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LSD - Audio (Official Video) ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth

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Labrinth, Sia & Diplo present LSD - Audio (Official Video) Stream LSD’s Audio: http://smarturl.it/LSD-Audio Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LSD-Audio/Spotify iTunes: http://smarturl.it/LSD-Audio/iTunes Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/LSD-Audio/AppleMusic Google Play: http://smarturl.it/LSD-Audio/GooglePlay Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/LSD-Audio/Az Deezer http://smarturl.it/LSD-Audio/Deezer Learn more about LSD: http://droppingLSD.com Lyrics: (Sia) We got a ride We got the night I got the bottle you got the light we got the stars We got audio we’re gonna fly we’re getting high you got the moondust i got the sky we got the stars we got audio Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the song so sweet you gone come home with me Oh Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the song so sweet you gone come home with me Oh Play that Audio Play that Audio (Labrinth) we got the heart we got the soul just when the worlds saying they got no hope here comes the love we got audio I’m flyin high super hero S on my chest with my Marilyn Monroe Feel like a star Cuz we got audio Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the song so sweet you gone come home with me Oh Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the bomb bomb beat I’ll give you melody Make the song so sweet you gone come home with me Oh Play that Audio Play that Audio We can’t live on… Without the rhythm We can’t live on…. Without the rhythm We can’t live on… Without the rhythm We can’t live on…. Without the rhythm We can’t live on… Without the rhythm We can’t live on…. Without the rhythm We can’t live on… Without the rhythm We can’t live on…. Without the rhythm (Can't live without rhythm adlib) Credits: Director: Ernest Desumbila Producers: Jeff Kopchia, Bryan Younce Prod Co: FREENJOY, Inc. EP: Nathan Scherrer DP: Trevor Wineman Choreographer: Nina McNeely Post production: http://sauvage.tv Special Thanks: Iconoclast Follow LSD Official website: http://droppingLSD.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lsdofficial Spotify: http://smarturl.it/LSD-Spotify Follow Sia Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SiaMusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sia Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/siamusic SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/siamusic Follow Diplo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diplo Twitter: https://twitter.com/diplo Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diplo/ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/diplo Follow Labrinth Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Labrinth Twitter: https://twitter.com/labrinth Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/labrinth SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/labrinth
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Text Comments (24302)
caleb morrison (2 hours ago)
Has Maddie been replaced ?😂
subhan saadat (5 hours ago)
Labrinth is the X factor
Juzman Rubio (9 hours ago)
Jose Lucilanio (16 hours ago)
2019 alguém?
Estou aqui o//, legendei a its time do LSD, se quiser passar por lá sera bem vindo <33
ShiBe Beats (19 hours ago)
This is music🤤
Taufiq Taufiq (19 hours ago)
Musik Penuh kejutan
Natalia Wieclaw (19 hours ago)
كرار العبودي (22 hours ago)
اكو عرب بالطياره
집게사장 (23 hours ago)
Play the AUDIO
Maria say (23 hours ago)
Обожаю носиться по утрам под песни lsd
Akshay Siby (1 day ago)
Most amazing song I ever heard.
Somveer Sheoran (1 day ago)
Love ur beat Diplo!!!
ildar unity (1 day ago)
SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 We can't live on without the rhythm  We can't live on without the rhythm 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kevin Hozez (1 day ago)
1:42 "soy pajerou"
Dj Siberiano (1 day ago)
Vikas Gami (1 day ago)
💘😍 Sia
Félix Guaranda (1 day ago)
LSD - Acaso es la mejor combinación de éxtasis auditivo?
Julia genes hp (1 day ago)
oh my good i'm Love You Genius🌷🦄❤💕
ginger beer (2 days ago)
ABDUL MOIZ (2 days ago)
i am not gonna lie i listan to this 5 times a day since i heard it
ixon 54321 (2 days ago)
Who know that little Asia girl's name???????????????????
