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Japanese sexy dolls - sexydollsonline.blogspot.com

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some of the advance human size Japanese sexy dolls nowadays
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Saif Al-temimi (5 years ago)
i seriously want to fuck one of them :)I think it's worth a try
Carol Prasetya (5 years ago)
Jonn093 (6 years ago)
i like the music. not bad
Lucas Maciel (6 years ago)
Have a kind of necrofilians version?????????
wcresponder (7 years ago)
annoying music.
klintzwoud (7 years ago)
name of the song?
AndyN (7 years ago)
@johnkx I'm not the doll, so I won't find out. Unless you're planning on releasing a video... ;)
AndyN (7 years ago)
@johnkx What would you do with one if you had one? Just curious.
Angry-Moth-Noises (8 years ago)
They are really pretty.
karumata1 (8 years ago)
but anyway no thanks..i appreciate though
karumata1 (8 years ago)
why it's always women as the subj. is there any sexy men dolls???? haha
AndyN (8 years ago)
@johnkx made for abject men, I think you mean.
charyinvic (8 years ago)
I looks too real!
SillyBums (9 years ago)
the advancement of real dolls and AI is potentially another way humans will become extinct, thats if we stop burning fossil fuels. nice video, the music sucked though, i would change it and repost

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