min video for this crap.. Fucking hopeless
aaron Patterson (1 month ago)
Looks like I'm having breakfast for dinner... Again!
jfred blkbrn (1 month ago)
Thanks for the great and clear and specific video ~ even when I tire of making eggs I will still watch it .
Andrew Horn (1 month ago)
Is it enjoyable to enjoy the enjoyment of enjoying the enjoyable flavor of the food you enjoy?
Brian Lange (1 month ago)
The lav really picks up his difficulty breathing...
fxE20170 (1 month ago)
Nice! I appreciate how he explains things in detail and doesn’t cook at 20,000 miles per hour.
jay71512 (1 month ago)
Its very enjoyable to enjoy the food! Lol
Curtis Baker (1 month ago)
So much heavy breathing
Sebastian Schmidt (1 month ago)
Nobody in Europe would use such a bread. Greetings from Europe...
Isaac Amaya (1 month ago)
Great video great teacher thank you
Carl Pizzo (1 month ago)
yes, sounds like a future heart attack.
Tyrander165 (1 month ago)
Just omit the toast if you are afraid of heart attacks.
kimbahpnam (1 month ago)
Breathes harder than Darth Vader after a saber battle with his son
Sky Energy (1 month ago)
Darth Vader makes scrambled eggs
Mr. Timebomb Man (1 month ago)
"Enjoyable to enjoy the food.“
ReneeandJimmyG (1 month ago)
Omg its a shames he's so heavy and out of shape. His heavy breathing ruined this whole video and really made me want to start a diet!
MrFuckEmAll (1 month ago)
he has an high blood pressure
MrElectricstorm (1 month ago)
I just made this exact style eggs. I did everything the same; except, with different cheese. I've got to say it's simple AMAZING! I've never had eggs so velvety smooth and creamy. GREAT Video for rookies like me to look good when I serve this meal up to friends and family.
Kyle Munford (1 month ago)
Gonna let them fry in that crispy oil. OK cheers for that...
wowfret (1 month ago)
“It is very enjoyable to enjoy the food” oh yeah buddy
gagsta55 (1 month ago)
I made these last Sunday for my wife (uncharacteristically following the recipe to a tee) & she flipped over them. Highly recommend you try them.
lleynor (1 month ago)
My Lord, that looked good!
Peter Palffy (1 month ago)
don't you just love a foodie!
Joshua Kortleve (1 month ago)
this guy is a total slob
nonya Biznessses (1 month ago)
The very BEST part of this series is that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF ALL THE PROFITS are used to feed the homeless! Actually, no, these greedy cunts never did a single thing to help hungry desperate people.
Kirk Dilley (1 month ago)
excellent! Wow that looks good, plus the tomato "mistake" was a very happy one!
Stephanie (1 month ago)
This is how I make eggs with cheese. Have to use a really low temp so the cheese completely melts before the eggs are cooked. Didn't know it was a French thing.
Greggors Antonio (1 month ago)
I gained 2 1/2 pounds just watching this...but I think he would be awesome to learn from. Unlike, say G. Ramsey who would cave your head in for dropping a tomato piece on the the other side of the eggs....lol.
Jewpac Shakur (1 month ago)
No Thanks! And stop breathing like Tony Soprano please, u ain't no boss!
Drewbii (1 month ago)
He’s a bit nervous, but the product looks great. Mmmm crispy oil.
Blue Skies (1 month ago)
do we really have the "technology" of pulling the pan off the burner and stirring eggs?! that sounds to technical for someone who hasn't been to a French Cooking School! lol
Xavi Martinez (1 month ago)
"It is very enjoyable to enjoy the food " yep ! :)
Jeff Toorish (1 month ago)
Great looking dish but, honestly, it would have been easier in a double boiler. The frying pan merely adds a more difficult element. I know it is not traditional but I do exactly the same thing in a double boiler and it always comes out perfect. Of course, nice job, Chef Wendeborn.
DrAnca Martalog,N.D. (1 month ago)
heart attack on a plte
Captain Cornhole (1 month ago)
I only hate this video because it makes me so hungry and I don't have the ingredients :'( Beautiful dish!
Andre Demetrio (1 month ago)
Man you are breathing like a horse after race. Go for a diet or you will die soon.
Mihail Ivanov (1 month ago)
"We can use the crusts as croutons to add to a salad later" *Throws croutons in the waste bowl*
Beth Epstein (1 month ago)
They should serve this dish at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. Oil, butter, cream, cheese, salt, eggs
T. Lee (1 month ago)
OMG after Midnight and I'm craving French Creamed Eggs....Awesome Chef....only thing that bothers me is the Teflon, the chemicals in Teflon are Found all over the world....New born Babies have these chemicals in their blood. Shame on Dupont!
Telios Abraxas (1 month ago)
His heavy breathing must be the secret ingredient, because I can't make this (I only weigh 165 lbs).
mick hanks (1 month ago)
NO food should be "ALL ABOUT" sustainability, "enjoying" should be last on the list
HooperWest (1 month ago)
Toast Points are Stone Cold by the time of Service. 👎
LordMcMPA (1 month ago)
2:52 "Now...as a SMART chef I would utilize these for something else....", tosses them into the garbage bowl. :(

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