Adriano Garcia (2 days ago)
like sia favority
Daniel Rojas (2 days ago)
Love you co2 sam (2 days ago)
Love you co2 sam (2 days ago)
Três gênios juntos, legendei a música its time no meu canal, se quiser passar por lá será bem vindo. <33
meu amante . (2 days ago)
Brasil ainda vai dominar o mundo
Já estamos dominando <3, se quiser passar no meu canal, legendei a música its time do LSD, será bem vindo lá
ThisIsMyName238 (2 days ago)
Can someone tell me why I can't tap the replay button?
2:49 is that Mr. ROBOTOs flow? 😂 nice!!!
BillyBlueShit (13 hours ago)
Vanessa Cortes (3 days ago)
The Artist Is Brilliant, Awesome
Peolee Phookan (3 days ago)
Evelyn Njeri (3 days ago)
OMG i just love sia
Miguel Sotelo (3 days ago)
Bittu Namdev (3 days ago)
Very nice song 🌈🌈⭐⭐✨💫
ANONY MOUS (3 days ago)
I like this song
mrisho Mrisho (3 days ago)
labrinth killed it 💥....
naina balodi (3 days ago)
Heads off to you Diplo💎
Gilson Lopes Reis (3 days ago)
Melhor clipe slc
Eles são mestres nisso, aliás legendei a música its time do LSD no meu canal, se quiser passar por lá será muito bem vindo. <3
Taiza Saturnino (3 days ago)
Labrinth,sia, diplo=equipo invencible
Karan Singh (3 days ago)
Sarah Papo (3 days ago)
me encanta como cantan
John Brown (4 days ago)
Paul Dinnegan (4 days ago)
Fucking dope man,I feel summer vides out of this😀
Nam Gna (4 days ago)
Kid youre swag
Conrad Pretorius (4 days ago)
Beautiful BMW 850i
Amel Lamouri (4 days ago)
Labrenth+sia+diblo=lsd ckro
Sudha Ps (4 days ago)
AbsolutelySid 01 (4 days ago)
Bitch this song can't be more perfect than this!
Sebastián Vázquez (4 days ago)
Dank Triple A Battery (4 days ago)
Can some one explain to me why this is not available in the U.S. Apple music?
A Nobody (4 days ago)
2:59 was SO AWESOME to me
Maurício Araújo (4 days ago)
Gente...alguém me explique oq o Diplo faz? Pq ele nem canta nada
+Maurício Araújo valeeeu. <3
Maurício Araújo (2 days ago)
+Everything and Everyone opa! Na hora.
+Maurício Araújo oie, legendei a música its time do LSD, se quiser passar por la e dar uma olhada, será muito bem vindo
Maurício Araújo (2 days ago)
+Adryan Teixeira valeu manin
Adryan Teixeira (4 days ago)
Ele é dj, faz a batida.
Bintang Eka (4 days ago)
Whats's car drive by diplo?
Vildan Topal (4 days ago)
Nathan Debelius (4 days ago)
Omg. Set the playback speed to x0.5 it makes the song sound so sad. Especially at the chorus like holy crap. Really hit me
Kereia Mamdouh (4 days ago)
Just 1M likes ?!! She deserves 95M
Kuldeep Jadeja (4 days ago)
JohannFrank VEVO (4 days ago)
Jueves 18 de abril 2019 ❤️❤️🤘🤘
sluter shino (4 days ago)
Lsd para PERU hablenme :)
Dramatello (4 days ago)
Named after a drug - creates music that gets you high without drugs.
luluh Martins (5 days ago)
20mil n gostou e só 1mil gostaram Como assim;^; é mole não
1 milhao gostaram
Maria Rinta-Rahko (5 days ago)
This is Perfect.
Joseph (5 days ago)
What bmw is that??
Cutest part of this song is that youngest and talented child.she is so cute that no words to express her beauty....😍😘😍😘😍
ixon 54321 (3 days ago)
You Know her name??
