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5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love - Pt. 2 (ft. D-Trix)

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Text Comments (20168)
IISuperwomanII (1 year ago)
Hey lovers! Hope you enjoyed the video! Make sure you check out our video on Dom's channel because it's EFFIN AMAZING! Seriously, this is not even hype. This is the truth. It is fact. DO IT NOW. GO HERE: http://bit.ly/2tNUgAl
Leander Yazzie (3 days ago)
Optimus Grind! I just died
Jensoo (21 days ago)
Gwen Koh (28 days ago)
Alexa G (30 days ago)
IISuperwomanII shave your armpits
Aisha Patel (1 month ago)
Jynx rocks (44 minutes ago)
i still ship her with swoozie more ;-;
LittleLexi711 (6 hours ago)
The hugs from behind for me are the best and most meaningful hugs with my bf
Tbh you should date him for real
The Blue Marble (14 hours ago)
Shadow (1 day ago)
claudia figueroa (1 day ago)
I love #4
Damn they got skills on dancing :D Edit: that lip bite though!!!! XD
meme machine (2 days ago)
The ship as sailed #goals
Ray 27 (2 days ago)
Superwomen is good at dancing
Sameerah Sandia (2 days ago)
Lilly is such a great dancer I love her
Shalini Thakur (3 days ago)
Awesome 😂😂
Vikrant Kulkarni (3 days ago)
Hatz Productions (4 days ago)
She is so beautiful
nayra (4 days ago)
3:20 -3:33 Lilly's face tho
Crossed Roses (4 days ago)
That routine was amazing!!!
Anjali Singh (5 days ago)
I can watch it X no of times...it still makes me laugh so hard each time!!!!!!!!
Kimberly Bravo (6 days ago)
Important enough to make a part 3?😂😏😉😂
Smile Love NL (7 days ago)
That dance tho Fire.
Bianca Di Angelo (7 days ago)
Lilly you are AMAZING!! I love you 😍 YOU ROCK 🤟
Tashi bae (7 days ago)
Aly’s World (7 days ago)
“I bit his lip to hard... it’s bleeding right now” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♀️OMG WTF THATS SO WEIRDLY FUNNY!
Hannah Kenny (7 days ago)
THAT DANCE THO*jaw drop*😮
Torynn Wendler (8 days ago)
Doesn’t d-trix look like Jacob from twilight
kew saini (8 days ago)
See how d-trix turned red when she bit his lip! 😉
Fiona Fernandez (9 days ago)
wow she dances nice 😯
Atanu Marick (9 days ago)
You are like lady Johnny Lever ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Viviana Perez (9 days ago)
The was an amazing dance!!😄❤👍👍
Matyáš Hadrbolec (9 days ago)
well i'm SHOOK
julie sandoval (9 days ago)
Sunita Swain (10 days ago)
He is your real bf??
Maya Regina (10 days ago)
Sweetheart also killed mee!!!
Nicole Shu (10 days ago)
is it safe to say the ship has sailed???
Dan vercetty (10 days ago)
damnnn they rocked it the dance
fae naks (10 days ago)
That lip bite tho Ooooooofff😍😍
tae tae lenny (10 days ago)
1:59 me when my crush gets hurt
tae tae lenny (10 days ago)
1:59 me when my crush gets hurt
Eveair (10 days ago)
Damn, the dancing was good.
Sir Basic Doodles (11 days ago)
"I bit his lip too hard, he's bleeding" UhhhH YOU DONT THINK 😂
My precious Kookie (11 days ago)
45% people talking about that lip bite 20% ships 14% random 1% comments like this
Dakshu Bharadwaj (12 days ago)
some parts are repeated??????????
Boi you dance well!!
Nargis Mansury (12 days ago)
you are an amazing dancer
kkira a (12 days ago)
u m m
Anthony Keat (12 days ago)
Yoo dog she cute uno man 💖
Ezisrael Ortiz (12 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is is cute and funny
Nayang Motsete (12 days ago)
Lily is such a good dancer
The Wiener Dog Vlogs (12 days ago)
Damn Lilly, you can dance.
Triple Micros (12 days ago)
awwww there such cutte goalls
Jaylin Barroso (13 days ago)
Alexandria Frost (13 days ago)
You two are so cute. I ship it 😻💕
Unicorn Lulu (13 days ago)
Did any one else hear, *”Portugal?”* no? Just me? k.
