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Naked Soldier (2012) Full Movie in English | Sammo Hung |Jennifer Tse | Action - Crime - Drama | IOF

17922 ratings | 5646906 views
Storyline : A gorgeous lethal killer, brainwashed by the villain, makes a startling discovery in a mission to eliminate a person she can in no way imagine. Cast: Sammo Hung Jennifer Tse Andy On Crew: Directed by Marco Mak Produced by Wong Jing Written by Wong Jing Music by Wong Ying-wah Cinematography Cheung Man-po, Miu Kin-fai Edited by Lee Kar-wing, Marco Mak
Category: Кинозал
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Text Comments (908)
Marilou Serrano (14 hours ago)
Sammo Hung is really good. How I loved to watch his movies.
சூப்பர் படம்
ابو حسن (1 day ago)
فلم رووووعه
mr flash (1 day ago)
Really great movie! 👍👌
Nard Ajero (2 days ago)
We have version of her in philippines .. SHES JAKE CYRUS also known as charice.. Lol
Mokhtar Ansari (2 days ago)
xozen army (2 days ago)
I come frm fb.. post... about dz movie...
Jennelyn Espiritu (2 days ago)
Nice movie
Anu moirang (2 days ago)
Great movie. Loved it😍
Amoah Anastasia (2 days ago)
Very powerful and interesting movie thanks
Kuenzang Norbu (2 days ago)
Worth watching.i adore it
Steevenson Toutan (4 days ago)
Very nice movie
Mohammad Ibrahim (5 days ago)
Who is watching 2019 like.
Naomi Manyonge (6 days ago)
awesome movie
three Foood (6 days ago)
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Eddie de guzman (6 days ago)
nice movie
Nilesh Mistry (6 days ago)
Nice movie
Janet Sanchez (7 days ago)
Best action movie... sulit ng panonood d nasayang oras ko!
Mahmood Nasir (7 days ago)
K J Ameahia Chawang (7 days ago)
Great movie like it.. FUNNY TOO😂
dreamless boy (7 days ago)
nice movie
Marcia Platnumz (7 days ago)
shvt z worth watching
Abraham Albert (8 days ago)
Awesome 🌟
Christian Baluyut (8 days ago)
Hahahaha ukinam nag dakes
Sanskhie Palot (8 days ago)
😀😀😀 😀😀
7Steels (8 days ago)
Okay film...if you are in highschool
arul raj (8 days ago)
Good movie
Md Tanvir (9 days ago)
Hindi ma
Yaduvanshi video (9 days ago)
Superb movie
who dubbed this? sammo and various?
Poucharei Gonmei (9 days ago)
Wow great movie
Nibora Sabarita (10 days ago)
Nice movie i like it..😊
otulu mathew (10 days ago)
So interesting to watch. Well done
Rinchui Pan (10 days ago)
Are you fucking kidding me holy shit nice movie but out immediately after 5 sec
slime asmr (10 days ago)
wow emezing
Editha Ditchico (10 days ago)
Movie action
Inocent King (11 days ago)
Da bst movie ever watched
Sharyna Bautista (11 days ago)
Amazing movie..I like it
Starm-up Noelandstar (11 days ago)
My favorite movie 🎥 I love ❤️ it
Faustina Molobah (12 days ago)
The officer is cute
Myla Grace Yara (12 days ago)
cool one..
Amar Rai (13 days ago)
I lik this movie...!!
Cedric ALLOU (13 days ago)
nice movie a viewer from paris
shakil rahman (13 days ago)
Good movies
اكرم محمد (14 days ago)
pay walker (14 days ago)
ဏတညဆ لي Italy...
Marvin Marco (14 days ago)
what is the creepy clapping sound at 13:50? i am watching this at 3am and that sounds make me scared
Shanaya Adams (14 days ago)
Great movie
mae guntinas (14 days ago)
Sam Hung is one of my favorite asian action star.. i wont miss of every movie he had...
NDUGGA SHARIF (14 days ago)
greatest movies
Ralph Pacifico (15 days ago)
bosaso b (15 days ago)
If you like this movies please press like.. 😉 4 me i see fantastic movies
BEN Dynaus (15 days ago)
Best movie i watched in 2018. I love serious movies. Jackie's brother is no less than Jackie. Thumbs and fingers up for this.
lmy hgtm (16 days ago)
now chinese movie is the best
Mary Pacheco (16 days ago)
The audio is very poor quality, separate from the occasional clicking in the background, the closed caption has poor English translation, probably because the audio was unclear. Body language with the action scenes helped alot to get a basic understanding of the topic. Too bad that people take time to upload these types of videos but don't invest in geting the sound clearer.
vaikaisarnor (16 days ago)
three Rockets (17 days ago)
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Andrew Justiz (17 days ago)
super duper good movie.....🙌🙌🙌🙌 I really love it..... still watching 2018.....in Nigeria...
