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Julia Tutorial

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Get the Cheat Sheet : http://bit.ly/juliatut Best Julia Book : https://amzn.to/2EOapwy https://www.patreon.com/derekbanas Here is a 300 Page book on Julia in a 1 hour video. Julia is a fast, general purpose language that can easily integrate with libraries from numerous languages and has numerous libraries that are of interest especially to mathematically inclined people. 02:06 Variables 02:45 Data Types 04:47 Casting 06:04 Strings 09:20 Conditionals 12:29 Looping 15:31 Arrays 26:11 Tuples 27:50 Dictionaries 30:32 Sets 32:19 Functions 39:14 Anonymous Functions 42:20 Math 44:06 Enums 44:55 Symbols 45:55 Structs 47:21 Abstract Types 49:50 Exception Handling / User Input 51:40 File IO 53:36 Macros
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Text Comments (205)
Alex Klein (23 hours ago)
wololo internet
Arun Prasath (1 day ago)
Can u do IBM DB2 tutorial series
Boris Stanojevic (2 days ago)
Hey Derek, which of the following would you recommend as an utility language or just a good addition to my resume ? (Already familiar with Java, C#, Python, JS) Lua Lisp Julia
Derek Banas (2 days ago)
Based on that list Julia
Sheldon Gregward (2 days ago)
It's 2018, you have almost 1 million subs and you're still using Final Cut Pro default intro...
Derek Banas (2 days ago)
Actually I'm using iMovie :)
Andre Ricardo (3 days ago)
A long tutorial on macros would be nice
Derek Banas (3 days ago)
I'll see what I can do
edilsonrj (3 days ago)
Will we see a Flutter or React-Native Tutorial? :)
Derek Banas (3 days ago)
I'll see what I can do
Kamran Poladov (3 days ago)
Hi Derek! Great tutorials, I'm extremely grateful to you for them. Could you please make a comprehensive tutorial on ASP.NET?
Derek Banas (3 days ago)
Thank you :) ASP is on the list
Heyits raksa (4 days ago)
Very similar to python
Kai (5 days ago)
wasn't really interested in learning this language but wanted to check out the video anyways. as I was skimming through the video, I noticed that you're a mirai nikki fan huh :P
Derek Banas (4 days ago)
I love that show! I'm studying Japanese currently so I have been watching a TON of anime
EMPOWERING ARTS (5 days ago)
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Derek Banas (5 days ago)
I'm very happy that I could help :)
Exodus (6 days ago)
Hi Derek :) How are you doing? Missed your videos!!
Derek Banas (5 days ago)
Hi Exodus, I miss making them :( I ordered a new Mac, but Apple is terribly slow. They say I can't get it till the 20th! I would get a Windows machine if I wasn't so heavily invested in Apple.
ProgrammingFun (6 days ago)
Derek Banas, You have pretty much covered all programming languages. Could you cover JetBrains MPS too?
ProgrammingFun (6 days ago)
Ok Thanks. Hopefully, You cover it.
Derek Banas (6 days ago)
I'll see what I can do
Hi Derek,You are so talented ,how did you you manage to later all those programming languages?And how many do you know.Sorry for asking this Q
109 103 116 111 119 (6 days ago)
Sweet! Thanks 🙏
Derek Banas (6 days ago)
I'm happy you liked it :)
Tomas Skyler (6 days ago)
@Derek Banas  thanks for all of your helpful effort ... Can you please make some video tutorial in advance how make a website from scratch as full stack. I read all of your previous tutorial but i can't join the knowledge and make a e-commerce website with review section together... i think a new tutorial could help a lot to how link database web services and html css bootstrap together and make a web site with storing data in database (as Review of selling item for example) ... if you can use mongodb as database to store no sql data would be great... lack of example to how link your previous tutorial to create website from scratch to the publishing and release mode is very sensible
liga adde (7 days ago)
Hi derek i m comback
Derek Banas (7 days ago)
Hi, Welcome back :)
Iqbal Kisas (8 days ago)
C# ?
Derek Banas (7 days ago)
I have both a learn in one and a longer one
Vivek Singh (8 days ago)
Tutorial on how to make a website like Facebook.
Derek Banas (8 days ago)
Aside from the vast amount of security it is rather easy. If you learn PHP, JavaScript and MySQL you are ready to go
ProgrammingFun (10 days ago)
Derek Banas Any plans to create Unity3D tutorials?