Mr Avenger 98 (5 days ago)
What type of BMW was it
kester watson (5 days ago)
Angeline Bena (5 days ago)
The balloon makes me think of that cartoon from Cartoon Network
Vanessa Cortes (1 day ago)
Love Your Tigers 👏👌👍 🐅
PATRICK ANDRADE (5 days ago)
only the end is boring the rest and wonderful
Willian Cunha (5 days ago)
J A (5 days ago)
Listen to this remix of audio guys. Y’all won’t regret it. Not mine but it brought me here. https://soundcloud.com/sammywubben/audio-sammy-sweet-remix-diplo-sia-labrinth
SENTHIL GANESH (5 days ago)
Three things happened today 1. My neighbor said he hate this song 2. My neighbor was hit by car and died 3. I'm going to jail and my license is banned Sia ❣️
zeus creft (6 days ago)
I Love LSD best song ❤❤
Farah Nabila (6 days ago)
I’m playing all LSD songs! Ugh I need to have their album so I can play it anytime anywhere offline 😭
Durratul Aishah (3 days ago)
TALENT HUNT (6 days ago)
https://youtu.be/-5ETehyAPvY Watch this interesting video
nikhil earathu (6 days ago)
"LSD" Lov yuh frm Trivandrum..☯️💯❤️
RTK 2 (1 day ago)
vaishakh k (3 days ago)
nikhil earathu from kannur🔥
kHurraM SHeHzaD (6 days ago)
kHurraM SHeHzaD (6 days ago)
Shajin Sha (6 days ago)
Mallus undodai????
PrakZ WarY (6 days ago)
Her voice can kill everyone in melody 乂❤‿❤乂
chrisandyoli wilson (6 days ago)
better than any coachella show
KenDa HC (6 days ago)
SIA: única en su tono vocal. 😍
Uzoma Okeke (6 days ago)
labrinth is so fine❤❤❤
kadi karnover (6 days ago)
I like that drop
Bobby Ibo (6 days ago)
This is my new best song
Like 2019✨💕❤💯🙏
Enano Enano (6 days ago)
No sé si dieron cuenta pero cada vídeo está echo como le gusta cada uno😎😎😎
Isaac Rausseau (4 days ago)
Sin mierdas de disqueras?
Ilaria Marino (6 days ago)
Love it
TawnTawn 81 (6 days ago)
Best song they have done together! I can listen to it on repeat forever.
Sia 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Tatiana Martinez (6 days ago)
vane vane (4 days ago)
Ho excelente 100% Ho
Tatiana Martinez (5 days ago)
+Lrandro Fernandez jaja si
Lrandro Fernandez (5 days ago)
Y una droga xd
Cyborguii Silva (6 days ago)
ELISA LUCCA (6 days ago)
0:34 GTA V!!!
Paris Baratheon (7 days ago)
What accesory is what he got in the minute 1:34 ??
Antonemoshi (7 days ago)
Hallie Mack (7 days ago)
This is good, but dam who is that little kid
Znj JnJ (7 days ago)
When BTS release music video, they get 100 million views in two days but when real artist like Sia or Pink release music video that don't even get 100 million in 1 year. That prove People support trash these days.
javier fdf (6 days ago)
+Znj JnJ they have grat voices to, and her lyrics are so good that for example Billboard ranked it her song "blood sweat and tears" at number 16 on their list of the "100 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time and paintful dance?, well in this song they dont dance really, but look "not today" they literally dance like janet jackson...or more videos....
Znj JnJ (6 days ago)
+javier fdf most of the singer can write great lyrics but not everyone can sing or make great soundtrack for their music. Yes they can dance but why i need to enjoy their painful dance move instead of some real smooth dancer.
javier fdf (7 days ago)
Bts are not trash, they have great lyrics and they dance like Hell, is just music in korean
REYANSH and SURYA (7 days ago)
That's true
Susan Richardson (7 days ago)
Milk&Cookies (7 days ago)
So when are we gonna get Sia balloon Merch because thats the only balloon i want at my birthday party
Festinha do Sid (7 days ago)
Quem ta vendo em 2019 Curte ai!! BR.
David M. (7 days ago)
pq eu sempre choro ouvindo essa música?
Oie, legendei a música Its time do LSD se quiser passar por lá será muito bem vindo

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