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CoverNews - Homepage Setup with Front-page Template

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CoverNews is a clean and elegant free blog/magazine WordPress theme that is perfect for online blog and magazine. With the help of live customizer options and custom widgets, you can design your website as you like and preview the changes live. This theme is fully responsive that looks beautiful on all the screen sizes from small to large devices. As it includes many useful features that require to build an awesome looking website, you can implement the layout as a personal blog, modern news journals, fashion magazine, travel blogging & magazine, vibrant news sites and more. It is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that helps you to integrate an online business with your blog easily. The theme is well optimised that helps to rank your website in the top of search engines and users will get an outstanding support from the team if there will be any difficulties while using the theme. There are number of demos available in this theme so choose the one you like and start to build a website. See our demos: Free: https://demo.afthemes.com/covernews/, https://demo.afthemes.com/covernews/sport/, https://demo.afthemes.com/covernews/fashion/ Premium: https://demo.afthemes.com/covernews-pro/, https://demo.afthemes.com/storymag-pro/sport-pro/, https://demo.afthemes.com/storymag-pro/fashion-pro/, https://demo.afthemes.com/storymag-pro/travel-pro/, https://demo.afthemes.com/storymag-pro/recipe-pro/, https://demo.afthemes.com/storymag-pro/minimal-pro/
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Text Comments (6)
Phil Boyd (2 months ago)
Seriously?? No Audio?? Very Unprofessional!
Internet Hollywood Vega (6 months ago)
I downloaded this theme and a lot of the options are missing. There is no "Trending Side" to edit so it's just the Main Story and Editor's Pick at the top. Once you get passed the Featured Post there is NO option to create this "Double Categories Post" and add new categories so it just repeats everything that's on Main Story, Editor's Pick and Featured Story. Why isn't there an option to do that? I tried everything and had no luck at all nor does this video shows you how to do it. How do I change the repeated categories to a certain pre-existing category that was there before I switched the theme? It seems like there is no option to do that. If I just creat a new "page" none of my old posts will follow it.
DV99 (24 days ago)
​+AF themes I sent it to your support email which is on the page of AF Themes
AF themes (24 days ago)
+DV99 Would you please mention in which support forum that you have sent the message so that we could help you further?
DV99 (25 days ago)
+AF themes that "One Click Demo Import" plugin is not working. I've already sent a message to support about this problem and they still do not solve it
AF themes (6 months ago)
Hello there, First of all sorry for the inconvenience, the theme also facilitates One Click Demo Import, Would you please try with that, Or please come on our direct email support, admin[@]afthemes.com, our support team will assist you. Best regards

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