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You Will Laugh Till You FART at This Funny Babies Compilation

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This are most funny babies and baby fails. Can you try not to laugh or grin while watching this video? Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/7ZDZHu To make compilations we use Videos submitted by the Authors (As claimed). If you the author of the video and you did'n submitted the video to our channel, please send us private message and we will immediately remove your video.
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Text Comments (1868)
eight newland (2 hours ago)
Rebecca Egan (8 hours ago)
What kind of parent(s) would purposely spin their child (baby actually) until they’re completely disoriented and dizzy and then intentionally make them try to walk? 🤬😡😠 What in the fxxk 😤 I cannot even believe that those assholes were laughing at their baby crashing to the hard floor! 😭
Deshae Ford (14 hours ago)
Good Try tho -_-
sav pranks (17 hours ago)
I did not laugh at all (not funny)
humble queen's world (19 hours ago)
Most of them are not funny at all... I mean why would you deliberately scare a baby or laughs when the baby falls and starts crying?
ImNotMisterFriendly (1 day ago)
1:09 me when drunk
adam of Oklahoma (1 day ago)
Snow and xanny she on somthing
Sherman Jorgensen (1 day ago)
Some of these are just abuse.
MyLifeVlogs (1 day ago)
and the one with the dart why am i still watching this
MyLifeVlogs (1 day ago)
The one thith the baby and the rabblie i did not fart i peed soo bad i had to take a long shower n throw away my clothes LOL!!!!!!
ZeoViolet (1 day ago)
1:22 The one with a baby hitting its head like that is NOT FUNNY!
Mary Gobbett (1 day ago)
That dad that spin his baby and then let him keep falling .there is something wrong with him
Dasha Ferris (1 day ago)
Very funny videos
Team JESSTONIE (1 day ago)
I was jumpscared by the picture in the end...
Jack's Funny Videos (1 day ago)
I am here with recommendation and LOVED IT!😂 Please check my compilations too!
Vanessa Murphy (2 days ago)
I am laughing MY ASS OFF
Janice Johnson (2 days ago)
too cruel
Kairi Pool (4 days ago)
2:34 she so excited 😂
Kairi Pool (4 days ago)
0:47 lol , sugar rush 😂
Manu Rocks (5 days ago)
I thought dis video will solve my gastric trouble...Definitely,No...!!🙁
4:47 My Baby Brother Did This With His Milk When He Was 1 Y/O He’s 2 Now
Maria Vargas (6 days ago)
I was more in pain that farting from this video.
Daniel Howard (6 days ago)
These are terrible parents! And whoever made this video is a psychopath!
Heather Obermann (7 days ago)
Not funny
Geodancer (7 days ago)
I did not laugh
Liberty (8 days ago)
Jamie Almeida (8 days ago)
I did not laugh
Caylyn Smith (8 days ago)
eunice njoga (9 days ago)
I laughed but I didn't fart
chavez tribe of five (9 days ago)
Dont nothing funny about babies getting hurt
Mitchell Mayhew (9 days ago)
None of them are funny
marilyn andres (9 days ago)
0:03 that was so cute 😀😂
RemixEquinox (9 days ago)
Not a lot of them are funny, also I don’t have a child but some of them the baby’s got hurt. I think your crossing them because the people laughed in the videos
Jani Tuomisto (9 days ago)
First baby is so son of rap-artist paleface
beastmodeben gaming (9 days ago)
1:47 *Enoch??*
bluray movies 720p (9 days ago)
B Davis (9 days ago)
WOOOOAH, Down there in the comment section. There are babies on board here.
Timileyin Agarau (10 days ago)
None of them made me laugh and if you made a joke I would not laugh
Evelyn Trivitt (10 days ago)
These aren't funny they're cruel to children.
cecelia lendor (10 days ago)
Some of these are not funny at all,most of all the spinning one. This is just wicked and could have done severe damage to the baby as it is similar to shaking a child to death and some of the babies could have damaged their skulls. No laughing matter. How you you like it if someone spins you out of control. I wonder why we do these things to babies an feel that it is funny should be charged for cruelty to babies jus as cruelty to animals. I am so mad.
Tana Krstich (10 days ago)
Shame on you this is child abuse
Lillie Robinson (10 days ago)
The ones I did look at was sick or bump their heads, which should should have been their parents. NOT FUNNY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Laurie Bowers (10 days ago)
probably the worst baby compilation ever. :(
Coty Deadpool Angel (11 days ago)
This video always puts a smile on my face except when the poor kids get hurt but when the kid spit up all in her eyes and mouth that is good stuff.
ADila 88 (11 days ago)
Hi Babies TV, you have some weird psycho sense of humor to post this as something funny. Maybe try some crime or horror videos instead. Or maybe not at all.
ADila 88 (11 days ago)
Some parents are cruel and out of their mind! How could they thought it's funny when the baby fell and hit his head?? Or kept on falling after purposely spinning her around? Was playing this for my toddler to watch, had to stop it as he might mimic or think that falling or hitting his head is funny. People's humors are getting nastier and nastier.
chubsterbubster (11 days ago)
Lol I just farted...what fun😃!!!!!!!
