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Text Comments (11406)
Vasil Ivanov (1 hour ago)
Wow In my recomended... love youtube
XxFire XFangxX (1 hour ago)
whoah,the ending was just,WOOOOOOOOOOW
SirNutty03 (1 hour ago)
Wtf did i just watch🤣🤣🤣🤣
Myriam Sánchez (1 hour ago)
Что я на данный момент поглядел?
佐々木小次郎 (1 hour ago)
Robert Dzikiewicz (1 hour ago)
0:35 omg what is dat black alien thing
SUPERNOVA (2 hours ago)
Chef: What would you like sir? Customer: umm... I'll have the special. Chef:
NAS-ONE (2 hours ago)
No jodas
Julius Memer (2 hours ago)
This new video of papa franku cooking is getting kinda weird.
J PLAYZ / Th0zK1llzTh0 (2 hours ago)
0:49 When you’ve had enough internet for the day.
kevin nizzo (2 hours ago)
That’s how abort looks like
ArJr Rodriguez (2 hours ago)
Jaden Nguyen-Le (3 hours ago)
Stop. Get some help.
NaShone M (3 hours ago)
You need a waning in videos that says ⚠️ you are entering a place deeper then the friendzone
unite perry (4 hours ago)
I don't know if youtube recomendations are getting better or weirder
RauL (4 hours ago)
伊藤誠 (4 hours ago)
VzF Frost (4 hours ago)
Well this isn't badly made At all?
Avery Scott (4 hours ago)
wait, what?
Giwrgos P. (4 hours ago)
*Why is this in my recommended videos, episode 293874738281.*
Kapsz ellx (5 hours ago)
Dreadl Playz (6 hours ago)
This is creepy😓
knothole dude (6 hours ago)
Wtf! Did I just watched??
Sammy Sam (6 hours ago)
Wtf I'm looking at
fghfhg1212121 (6 hours ago)
Youkai en Sylvano (6 hours ago)
Ok wtf
Allykat #96 (6 hours ago)
*this is the stuff of nightmares* ._.
ruthaR nagroM (7 hours ago)
0:54 When you nut but she keeps suckin
Crack Myfinger (7 hours ago)
What am I watching 😂😂😂😂😂😂
999332211 mikayil (7 hours ago)
Game Maniak (7 hours ago)
PandaMaster 163 (7 hours ago)
Psicopata 😂😂😂
Dragonfly Nightshade (7 hours ago)
I dont know whats worse, the fact that these videos exist or that I feel compelled to watch them til the end.. Its disturbing, yet i cant look away.
Ivan Stoqnov (8 hours ago)
This is sgasthink🤮
........ Wow.
くろゆり。 (8 hours ago)
TeaSnail (9 hours ago)
uhm excuse me no
SrPeido :3 (9 hours ago)
Q merda de vídeo é esse? Vídeo de psicopata
Nayf Assaedi (9 hours ago)
That is nasty
IthinkIatePant (9 hours ago)
Wtf Edit:WTF
МASTER (10 hours ago)
jay V (10 hours ago)
Wtf did i just see why is itnin my rec
AbdullahWooW (10 hours ago)
Gordon : Its bland !
AJ Walking dead (10 hours ago)
I wish I had a family Likes This.
Wispa The Huskie (11 hours ago)
Wha-, erm... WHAT THE SHIT?
Facu Fuentes y Arballo (11 hours ago)
Tf did I just see?
Mikołaj Hass (11 hours ago)
I am Mister X (11 hours ago)
Что за ДИЧЬ
MiniPro0106 (11 hours ago)
damomanTV MLG (12 hours ago)
Watafak is this
oh Yeah Yeah hatzikuhn (12 hours ago)
0:46 when you cum but she keeps sucking
LimuLimppu (12 hours ago)
Why i am watching this video
Demarion Dean (12 hours ago)
send to coryxkenshin for sss
꧁༺Angry༻꧂ (12 hours ago)
Fuji mura (13 hours ago)
TheWonderer Aabace (13 hours ago)
First of all why is this in my recommendation?
Blue Man 4 (13 hours ago)
Yusuke Ikezawa (13 hours ago)
インフルエンザにかかったとき に見る悪夢
Deividas Ripkus (13 hours ago)
Vinh Hoang (14 hours ago)
Lon me thang nao lam video nay
Kusogaki (14 hours ago)
Nightmare Fuel™
eles vlog (14 hours ago)
ARE you okay???
4 00 (15 hours ago)
ahmad alyateem (15 hours ago)
Wtf did i just saw
Miguel del Pino (15 hours ago)
普通に怖っ エグッ グロッ
Dokkan Battle 345 (16 hours ago)
The people Who disliked have no sense of art
Rem Zero (16 hours ago)
This is how tomato soup is made
REAL FIGHTER 27-0 (16 hours ago)
Wtf i did just watch !!?!?
ili DNA ili (16 hours ago)
ヨネすぐ。 (16 hours ago)
Dozo (16 hours ago)
Fever Dream
Ponura Chmura (17 hours ago)
便ごし (17 hours ago)
日本人🤟 なんかおもろいね
marceline Tv (17 hours ago)
No amigo q turbio
GD Jade (17 hours ago)
Dafuq is this?!
Remix TV (17 hours ago)
Gordon Ramsay's nightmare
dat russian (18 hours ago)
i will never eat soup again..
KCP Panos (18 hours ago)
Wtf is youtube recommending me
Alnitzs (18 hours ago)
Yoooooooo..... What the........... fuuuckkkkkkk ?
NeQu (18 hours ago)
слабанервным не глядеть
の息子野獣先輩 (18 hours ago)
クソ野郎 (19 hours ago)
Marijana Petric (19 hours ago)
Klosari glupi smrdljivi neodgojeni i ruzni co jeku date narancastu krv da jede mucite ljude strašno
あ ほ く さ
whocares (20 hours ago)
*on this episode of why is this in my recommended:* WHY THE FUCK IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED
Elijah Velarde (20 hours ago)
I’m getting some serious shrek is love shrek is life vibes here
Isabella Little (20 hours ago)
I am not ok with this
0903青猫のドラ (20 hours ago)
佐々木小次郎 (1 hour ago)
0903青猫のドラ いるよ、
HANK FLOWERS (21 hours ago)
W T F 😀
チワワのCOCO CHANNEL (21 hours ago)
l SpoonX l (23 hours ago)
Omg Gordan Ramsey Would not Like this

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