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Darn Yarn Pom Scarf by Fashion Angels

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Create your own Darn Yarn™ Pom Scarf using the knitting loom with hook to quickly and easily make this playful fashion accessory. Finish the scarf by adding pom poms with an easy to use pom maker. Store all of the supplies in the bag and re-use it over and over again with any yarn to make more pom scarves. Fun for knitters of any skill level – especially beginners. Make your own...http://www.fashionangels.com/fashion-angels/diy-crafting/looming/darn-yarn-pom-pom-scarf.html
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Text Comments (22)
Tenzinpalkyi Sherpa (1 year ago)
wow thank for teaching me
بنوته عسوله (1 year ago)
Patka Maja MSP (1 year ago)
Malutki zestawik hahaha xD
Srinivasa rao Y (1 year ago)
wow wonder full I made many scarfs it's interesting thank you for that wonderful tutorial:-):-D
Manjit singh (2 years ago)
What u taught is very beautiful and interesting 😉😀
àriel (2 years ago)
how the heck you do this!
Trinity Morningstar (2 years ago)
They literally show you in the video, hon. LOL
Nichelle Girl166 (2 years ago)
I wanna try this project after my infinity scarf is finished. :-D but I never got to the knitting part. 😞
ATER Playz (3 years ago)
I noticed that somebody was doing it for you
Queen Kiwi (3 years ago)
Did you see the ant crawling around
Phương Trần (3 years ago)
+Rickiya Strawther your eyes are so good
Queen Kiwi (3 years ago)
Jiajing Ge (4 years ago)
Looks really fun and easy to make ! I can't wait to try http://goo.gl/yOqBEi
Mersaides Peele (4 years ago)
The girl is not even the one doing it it is someone else u can tell bye the skin and the shirt
qtseokjin (4 years ago)
Nicole Guymon (4 years ago)
I'm working on my Pom scarf right now! So excited to see what it turns out to be when I'm done closing it and putting the poms on. I got the 6 in 1 set for Christmas and I love it! I've already gotten the hang of it because I loom with the Rainbow Loom with rubber bands and I thought I could try this out! Great design, love the ideas.
Tyonna Smith (3 years ago)
Whare did you get it.?
Random kids (4 years ago)
Me too
Abbey Licon (4 years ago)
You guys go really fast could you slow down
Rainbow Loom Girl (4 years ago)
I LOVE doing crafts n this is PERFECT!!! I got "Darn Yarn" for xmas! So this is AWESOME
Dhannica Eve (4 years ago)
I did a pom scarf to
tori vega (4 years ago)
Looks really fun and easy to make ! :) can't wait to try

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