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How to Make a Single Product Template for WooCommerce with Elementor Page Builder

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Elementor just released their long-awaited ability to style single woo product pages with Elementor itself! This is a much-needed ability and makes life so much easier when building e-commerce sites! Get Elementor Pro: https://wattz.co/elementorpro Get Astra: https://wattz.co/astra
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Text Comments (38)
Adopted by Bitcoin (22 hours ago)
Is there an option to skip the add to cart button and put a button that takes you straight to checkout?
RalfyRants (2 months ago)
I guess this is only when you buy Elementor pro? right?
WPBuilders (2 months ago)
That is correct.
Eric Davis (3 months ago)
Combine this with the Upsell Plung (https://www.upsellplugin.com) and you're all set for building your funnels and making more sales!
Felix Bertil (3 months ago)
At the moment Elementor Pro has a VERY POOR possibilityes for creation WooCommerce products archive page template. You've got the only option of archive products/products widget with grid view. And what is most funny is that those widgets doesn't support responsive design at all, check it up with different screen sizes.
WGM 247 (4 months ago)
Your end result looks pretty similar to the default template!
Antoniu Nicolae (5 months ago)
Have you noticed that when you edit a page with Elementor, if your theme has a sidebar left or right, the sidebar is present but when you make a template for single product there is no sidebar and you are forced to use their sidebar? Do you know a way to force Elementor to bring back the native theme sidebar?
barang babies (6 months ago)
WPBuilders, may i know what kind of "ZOOM TOOL" did you use at single product page Elementor? and how to put at product images. I try to search "magnifier" or "zoom tool" for product image in Elementor but still haven't found it.
Javed Akhter (7 months ago)
if someone help me.. I have the PRO version.. the publish button works fine when I am making my normal webpages.. But when I make a template for my woocommerce product.. The publish button won't show option like in this video to apply this template to my woocommerce products.. I am just able to save it as a template or draft.. please help.. I am using OceanWP them.
iRARE (3 months ago)
same issue for me.. it's really annoying :3 just a waste of time to edit.
Oussama BAATOUR (7 months ago)
i have the same issue .. i save it as draft after that i publish it from the dashbord .. but nothing changed when i open a product page .. the oceanwp theme template still there :(
sh1tmast3r (7 months ago)
is this a premium Elementor, I cant select single product?
Natalia Xoxo (20 days ago)
Seloha (1 month ago)
@Alvin Miles Yeah, I had it. just didn't know I needed woocommerce plugin aswell. but I got it a few hours ago. Thanks.
Alvin Miles (1 month ago)
Then you have to have WooCommercer install
Alvin Miles (1 month ago)
@Seloha You have to buy the PRO version of Elementor
Seloha (1 month ago)
@Alvin Miles It's not even there. Lol.
jean 1969 (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video.I use elementor pro. the last version. I can not find the single product template. I have ocean wp as a theme. Can you tell me how you do to have single product?
No Rocket Science Build (9 months ago)
Will it automatically adjust to mobile and smart devices?
No Rocket Science Build (9 months ago)
Can you add multiple images per product?
Stalin Chingis (3 months ago)
no you cant
Emily Haslimeier (10 months ago)
Very informative and clear - I am using the Elementor Single Product builder with Ocean WP. So far everything is displaying as I expected apart from the product images. Should I be using the WooCommerce recommended Product/Gallery image sizes or is this being overridden by the Ocean WP theme or the Elementor single product template? Thank you very much
KKardi (10 months ago)
Is there a way to take off the magnifiying glass/zoom feature? I have a book and don't really want ppl zooming in on it... Thanks
Андрей Марсин (10 months ago)
That's interesting. I'd like to know the answer for this question. Apparently, we'd go to code and change something there.
Nilanjan Sen (11 months ago)
It's all very fine that we can now customize our product pages with elementor, but there a few issues which I faced while building my site snapezzy.com. The product title doesn't show up on the single product page, at least not on the Ocean WP theme. I'm less than thrilled!
Emily Haslimeier (10 months ago)
I had a similar issue but with bullet points in the description not being displayed. It seems the Ocean WP theme CSS overrides some of formatting. I used this and it now looks as expected : .woocommerce ul { list-style: inherit!important; padding-left: 10px; }
Moin Moin (11 months ago)
The product title turned out to be under the page title widget. Problem solved :)
Moin Moin (11 months ago)
I have exactly the same! Did you or anybody else find a solution for this?
Lolirado Topper (11 months ago)
This will literally change the game. I will just add the flying cloud video background behind the buy now button to look epic. lol
FMSF Support (11 months ago)
Why dont I have the single product option ?
Christian Melo (11 months ago)
WPBuilders yes I have both local and my online store, did it in both
WPBuilders (11 months ago)
Did you install Woo? Update to 2.1 pro?
Christian Melo (11 months ago)
i did all those steps but not seeing single product yet :(
WPBuilders (11 months ago)
Enable beta under elementor tools/settings.
FMSF Support (11 months ago)
how can I get the beta :)
Beth W (11 months ago)
I wish editing WooCommerce was as easy with Pro theme! Another great video - thank you.

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