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Face off - Sanji vs Marine cooks

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jason lalngaihsaka (1 hour ago)
In anime when they say "it can't be" I'll be like don't you have a fuckînğ eye
colton moore (17 hours ago)
Damn it now im hungry! i already cooked everything after a food wars binge.
Panic The Riolu (4 days ago)
David Hong (4 days ago)
1:13 How did he do that? Does Sanji have the power to defy physics?
Gourmet Seeker (5 days ago)
Only episode when Sanji is respectful.
Gourmet Seeker (5 days ago)
He always acts like completely baka.
Rahul Sreekumar (8 days ago)
An ideal filler episode
Lamhot Simamora (9 days ago)
Marine:we feed more then 1000 people! Sanji:i feed luffy every day along witht he other who also eat more then 10 people
Destiny Ninja123 (9 days ago)
The only best written filler there is!
César Cambron (9 days ago)
I want to see Sanji vs Gordon Ramsey
diepue denden (10 days ago)
I like how liffy sees sanji does nothing and just sits there but still has so much faith in him that doesn't even question it
Nureen Hafizah (10 days ago)
When i saw the marines cook...im feeling relieved😤😥..bcuz their cooking style is more human=like me myself😆...bcuz when i saw sanji cooking...i alwsys thought the anime was fast forward 😲silly me😄😥😰😶
Tombocartoons (11 days ago)
"We feed 1000 soldiers every day" " I serve a Luffy everday"
Brutalyte616 (12 days ago)
Ralph mance (13 days ago)
One of the best scenes
Stefan Boritzka (14 days ago)
I love if Sanji falls in past and think About his stepdad Jeff.
Asnickel (14 days ago)
This filler arc is way better than all of the rest of one piece combined.
tt t (16 days ago)
Zentomon (18 days ago)
another Sanji's feat: beats an army of marines by food only
Black Iron Tarkus (18 days ago)
Strange... grand majority of these comments are positive, so why are there almost a thousand dislikes?
Gino Arigo (18 days ago)
The ingredients pretty much reflects how Sanji is with his life. The good parts of the ingredients are only being used to make the perfect meal, like how Judge would upgrade his kids into "perfection". The trash parts of the ingredients are to be thrown out, like how Sanji was exiled from his own family. It's just how you use the ingredients when the true potential and of a meal blossoms, like how Sanji worked his way through his life as a kid alongside Red Leg Zeff, and now as Black Leg Sanji.
Anyus Núñez (19 days ago)
Danny Maloles (19 days ago)
Most badass moments from Sanji
Lord Kaxaledimari (20 days ago)
i read the title as "sanji vs marine cocks"
Greatmaster132 (21 days ago)
I love this part. It is a dam shame it is just a filler
R F (21 days ago)
Wish everyone was like sanji
Fernando Bernal (21 days ago)
No army with a empty belly go to the war
Gold Coin (21 days ago)
Show of hands, who wants to try Sanji’s dish?
Koneko Sakura (22 days ago)
😂 Thats just a piece of cake to him 😂
Asher Tye (22 days ago)
Sanji takin' you to school. Just call him Professor.
Zed Mozo (22 days ago)
Shokugeki no one piece
Damnitguy (23 days ago)
This is also one of the main reasons why I favor Sanji!!
Raw Meme (23 days ago)
could we have a season on sanji cook teaching
Lone Wolf (23 days ago)
Uuurgh... hungry
Ruy UEDA (23 days ago)
Sgt. Salisbury (24 days ago)
Yeah thats not how cooking works.
Aidil Nizs (24 days ago)
I came from Gordon Ramsay video.
John Dan (24 days ago)
i would still prefer the marines food ... iam not really into eating fish guts and bones
Bugaboo Blend (24 days ago)
Luffy chose him because sanji loves to cook and give food to hungry person..and luffy is the hungry person lol
Mark Angelo Gozon (24 days ago)
Finally, some good fucking food.
Yoga (24 days ago)
Chitatap chitatapu 😗
Kael Sangeban (24 days ago)
That Lad (25 days ago)
So sanji is a swordsman
serious li (25 days ago)
Thai Ha (25 days ago)
You know Sanji disrespect level is 9999 when he use the unused part of the enemy to win, ggwp
smhaaokir (25 days ago)
If Sanji actually fight with knives, he would look like assassin considering his speed too.
Yolanda Chen (26 days ago)
Why is this better than Shokugeki no soma
솔직히 맛은 없어보여... 재료랑 맛 둘다 잡을수는 없었다는 거지 결국?
random person (26 days ago)
How much for sanji I'll pay anything
Andi Fatah (26 days ago)
Dude(Sanju) has to feed a guy who has an appetite of 1000 hungry giants(luffy). He's obviously gonna win
Rony Fortunato (26 days ago)
Imagine sanji in food wars
Sanji.X PHOTOGRAPHY (26 days ago)
Im a big fans of sanji..because of him,now i be a cook and i fight just use my leg. Tq oda
StillYaboiMassiah (26 days ago)
Basically Chef Gordon Ramsay
Djayk (26 days ago)
Best filler arc of all time
Gamers In Hell (26 days ago)
best filler episode arc
Shooter McAkers (27 days ago)
3:17 noice ion...