Kutlwano Sereko (13 days ago)
They dating right?
Alejandro Diaz (13 days ago)
Are you a virgo or have virgo influence in your astrology chart?
Alejandro Diaz (13 days ago)
Wow! Thanks 4 being so funny. Lol
Sahesh Choudhary (13 days ago)
Kamall ho aap lily g
Jaskirat Babra (14 days ago)
This is September and im still here
Pretty Girl Trina (14 days ago)
that dance tho OMG THAT KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty Girl Trina (14 days ago)
anyone else single but watching..
Maricella Ogas (14 days ago)
Naddie Taylor (14 days ago)
The end tho😂😂😂😂😂😍
patricia medeiros (14 days ago)
I feel great right now everyone have an amazing day❤️
Alexandra (15 days ago)
7:34 😲😲😲
Bere Jasso (15 days ago)
Omg ❤️❤️❤️ your dance moves ♥️♥️♥️
Saswati Kar (15 days ago)
Riding in Silence (15 days ago)
Omg I live for the dance, yes!!!❤️
Flame-Paw {Games} (15 days ago)
I wish I was that talented :P I can sing and I'm hilarious but I can't dance and I'm too shy to go onto camera....
Chloe King (5 days ago)
Flame-Paw {Games} I’m the opposite. I can sing , I’m funny , I can dance , and I’m not shy at all
Daisy Mari’sPrincess (15 days ago)
“Heh he he he heh not talkin bout the pipies”
Bob From Mars (15 days ago)
Why can't I have this? 7:27 - 7:34
Cilla Hogg (16 days ago)
I'm crying right now plz help me imm in paiiiiiin ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sariyah Gallon (16 days ago)
Damn girl 😂
America escareno (16 days ago)
Is it just me or does dtrix look like alex wassabi
Tepace Metos (17 days ago)
What up with U and dTrix 😏😏
Shelby White (17 days ago)
Man is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?😏wooowww when you guys danced, that was amazing!!
Wilfredo Mendoza (17 days ago)
why the f are you not dating D drix👺
Miracle Okose (17 days ago)
Never knew Lilly could dance
Alina Prince (17 days ago)
how can she dance like that
Aisha Hassane (17 days ago)
Aww she kissed him
Adriana Lopez (17 days ago)
You guys look like nautilus oitlet in the cover
Kevin 96 (18 days ago)
It's Selena it's Selena 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ash srikanth (18 days ago)
they both are just cute together i think they should date
Jazzmine Brown (18 days ago)
To rephrase that Intro sentence you have to say, When people ship us too much, why not make a part 2 so they can ship us more!! 😄😄😄
Alissa Bannister (18 days ago)
I actually ship them so much
Sophie Elser (18 days ago)
Meekestthings (18 days ago)
I can see it now her in a dress an him in a tux at their anniversary party for the first year they started dating 😂 7:11
Meekestthings (18 days ago)
She keeps saying YOUR FRIENDS WILL LOOOOVE THIS or that but I don’t have friends cause it’s actually pretty hard to get to know a person like me which some how I find sooo funny 😆
halie escobedo (18 days ago)
I love music
HAY HAY VLOGS (18 days ago)
Her face when he said "hey sweet heart"😂😂😂😂😂
LiveInAwe xx (18 days ago)
2018 and I still ship them
Wayne woolnough (18 days ago)
Them moves though
Are they dating
Ashley Holmes (20 days ago)
It makes me MAD they are not together
Sarah '93 (20 days ago)
this girl is a bloody legend
Mariana Pereira (20 days ago)
I ship this #lillynic
LA zarinna (21 days ago)
I love this video
sajna C (21 days ago)
Somebody please do a tutorial for this dance...just lovveee it
Aeryn F (21 days ago)
Come on Lilly, ya can't post this and then expect team super not to ship you guys hard. 😂
Nitin Sharma (21 days ago)
What an effort she put in her videos......... superrrrrrrrr
Anubha Nautiyal (21 days ago)
I swear u can dance too??!?!?!
YouTube Girl (22 days ago)
R they r in a relation ship?
LoveMe,com (22 days ago)
What I love the most about this video is when she tried to portray the 5 things that a guy should do to their girls. I love all her facial expressions. It is very infectious. Number 4 is very true. When your man hugs you for no reason, it makes you feel comfortable and loved. There is something within you that feels more energized.

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