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Girl Ship TV End Of The Year Live Stream

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k N (7 days ago)
you should watch RaStro , they had a series called “the richman’s daughter” ., you’ll love it
D & K (12 days ago)
Drunk lesbians watch Chloe
Gloria Chan (12 days ago)
the talk show thing is a great idea!!! i've been dying waiting for Liz Feldman's This Just Out to come back for ages.. it's nice to see more queer talk shows on the internet!!
Jane (12 days ago)
I would absolutely love to see the making of a feature vlogged.
jaclyn camacho (13 days ago)
💙You're so damn beautiful💙
Matty RyN (14 days ago)
Where's the bloopers yo
S K (15 days ago)
My fave is when you guys discuss and view content. Would you do a weekly Drunk Lesbians Watch for different L Word episodes?
Sav Garza (16 days ago)
I really enjoy your channel. I recently moved to a new city and have no friends, so watching your videos has helped me feel less lonely. Thank you, and Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing your new content this year 😊
mila Q (16 days ago)
wow this hair colour really suits Amanda 😍
NJSillaStew (16 days ago)
Watch Duck Butter on here please lol
Caitlin Cote (16 days ago)
Dude I'm so mad I missed this steam I have my bell on and did get a notification oh well ,, Amanda me and my wife love all of ur stuff the shows u made the buzzfeed stuff she loves ur podcast and most of all dlw and then when we watch we play married lesbians watch dlw lol and we laugh so hard its nt funny so thanks so much for the for being u !!!!!!! 🤩😎❤
Chloé Lee (17 days ago)
Black Lightning is good but the story has some bad parts. Plus the plot for ThunderGrace feels like they cut 50% of their scenes.
cat10710 (17 days ago)
Have you seen tipping the velvet?
GamingGen (17 days ago)
love the carol poster! ♥️
Mavisss K (17 days ago)
I'm watching this to improve my American english listening skill and I can get everything but some things that are actual in your culture. Like 20gayteen, I'm sorry what is it?
like how we say twenty-eighteen (2018) buy instead of eighteen its gay-teen (like a gay teen!) x
Cassandra Finley (17 days ago)
Got a notification about the stream 30 minutes after it started last night and it was too late for me (I am in Europe), I wish, I would have joined. Amanda, you are such a sweety pie. I love you and DLW. Thank you for the tea, the stories and tipps, glad,we'll see you more often in 2019. Also, thank you for addressing biphobia :-*
DevanFTM (17 days ago)
I'm glad to know i'm not the only one obsessed with Nadia. She really needs a YouTube channel. Also I love Zarlie more then AvaLance and love that John is bi or fluid
Julie C (17 days ago)
Love your channel!!! Big fan here just wanted to say hey ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Megan Benton (17 days ago)
I have the biggest crush on you ❤️
crazylezzie (11 days ago)
Nati Amos (17 days ago)
Hiiii and yes we can hear you
Fatima Glazer (17 days ago)
I would recommend the horror movie May 2002. Anna Farris plays the same character role she plays in most her movies but Lesbian. I do preface by saying the movie is kinda an odd horror movie and it’s dark and I think kinda funny also ?
You could release a bloopers video called "Drunk Lesbians botch..."
Lesbian horror movie idea • A Quite Face (A Quite Place) • Slender Fran (Slender Man) • The Meg (The Meg) as in Megan
Anna Guggenberger (17 days ago)
Love your channel <3 thanks for the good work! You inspired me to watch more queer movies! Love, Anna from Austria
Cecilia Fernandez (17 days ago)
watch an Amazon short lgbt. there are all sorts of small flicks in there.
Jazzy Nixon (17 days ago)
I just discovered this page not too long ago and it has made me happy. I listened to just about all of the Queer as Fiction Podcasts. I’m just glad that I stumbled across this greatness. Can’t wait to help support all GirlShipTv projects and become part of the Patreon in 2019. Anyways... Release the list! LOL. I have 1 more week of vacation and I would love to binge watch some Queer movies.
weiwei2013 (17 days ago)
Omgg 43:05 I love you 😂
Theythem Moritz (17 days ago)
Giselle (17 days ago)
you guys should watch desert hearts and the miseducation of cameron post...
Noni Mulyana (17 days ago)
LMAO, she should wrote everything she want to said. It's a live stream for channel update but she end up with QnA 😂😂😂
brandelynmarie (17 days ago)
Aww, I'm so sorry I missed this! I really appreciate your transparency & explanations of what's happening with the channel. Loved Parallel & wish it could be an actual TV series. Representing Ohio here, btw!😊
lemon Q (17 days ago)
Luv u girl!
Betty Justus (17 days ago)
Love your show. Thanks for making me laugh
Revile Paragon 2 (17 days ago)
I missed it! F
SLAPAPOW (17 days ago)
I heard someone say lesbian horror film... could I suggest All Cheerleaders Die? It's essentially Jennifer's Body but more overtly queer. It's ridiculous and has queer actors!
GamingGen (17 days ago)
SLAPAPOW Gonna watch it right now!
Kurayami Dragoon (17 days ago)
that would be cool :D
blade4flame (17 days ago)
ACD is nard near Perfection!

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