ProgrammingFun (9 days ago)
They are Unity 2D projects. I saw your Hangman, Zelda tutorials.
Derek Banas (9 days ago)
I already did a 30 part series
Max Ulfves (11 days ago)
A kotlin tutorial would be neat!
Joseph kuria (10 days ago)
Its done already if am not wrong
Prashant Bhandari (11 days ago)
Ocaml Please.
Dhyanaj Alva (12 days ago)
Sir.. Basically I'm developing an Operating System.. so for that i need your help... SO how can i contact u?
Derek Banas (12 days ago)
Check this out https://arjunsreedharan.org/post/82710718100/kernels-101-lets-write-a-kernel
Maxis (13 days ago)
I'm learning Julia and it has slower speed and different scope rules outside of functions, therefore I use: function main() # move everything outside a function into here end main()
Rikrish Shrestha (13 days ago)
Mr. Derek, I watched your 'how to learn everything- anki tutorial' . That was great but I wanted to if U do any acitivities to learn something without use of computer, like just using pencil and paper and practicing. How to learn new thing without long use of electronice devices ? I am asking this because 'learning from youtube or anki' all are times to be sitting front of ur computer. IF we could just learn few important things from internet then later just revise it on paper or mind. It could save us time and increase frequency. If you do such things. How do u do it ? I am pretty sure its far better than mine.
Derek Banas (12 days ago)
Yes I think presenting information in numerous ways is best. Read, write, use traditional flash cards and then Anki after you feel 50% of the time you know the answer.
Abdallah Tarek (13 days ago)
Please Make video about editing video in one video but Make zoom in your video becaus my laptoo scrren small and graphic card is not goid
Derek Banas (13 days ago)
I show how I make videos here https://youtu.be/7Szqx2oLO9g
Ajay Shetty (15 days ago)
First of all people are not getting jobs on current programming languages and this one new language and now every IT company bark Julia Julia
Sandy (15 days ago)
how do i stick to mastering one language ? I seem to hop from one language to another after I get a hang of the basics !~!
Sandy (14 days ago)
+Derek Banas thanks I will follow that through
Derek Banas (14 days ago)
Create big projects, get good at object oriented design
GobblowGalaxyGamer (15 days ago)
When are going to upload machine learning tutorials in Python?
Derek Banas (14 days ago)
Sorry, but I don’t know
Nick M (15 days ago)
Can you go over Vue.JS soon please?
Nick M (14 days ago)
+Derek Banas Oh ok lol thanks.
Derek Banas (14 days ago)
It is on the list
Alex Lefterie (16 days ago)
Can you make a tutorial about how do you edit your videos?
Derek Banas (15 days ago)
I made it https://youtu.be/7Szqx2oLO9g
The Dumbfounds (16 days ago)
Still waiting for a "Learn every programming language in one video" video :) You rock, Derek!
Derek Banas (16 days ago)
Thank you :) That’s funny
Lightning theBeast (16 days ago)
Just where exactly do you have these polls to see which Language to do ¿ Do you have a discord server ¿
Lightning theBeast (16 days ago)
Maybe in a future video you can cover some Java Libraries, specifically JavaFX and LWJGL Looking forward to that MatLab tutorial though , my sister had to do Matlab in her University so I thought that I would learn it in advance :D
Derek Banas (16 days ago)
I’ll upload MatLab as soon as a I get my computer fixed
Shreyas Patil (17 days ago)
When you are doing purescript video
Derek Banas (16 days ago)
I added it to the list
Shreyas Patil (17 days ago)
When you are doing purescript video
The Nudiustertian (17 days ago)
Thanks for the video. Any Perl 6 (https://perl6.org/) Tutorial coming up?
The Nudiustertian (14 days ago)
+Derek Banas That's awesome! Have fun!!! And thanks again for your videos.
Derek Banas (17 days ago)
Thank you :) As soon as my computer is fixed I’ll upload MatLab and then probably Perl 6
Anonymous (17 days ago)
Hey Derek, could you make video tutorial about ATmega microcontrollers and programming things?
Drogon (18 days ago)
Your tutorials are great! <3 Did you think about making something with unreal engine?
Derek Banas (17 days ago)
Thank you :) I would if I got more requests
Lokson (18 days ago)
I am curious... Is there anything you don't know? :D
ProgrammingFun (10 days ago)
Derek Banas LMAO
Derek Banas (18 days ago)
Japanese is kicking my butt currently, but I’m continuing to learn it :)
Reventon134 (18 days ago)
I wasted so much time trying to figure out why Julia throws errors at me at the very first example code... Turns out I had to delete the 'using abc' lines at the beginning... Maybe it's the difference in versions, our professor wanted us to use 0.6.4. Still, very frustrating, but now I can finally follow the tutorial, I'm 10 minutes in so far and it's great!