Luke Hillenbrand (27 days ago)
If Sanji didn’t smoke so much, there’s no doubt he’d be my favourite character
Luke Hillenbrand (24 days ago)
jetty For Sanji, they are.
jetty (24 days ago)
I wasn't aware cigarettes were a character trait
The Grinder (27 days ago)
semplicemente palleggiati
NISME (27 days ago)
The second I saw them cutting the meat like normal, sensible human beings, I knew they lost.
Ryuko Matoi (27 days ago)
Imagine Sanji appearing in Food Wars xd
ZBlue (27 days ago)
Soma vs Sanji?
Gamer Iza (27 days ago)
What episode is this it look amazing sanji is best cook
Rahmat Djibran (27 days ago)
Its raw
Jacob Carico (1 month ago)
The one time sanji’s boner didn’t distract him from his duties... and he probably got a rather attractive fan girl out of it....
권준영 (1 month ago)
오리지날 에픽소드중에 이 에픽소드가 제일 재밌
Amarrussell Amarusama (1 month ago)
The most fav part when sanji cooks when they in skypiea..he using stone ad boiled it with food..and zoro katana was the victim 😂😂
Mars Condez (1 month ago)
Sanji seems like gordon ramsey of one piece
Floyd Duncombe (1 month ago)
Face off more like cook off
Gdragonballs (1 month ago)
Food wars is quaking
薄皮クリーム (1 month ago)
Mr. POTATO (1 month ago)
2:46 is DAT you KAKU!?
Taden Lei (1 month ago)
best filler arc ever! o.ô
COOLSKELETON95 (1 month ago)
Im scared of sanji's chopping skills & it's speed😨
TheHumanDirigible (1 month ago)
I was quickly browsing my channel feed and thought the title was "Face Off: Sanji vs. Marine Cocks"
Leon S. Kennedy (1 month ago)
A C (1 month ago)
The fat balls look good, but honestly even if you seasoned them the potatoes skins still would probably taste disgusting
Águila701 (1 month ago)
Sanji is pretty badass at times. He doesn't get enough love. He's an excellent fighter, a world class chef, and a good tactician. He may be a little goofy with the ladies but he is pretty cool overall. Zoro gets TOO much love and the only thing he is good at is using swords.
Grewish xD (1 month ago)
What episode is dis?
Epic Gaming (1 month ago)
I didn't even realize that this was a filler episode and that's why one piece is one of the best anime and then there's Naruto with a sh*t ton of fillers.
Artjom Lyashenko (1 month ago)
Generic Hacker (1 month ago)
I know it's filler and all, but this is one of my favourite Sanji scenes and it's enough canon for me
Nick S (1 month ago)
Fish guts? Wtf
Nexus258 (27 days ago)
Andrew Mystx (1 month ago)
That’s it. I’m adding this to my Cooking playlist.
The Derpy Jasper (1 month ago)
Heartless Dark (1 month ago)
The moral of this episode: Don't waste food. Especially the ingredients to prepare food.
ed Urs (1 month ago)
1:14 are you sure sanji isnt a swordsman? ..
Ramir Duria (1 month ago)
Those marine's gourmet cells must've leveled up a lot after they ate Sanji's dishes.
Bantha Squad (1 month ago)
does anyone know how Sandi prepared the potato skins?
GhostSlinger (1 month ago)
Which episode is this one?
Myst Raven (1 month ago)
1:06 Shokugeki no Soma (less intensified)
Just1n Ne0h (1 month ago)
Sanji's knife skills are zoro level. Proof ? Look at the fish head 😂😂
jungkwan Lee (1 month ago)
So....how long will it take if you actually make what Sanji made?
great whiteshark (1 month ago)
The grand cooking master Sanji lol
God Makoto (1 month ago)
Good looking,good dressing,good cooking but no gf, Wtf girls?
Ria 7 (26 days ago)
bruh he's annoyingly horny to almost every girl he sees, mermaids, furries, as long as it's a "good-looking female", you name it 😂😂😂
Wanded (27 days ago)
He keeps getting burned
luis lopez (1 month ago)
Sanji doesn't like One lady relationship, that's why.
Damn son (1 month ago)
And came from good family too. I wonder why?
guly (1 month ago)
Last second is best part,u can hear luffy on vis 86th plate LMAO
Ben Albert (1 month ago)
Lucy did 99.99% of tasting
Farkhan S (1 month ago)
Shokugeki no Sanji
ネココネ (1 month ago)
Rose M. Gottschalk (1 month ago)
I’m surprised feast of fiction hasn’t made this
Amin (1 month ago)
Sanji cooked food for 100 people on hid own faster than 100 cooks lmao
Jacob Aulaumea (1 month ago)
what episode is this?

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