Rodrigo Ebana (17 days ago)
Anti Llo (17 days ago)
i really really like it.. thanks sa uploader
Boom Vasthic (17 days ago)
naked soldier the best,,best martial art moves,,drama and action + beautiful actresses😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Innocent Chaks (17 days ago)
Reyzel Hitalia (18 days ago)
the best one😃
Amir Rudin (7 days ago)
Mlm teh
Chie Morabe (18 days ago)
Nice movie Thanks👍 👀Riyadh-October 2018
Sherylin Geoffrey (18 days ago)
Smarter and enjoyable
YVON SORIANO (18 days ago)
I just find it interesting....i heard it from my friends until i saw it....
Ovidiu Dorinel Cernea (18 days ago)
ciudat audi q7 in ani 1980,cind el a aparut 2005 pe piata
Ivy Lacuna (18 days ago)
Nagkatawa kos mga comments sa mga bisaya😂😂nice movie😉😉
Maxine C (19 days ago)
I hate drug dealers. I hope they all die
Breeze (3 days ago)
Why do we call them drug dealers when they're just random people that sell drugs
Quinter Otieno (19 days ago)
Nice one, have enjoyed to the fullest, watching from Kenya 🇰🇪
Why so Serious (7 days ago)
Quinter Otieno love 🇰🇪 😘from Malaysia 🇲🇾
Jb (19 days ago)
All big names starred in this kungfu movie.The best👍🏻👍🏻
Jose Jr. Canillas (20 days ago)
Nice movie, I enjoy watching. I love it.
Ahasan Habib (20 days ago)
Hollywood and Bollywood and dollywood all is fail and Chinese is the best movie
ماجد الشمري (15 days ago)
oh why this comment
Sreeram S (20 days ago)
Good movie
Billy Samonte (20 days ago)
love it, nice movie thanks for the upload
Wamboh Penainah (21 days ago)
loved it 💯
Mm Mm (21 days ago)
New subscriber.. upload more. Nice movie... Tnx.. 0ct.2018
sm kaushal (21 days ago)
awesome movie
Deynse Jamed (22 days ago)
Great movie some of the actors were really funny but I enjoyed it
Joseph Ugwu (22 days ago)
Wow so nice
Rinpuii July (22 days ago)
Very nice movie 💖
Akan Reuben (22 days ago)
PAUL G SITHOLE (22 days ago)
Ruth Ndhlovu (22 days ago)
Wow ...... Nice movie, at first I thought its naked weapon
sean fletcher (23 days ago)
I really enjoyed Naked Soldier. Anything with Sammo in it is always worth a watch. It has really good action scenes throughout, some fun moments and is well put together: 8/10
Veronica Vasaquez (23 days ago)
Very nice move thanks for
christian jeremiah (23 days ago)
I love it
Michael Filmore (24 days ago)
Awesome movie👍👍👍
BALOGUN WASIU (24 days ago)
Emotional. Dope movie
Ziani Omar (24 days ago)
نحن لا تغيير الماضي ولا رسم المستقبل فلماذا نقتل انفسنا حسرة على شيء لا نستطيع تغيير ه الحياة قصيرة فلا داعي للحزن
Faye Igle (24 days ago)
Very good movie
marumo semoko (25 days ago)
Great movie i really love it😍 and i do want to see the continuation
DAVID P. (25 days ago)
I like the movie, but that occasional tapping shit drives me nuts. I hate it! W.T.F.???
Cislyn Williams (25 days ago)
Good movie watching from Jamaica love it this girl is bad she got some moves never underestimate a woman this girl is something else this movie is great and I loved it
timah evodia (25 days ago)
great movie. can watch this again again
Irene Taoy,A (26 days ago)
Verry nice movie naked soldier
Pankaj Majumdar (26 days ago)
Aneeqa Awan (26 days ago)
taufiq sneho (26 days ago)
Fighting is so good
taufiq sneho (26 days ago)
Not so good
Tita Baviera (27 days ago)
Doe anyone else hears that tapping noise
Fernando Deleon (15 days ago)
Yes, several times in fact.
King Sona (15 days ago)
Tita Baviera omg I thought I was to high or something 😂

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