Reventon134 (18 days ago)
+Derek Banas using printf and using statistics, tried many things with the package manager to get those coz Julia would constantly tell me that either a package is not installed or not recognised. Then I randomly commented those lines out and now it's fine. You probably downloaded the most recent version, so maybe there are some differences between them.
Derek Banas (18 days ago)
Thank you :) I’m not sure where the using abc came from?
Muhammed Ali (19 days ago)
i really love things you do!
Derek Banas (18 days ago)
Thank you very much :) When my computer gets fixed I’ll upload the MatLab tutorial
M Gr (19 days ago)
Hi Derek, thank you. Your one-videos are great. Can you make one for ELM? There is no a proper tut for it. Btw how about frameworks like amber, the Crystal web framework? Thank you again.
Derek Banas (18 days ago)
Yes I plan on covering Elm and Amber Thank you :)
nzn666 (19 days ago)
hey derek, I really love your tutorials! Could you please make a Kotlin tutorial? I've learned Java and Android by watching your videos. Would LOVE to learn kotlin from you as well.
nzn666 (19 days ago)
oh god I can't believe I missed that.. Thank you!!
Derek Banas (19 days ago)
Thank you :) I have a Kotlin tutorial in my Learn in One playlist
_Vexation (20 days ago)
Derek I've got to design a compiler in JavaCC this semester. Any chance on a video tutorial?
Derek Banas (20 days ago)
We’ll see
aziul kibria (21 days ago)
Hello. Unrelated comment but I thought it'd be best to put it here. I'm having trouble using CSS on android. It seems my device's HTML viewer doesn't read and compile the CSS even if it's accurate. Should I use a special app for reading CSS? Help me out please.
ProgrammingFun (21 days ago)
Can you make Microsoft Small Basic? Videos
Derek Banas (21 days ago)
I’ll see what I can do
ProgrammingFun (21 days ago)
Can you make Visual C++ videos please?
Derek Banas (21 days ago)
I have a huge C++ tutorial on my channel
Exodus (22 days ago)
Hey Derek :) How are you? Were you able to recover files from your old iMac? I seriously hope you haven't lost any data. Take care:)
Derek Banas (21 days ago)
That is still not resolved. I think there is a chance that my Mac died because of a bad power cord!!! I have never heard of a power cord going bad, but I’ll find out tonight. I’m hoping I don’;t have to buy a new computer
Vivek Singh (22 days ago)
Video request- Make a app like WhatsApp Multi part tutorial. App development PRO level
Serghei Topal (22 days ago)
Hi Derek, good work. Could you make tutorials on RxJava2 and reactive programming in Android development? That would be so cool.
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you :) A React tutorial is coming soon
ibnol waqt (22 days ago)
thank you Sir, i had voted Julia. appreciate it ;)
ibnol waqt (22 days ago)
+Derek Banas looking forward!!
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I’m glad you liked it :) I’ll make the videos in order based on votes. MatLab is coming next
Abeltensor (22 days ago)
Very nice as always. I particularly liked that you threw in a small explanation about the use case for Julia before jumping into the main video. As a side note, not the biggest fan of the Julia syntax, its like ruby mixed with python and c++. Tired using Julia a few times for machine learning problems and always end up back with python or go I wonder how powerful the macro system is compared to rust or lisp. More languages need a meta programming system.
Bilal Bassam (22 days ago)
Hello Dog!!
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Youcamp (22 days ago)
Great video! Thanks! I'd love to see you do a video on making desktop apps written with a GUI in Julia. For me at least, writing the application is pretty easy, but writing with a GUI lib is a pain. I grew up using xterm, so maybe I'm just stubborn and have a mental block. lol
Youcamp (21 days ago)
+Derek Banas Okay, I guess I need to qualify that. I meant in my professional life. But if we're going all the way back, my first computer was a KIM. And then like you a TRS-80. But my favorite back then was a Southwest TP 6809 kit running Flex or Uniflex OSs. Ah the good ol days...
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you :) That’s funny :) I grew up using a TRS-80
Stanislav Vladev (22 days ago)
yeeeeeeeeeeeey he did it!
