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Oracle Data Guard - Architecture

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Oracle Data Guard - Architecture
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Vaibhav Johari (6 months ago)
a lovely way to express the theory in a jiffy.
Vivek cheeru (8 months ago)
nice explanation. but what s the diff between lns and nsa process.
Nd Alozie (9 months ago)
ur explanation is pretty good
Prasanth P (9 months ago)
Awesome tutorial. Good job!
perfumecheck (9 months ago)
Excellent coverage of whole DG Architectural concepts in few minutes.. thanks
Girish K (10 months ago)
Nice explanation .
ifestos1977 (10 months ago)
very nice explanation mate. Thanks for that.
Debasish Panda (11 months ago)
Nice explanation. Kindly upload some more videos like Patching, Upgradation, ASM etc..
Rajesh kumar (1 year ago)
What is use of nss and nsa process if redo data is transferred by LNS process

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