Davey Cairns (11 days ago)
What sort of a stupid cunt is that at 1-25 my god 🥊🥊🥊
Cami Guthrey (11 days ago)
1 of thoes sounded like my cousin the 1 of th fire works
Darla Gibbons (12 days ago)
Evil!! Another sick post of little ones getting hurt. Get help, u need it.
Victor Ortega (12 days ago)
Savage man wtf ! 😂😂😂😂
Asif Naveed (12 days ago)
Nice baby's ❤❤
NavDurga Exim (12 days ago)
What is so funny????
Preksha Jain (12 days ago)
Care for babies guys
anshuman jha (12 days ago)
I farted by reading the title no need to watch video .😂😂
Mostly R (13 days ago)
Child abuser the fathers who spins his child so horribly he knocks his head so many times so sickening...and the mom do.nothing grrrrr
Mary Landsmann (13 days ago)
Nothing funny about a baby getting hurt. Not funny at all
Chris DeFrank (13 days ago)
These are not funny at all
TheGudsdotter (13 days ago)
Some shouls not have kids.
Lorna Burton (13 days ago)
What's wrong with these parents, letting babies fall continously, banging their heads on the cement floor. Idiots!
Nyaradzo Nelia (13 days ago)
Not even funny
I didn't laugh I cried. I want one so bad
Neelu dadai (14 days ago)
yeas dad
Neelu dadai (14 days ago)
karet b
Neelu dadai (14 days ago)
cer for bady
Kimberly Evans (14 days ago)
I made a terrible mistake, it’s midnight and I’m trying to be quiet. Lord help me
ladytec40 (14 days ago)
bad parents torturing their babies
Andrea Rossini (14 days ago)
The babies aren't funny at all
Natalie James (14 days ago)
Do not like this video at all!!!! Poor children. Who lets their kid smack its head and laugh at it and then let them do it again!! Didn’t watch this to the end.
y jutasy (14 days ago)
I must have a strange sense of humor because I don't find any humor in watching irresponsible parents harm their children. I couldn't watch anymore, after seeing the dizzy child fall repeatedly, so sad.
Amol Sukre (14 days ago)
The first baby is looking like Dean Ambrose 😂
Some clips are not funny kids are hurt God what happend to these parents .
Sabrina Ellison (15 days ago)
Not funny
Andrew Champy (15 days ago)
That singing bitch is annoying.
Dixie Hull (15 days ago)
If you think I’d find babies getting hurt or frightened there’s something really wrong with you. Didn’t finish video.
Anderson7105 (15 days ago)
Some of these are borderline child abuse and not funny at ALL!
Samantha Grace (15 days ago)
The baby with the dart on his forehead 😂💕
Kimberly Gabriel (15 days ago)
Complication he cried tears of joy 😈 so lpn why u lie to my health insurance company big difference between May and January 😈why like the month of May and January 😈 why you txt under my keyboard October 😈u going in cuffs along with your pals 😈and threats and kid puzzles theif 😈 u gonna pay theif😈
mylee brazier (15 days ago)
the first one looks like dobby XD
Khawlah Qudsi (15 days ago)
ها ها ها اطفال كبار صغار مضحكون
NickyMercado (15 days ago)
GraceAnn Orvil (15 days ago)
4:19 his face LOL 🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣!!!!!!!!!
charlotte barnes (16 days ago)
Not funny
David (16 days ago)
The person who posted this is vile. Most are of terrified babies or ones who are getting hurt. SHAME ON THE POSTER OF THIS VIDEO. NOT FUNNY AT ALL.
Evil Lyn (16 days ago)
It was all fun and games until the poor toddler got hurt falling into the bench headfirst. I'd be shocked to find the child escaped without serious injury. I prefer funny videos that give us a conclusion to such sad sights. I also didn't hear anyone say anything sympathetic to him, or see anyone rushing to help him and the video ends so abruptly that if the little guy cried, you wouldn't know.
Wing Lau (16 days ago)
I didn't fart tho
Jovana Jelovac, Flute (16 days ago)
Not funny at all, when they scare a baby with fireworks, living kids to fall down numeruous times etc.
darktrooper2099 (17 days ago)
John Brattan (17 days ago)
Babiez. Baby abuse on some. Definitely not funny.
Riley Price (17 days ago)
At 5:11 the cat says surprise motherfucker
Michael (17 days ago)
What was funny about the baby that fell and smashed it's face into that metal shelving?
Xander Lowe (17 days ago)
so people are adopting pets to abuse them so they can steal their opioids, and parents are abusing their children to get a viral hit. Wow, we're all going to hell. The first one is adorable though.
feenekin fire (19 days ago)
Ethan RBLX (19 days ago)
LOL AT 5:36
cate zaida (20 days ago)
not even watching the rest of this video. How is scaring babies funny???
pr1n2e hussein (20 days ago)
My brother once sneezed on the cake when he was young and my family didn't tell the guests so they ate the cake
Dani[yy]el Crnell (21 days ago)
Just when I think babies are overrated..
DreamerInClouds :D (22 days ago)
I lost it at the third one
Nad (23 days ago)
I can't keep watching. Not funny!
Dianne Hill (23 days ago)

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