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Text Comments (20043)
Nightlight (28 minutes ago)
Hell yeah HAHAHA 😂😂😂
Vy Vy (36 minutes ago)
Grr :> so creepy :)
ぱぷぱぷ (51 minutes ago)
8bit-Jackie 05 (1 hour ago)
Still No Jams (1 hour ago)
*Ok I guess I won't eat anything today*
Eufie_ Animatez! (1 hour ago)
Giulio facoetti (2 hours ago)
This is fun Like a titan that run
慶ちゃん (2 hours ago)
LarryzPureLove (2 hours ago)
Park Jimin (2 hours ago)
Eu só tava assistindo BTS nem sei como fiz pra brotar nesse vídeo ;-; É sério.
crazygaming SS (2 hours ago)
You are crazy.......
매운날개구이 (3 hours ago)
Dusjsjs Hwhsjsjs (3 hours ago)
Lahyte _ (3 hours ago)
Okay. But, what the hell?
Doran소구민 (3 hours ago)
서월 · 3년 전 (3 hours ago)
0:55 *May god bless you*
Orange Duck (4 hours ago)
kakyoin donut (4 hours ago)
Matthew Khoo (4 hours ago)
w. t. f
Chris TheHybrid (4 hours ago)
Umm what the fuck
HTOON 'S (4 hours ago)
Yang nonton dari calon sarjana like
harmony elise (5 hours ago)
this is what I see in my sleep paralysis
Magnificent Panda (5 hours ago)
Oooo i am having soup for dinner and I don’t know why my stupid ass watched this.. My lawd🤦🏾‍♀️😂😂
Infnte Strip (5 hours ago)
This is so disturbing....
Azriel Kun (5 hours ago)
Gajelas kontol
Wayne Broke a glass (5 hours ago)
Hells kitchen lost episode
Nati XD (5 hours ago)
Que acabo de ver aaah
potatochips (5 hours ago)
Mas juna has left the chat
Homicidal Vy (5 hours ago)
Dark Elena Life (5 hours ago)
Gnam! Zuppa di piede
Martyka Turner (5 hours ago)
My brother agreed to is disgusting
Amanda Azzahra (5 hours ago)
A M (5 hours ago)
MELdita Ako (5 hours ago)
Im not gonna eat ever again this disgusts me
Dino Nugu Aegi (6 hours ago)
Suga Swag (6 hours ago)
Esto me perturba
NEZ RIULITE (6 hours ago)
0 0 (6 hours ago)
This channel's videos is like most of the religion in a nutshell (could cause brain damage, yet could be addictive with long time exposure)
Re.gatha Siahaya (6 hours ago)
Okay.. This is an animation right? *phew* This is horror af
0 0 (6 hours ago)
This channel's videos is like most of the religion in a nutshell (could cause brain damage, yet could be addictive with long time exposure)
TwloverXo (7 hours ago)
Thanks, YouTube for this lovely recommendation.
GERI LS (7 hours ago)
Ahhaha,that so funny 😂😂 And im hungry,i want to eat them
Samuca Prodígio (9 hours ago)
Christina (11 hours ago)
I hate this
Kai Forsko (12 hours ago)
And with that, I have officially lost my appetite.
Santiago Reyes (12 hours ago)
El que creó este video está mal de la cabeza o quizá tiene esquizofrenia
Bright Zoe (13 hours ago)
**why is this in my recommendations**
lisasbangs (13 hours ago)
38 millones de visitas wtf y por qué youtube me recomendó esto? JAJAJAJA
Chuy Villela (13 hours ago)
Que acabo de fer?
Nathan Medina (14 hours ago)
The wrong side of youtube again
BlackShooter13_YT (14 hours ago)
Wtf 😂😂😂
evaunit 015 (14 hours ago)
Is this hell?
veran (15 hours ago)
Eiji Okumura (15 hours ago)
I've seen this before and yet *i still rewatch it **_i hate myself don't i_*
Lawrence Lo (15 hours ago)
The weird side of youtube
اكو عرب شنو سالفه مافهمت 😹😹😹💔
TANTAN Twins ASMR (16 hours ago)
*Gordon Ramsay: i'm one of the best chefs* 🗽 *Cool 3D world: watch out your tongue* 👄👅
Mr Frederick (16 hours ago)
I think i wont go to a restauran again.
games best (16 hours ago)
Sso scary :(
J a s o n (16 hours ago)
0:00 - 0:11 gave me hella anxiety
Іван Пилипко (16 hours ago)
Okashiri 2744 (16 hours ago)
No Normal (16 hours ago)
Little Sapphire (17 hours ago)
·KiraMegumi· (17 hours ago)
Good bye good sleep
Ok (17 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommends?! 😦
my moon jan (17 hours ago)
Pubg Killstation (17 hours ago)
Ебать, хуйнее хуйни не лицезрел
Der Anal General (18 hours ago)
Ok... Im done
Akira Araujo (18 hours ago)
So bizzarrre!
Hey Felicia! (18 hours ago)
Oh my gurd, welp someone is not gonna sleep tonight
George Ph (18 hours ago)
Gabriel Sousa (19 hours ago)
Isso é perturbador
Алина (19 hours ago)
Лучше бы я это не смотрела...
Bebel Smithy (19 hours ago)
*Credo krai ;-;*
lena (19 hours ago)
what the hell
vegesna amrutha varshi (19 hours ago)
What has been seen can't be unseen 😥😥
badredJKL (19 hours ago)
Bruder muss los
MinXian Brown (19 hours ago)
I'm sorry...what did I just watch?
a s s t h e t i c (20 hours ago)
I'm.... Shooketh
DARIUS ROKSTAR R (20 hours ago)
Super extra creepy
Toy Chica (20 hours ago)
Lykn Atomexx (20 hours ago)
Azey NRG (20 hours ago)
Q porra e essa wtf
تلحسون ايري على هيك مقطع وقطع
viih graveh (20 hours ago)
Mundo de Sofia Corradini (21 hours ago)
huy hoang (21 hours ago)
犬山丈二 (22 hours ago)
TTV_ UNO (22 hours ago)
I'm out!!!!
mariusz adam (22 hours ago)
Ttt Xx (22 hours ago)
I thought Cyriak
TheGamingSith YT (22 hours ago)
This was creepy☹️😣😣😖😖😫😫😩😩
Sarah :3 Gacha (23 hours ago)
WT-- I Should Not Watch This😱
JustShapesAndKats (23 hours ago)
*Its not even Halloween yet*
Chiara Monesi (23 hours ago)
THIS MAN (23 hours ago)
When you are dreaming like this

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