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Shark Vs. Sea Snake

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http://www.morningstarr.co.uk/forum/natter/29035-shark-vs-snake.html#post293947 This is a great video taken by a camera on the Great Barrier Reef.
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LaTonya Pegeas (12 days ago)
The hammer head was a little nutty
Jeremiah Martin (1 month ago)
rajnbull ◑͜͡◐ (1 month ago)
I don't know if the tiger shark was smart to not eat the snake but very interesting.
Rafat Shareef (2 months ago)
I hate tiger sharks
Devin Auuagh (3 months ago)
tiger shark
Scorer Scored (3 months ago)
This experiment surely ruptured the internal parts of the shark and later it died of uncontrollable bleeding.
Blue mosasaurus Ho (4 months ago)
That tiger shark ate that thing
shark vs metal thing
The Behemoth (5 months ago)
Even the shark said fuck that
lo be (5 months ago)
Beautiful tiger
Pat Gallier (5 months ago)
Seeing a tiger shark on this video reminds me of the meg Edit: even though the meg is not similar to a tiger shark
Taylorina SliftSP (6 months ago)
It's like those fish they were coming because they don't want to absent .😅😅😅
Sara Capri (6 months ago)
lol That shark didn't give up did he hahaha,he almost ate the snake hahaha. The hammerhead swimming into the bar hahaha what a donut.
duaklube newme (6 months ago)
Please be truthful about the content. It was misleading.
jesus rincon (7 months ago)
This is not sea snake 🐍 vs shark 🦈 it’s tiger 🐅 shark vs metal thing ok I don’t know what is that thing called that the shark was hitting it
brkitdwn (7 months ago)
Couldn't you have at least explained what that metal devise was? Interestingly, they were all curious about it, then the last shark said, you don't belong here, and I'm taking you out. Impressive.
his miss that
Blei1986 (8 months ago)
*tiger shark VS metal rod* 2:16 *HOLY SHIT*
Jesica (8 months ago)
When the shark got real close to the snake it made a real loud noise
the shark call is minons
Sergio Dias (9 months ago)
A video about a big shark that turns into an environmentalist documentary.
AsTheWormTurns (9 months ago)
Trash editing, trash video
Ajay boos
joe campbell (10 months ago)
That's one lucky 🍀 shark 🦈, nearly ended been food for the whole reef system
Emma Emy (10 months ago)
Zam Firdauz (10 months ago)
Spencer Frank Clayton (10 months ago)
Whoa, scary ending.
Quirino Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Great shark very good film thank you, (algo bien)
Jhon Wick (10 months ago)
John you re working again ,,?
foundaz (10 months ago)
dude put some cocaine in that bag
Joao B (10 months ago)
no one will ever be lucky like this snake was
Sourav singh (10 months ago)
Shark can digest metal
Shyamsundar Hembram (10 months ago)
Krishna video
L M (10 months ago)
fucking people hate humen make animal die
coatsyboi125 (10 months ago)
a tiger shark ....... its a whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?
Liza Marie Estupa (10 months ago)
How you did that
AHG plug (10 months ago)
Wen the sharks have to shit that object out omg
Xexi Goe (10 months ago)
The shark teeth so sharp it can cut steel
Ibrahim Ismail (10 months ago)
Fuck off...
DarthWill3 (10 months ago)
Tiger sharks will eat just about anything...
The second shark I can't identify
It was a tiger shark just in case anybody can't identify it
Chaiwat Chouylai (11 months ago)
The camera has a electric field, the shark has electrorecepter, those recepters scan for electric waves from fish, the shark is attracted by it so it rams into the bar. thinking it's fish (Sharks are not that smart)
Iosua Iosua (11 months ago)
yoongs (11 months ago)
stingray shark
vinod yadav (11 months ago)
sikandra kumar (11 months ago)
Leprachaun Borads (11 months ago)
human = stupid
gustavo benitez (11 months ago)
se trago la armazón de hierro y se indigestar el tiburón, que hambre de animal
skurt (11 months ago)
wonder what they doing now . 😂
fnx fnx (11 months ago)
That metal crap will hurt when the shark takes a shit.
Ryan Ross (11 months ago)
I am a evil c at (11 months ago)
police gaming channel (11 months ago)
Tiger shark
Shiny marshadow (11 months ago)
That shark is so lucky to be alive that snake is full of death
Bobby Spurlock (1 year ago)
Those Rays were awesome, and I knew that Tiger was going to just eat the whole damn thing.
