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Johnny Green and "Hollywood" Brillant: Love for Hire

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JUMP TO 0:17!!! I would like to give credit to Johhny Green, who is the singer and Joseph Elzear Brillant does all guitars. RIP Joe "Hollywood" Brillant, 1-27-07
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FormtekMaine (5 years ago)
Awesome... Sounds like a Dokken song...
bassistwd (5 years ago)
I knew Joe,belated condolences, I've had the exceptional privilege of working with Johnny extensively in the past & miss him too.
Ronald Fowlie (11 months ago)
I worked with Johnny in a construction job in Topsham, that's how I met Joe and ended up moving into his house with him and Mike... Let me tell you, that was a Rockstar pad, Joe's sister and her friends would come clean the house once a week, and his folks would feed us couple times a week next door in the pizza shop, well, Joe worked there, so maybe they didn't know they were feeding us... I couldn't tell you how many times we would stumble down those stairs the next morning after an all-night party to find Joe laying on the floor in the middle of the living room hugging his guitar, he loved his guitar and lot...lol...a million good time had with Joe in the several months I stayed there...RIP Joe Hollywood Brilliant

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