MarkYuri PH (1 year ago)
lololol rip camera
Trendx3 (1 year ago)
What a fight...
Jimdandy Pearl (1 year ago)
Its gotta hurt comin out
DEVASHISH VERMA (1 year ago)
Oh my goodness....
ღThink Potatoesღ (1 year ago)
Video made on June 9, 2001
Jass James (1 year ago)
Shark died for eating metal rod... WTF
Krokussify (1 year ago)
jymmon barrios (1 year ago)
Yo bine aki aber una batalla pokemon
Howard Ryburn (1 year ago)
Lame bait cage. That shark was screwed after eating it.
Dian Zakariya (1 year ago)
What is that thing inside the bag?
Shibu Rawat (1 year ago)
Smart Phone (1 year ago)
Wtf shark eat that stainless cage what happened to that shark?
erik dee (1 year ago)
=== You probably don't want to put whatever is in that bait pouch in your pocket when swimming.
erik dee (1 year ago)
2:20 All The WAAAAAY!!!!!!!
erik dee (1 year ago)
=== Dat is de wae, brodas
8 years ago? 🤣😂 nani??
erik dee (1 year ago)
=== Add another 9 yrs
Youtube Jarred 333 (1 year ago)
Oh my Damn THAT last shark just ate the whole SHIT #YOUTUBEJARREDERRATICARCHIVES
James P (1 year ago)
Even the shark thought "whoa shit!"
RAMAN SINGH (1 year ago)
rosi foxi (11 months ago)
My Royal Army cállate puta tu eres más falsa tienes toda la puta jeta del vecino 😆😂
erik dee (1 year ago)
=== It is just real as the Tesla Orbiter!!?! ...Right??
hamass khan (1 year ago)
Big fish
DeAnn Young (1 year ago)
Please stop with the misleading titles. Very disappointing.
Call me Dribble god (1 year ago)
Click bait
imateapot51 (1 year ago)
Did you watch the end when the tiger shark ate that metal bait thing? But the Tiger would not touch the sea snake. So it was not click bate.
erik dee (1 year ago)
===Good thing no camera in bait packet.
glen cañeda (1 year ago)
poor shark
Nelio Anderson (1 year ago)
more like shark and fish vs underwater mic
awais asghar (1 year ago)
Even steel is digestible ?????
MANU SREEVALSAM (1 year ago)
That defenitely a cruelty towards those creatures..shark eventually eaten that whole thing and it may cause issues later on.
Maria Cecília Dias (1 year ago)
People say that sharks are really scary but if we go inside his mind he was just like "dafuq is dis metal crap lemme taste it"
Mars Cook (1 year ago)
awww the first shark what a cute lil baby!!!
Patricia Lewis (1 year ago)
dame 👦 you just nook the fuck out bitch
0:00 Sea Snake 0:06 Remore 0:10 Tiger Shark 0:34 Coral Fishes 0:41 Tiger Shark 0:49 Coral Fishes and a Grouper 0:57 Stringray Shark (is not a shark) 1:09 Tiger Shark 1:20 Sea Snake whit Fishes 1:30 Zebra Shark 1:38 Stringray Shark 1:47 Tiger Shark 2:03 Hammerhead Shark 2:14 Tiger Shark
Jared the Land Shark (3 months ago)
2:03 was a great hammerhead shark (Sphyrna mokarran) to be more precise. Nice guide tho.
erik dee (1 year ago)
===Thanks for the breakdown. Now where can I get this bait??
Luka Albijanic (1 year ago)
The shark flesh is poisoned so , they are both poisoned ... :)
Dang that shark savage
Andreza Gomes (1 year ago)
KingOfLords (1 year ago)
Igor Sanders (1 year ago)
вот это сила
Keshawn Harkoo (1 year ago)
A shark, sea snake and stingray swim into a bar, it was tense.
Del icious (1 year ago)
that nigga ate metal wtf
1:00, что за облик таковой? Кто это?
Vayne Gaming (1 year ago)
1:51 that eye poke, feels bad man
Fauxindigo (1 year ago)
Is it really that hard for a shark to find something to eat that it has to eat metal poles?
Le serpent s'en sort bien
Imam soedarso (1 year ago)
Yo sakit nu makan aluminium... Wong goblok
Marco Polo (1 year ago)
Don't see Anaya fight there. All I see is a stupid shark eating metal.

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