Stanislav Vladev (8 days ago)
+Derek Banas Yep I do. When is the next full tutorial coming?
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I hope you like it😁
TheEars99 (22 days ago)
Do you think you could do a fortran tutorial? 🙂 I already know a little fortran, but I’d love to learn more 😛
TheEars99 (22 days ago)
Derek Banas good to know 🙂 Fortran isn’t exactly a “popular” language, considering its EXTREMELY niche, but I think it’s still useful 🙂
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
It’s on the list and I’m making tutorials in the order of what is most requested
TyPlaysOnline (22 days ago)
silvernode (2 days ago)
Me too although that book in the description may not work for the latest version of Julia since in 0.7 there were breaking changes for the preparation of 1.0.0
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I’m happy you liked it :)
Niles Black (22 days ago)
What exactly is Julia *for*? Rather; what niche does it fill (that wasn't already full)? This question is for anyone, not just Derek.
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
It is great for data analysis, modeling, simulations, etc. Thank you :) Sorry it took so long to answer. My computer is now officially dead :( I’m answering comments on mobile
Niles Black (22 days ago)
+Derek Banas Thanks for the quick answer! (And also generally for making all these excellent videos). Would you say it's useful for writing and deploying applications, or is it more of an application in itself, which can be used for rapid computation?
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Julia is for someone looking for a fast language, that makes it easy to use libraries from other languages, looks a lot like Python and has a few features specific to MatLab.
FREE AIRDROP (22 days ago)
hello dog not hello world LOL nice Tutorial
Niles Black (22 days ago)
At 9:13, why would string comparison consider "Takao" greater than "Hiyama"? What metric is being measured, obviously not length or order alphabetically...?
109 103 116 111 119 (5 days ago)
Something about lexicographical order. Fire up the Julia repl and plug these commands in: > “T” > “H” > ‘T’ > ‘H’ > Int(‘T’) > Int(‘H’) > “T” > “Hiyama” #all the above will return true Int(‘T’) #equals 84 Int(‘H’) #equals 72 Maybe somebody smarter can explain why the total length of the strings doesn’t seem to affect the outcome but 84 > 72
ObinAtor 1 (22 days ago)
How many languages do you know?
ObinAtor 1 (21 days ago)
+abracadabra poff Ofc, if you learn one sustainable the others'll be easy too, but I always have to lookup the references when I'm programming in other languages.
abracadabra poff (22 days ago)
it's like asking how many different cars do you know to drive. If you know how to drive bmw then you can easily learn to drive other cars, only difference is speed, buttons position, comfort...
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
If you learn a few it is very easy to learn new ones
FIXProtocol (22 days ago)
FIXProtocol (22 days ago)
+Derek Banas PRECISELY my dear Watson! :) GREAT work as usual! Always inspired by your work. Trying to get my tutorials as good as yours one day but getting 20 views where I once got 500k, kinda kills the motivation. lol. One day, one day! Keep it up!
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
You are the first to say first :)
Reventon134 (22 days ago)
+Derek Banas Right on time! I gasped seeing the notification, because this semester I'm having Scientific Calculations and we'll have to use Julia, Octave and I think also MatLab. Couldn't be more perfect :D
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
That’s awesome! I’ll cover MatLab as soon as I get a new computer which hopefully will be soon
//valcron1000 (22 days ago)
I guess someone watched Mirai Nikki recently?
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I'm part way through and I love it 😁
Ary de Oliveira (22 days ago)
nice work
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you :) I did my best
ledzeppeman (22 days ago)
I love these videos. Thanks for continuing to create these.
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you :) Many more are coming
RAJOUL TubaLilGuraba (22 days ago)
I love Julia <3 ( my ex wife)
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
That’s funny :)
Kevin Vandy (22 days ago)
So it's kind of like Matlab and C, but way better?
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Pretty much
Linkin Pаrk (22 days ago)
And in the far east, in the country of Northen Macedonia, there is a guy that is still studying Pascal :DD
asdfqwerty2000 (22 days ago)
Can you explain lambda calculus?
asdfqwerty2000 (21 days ago)
@DarkSpirit That's what I'd like to know. It comes up sometimes in functional programming discussions, but I can't tell if I need it.
DarkSpirit (21 days ago)
Is there a good usage for it? Or is it mostly theorethical?
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I can make a tutorial on anything with enough requests
Selcuk Caglar (22 days ago)
I think we should consider Rust programing new version. There is a trade-off between safety and easiness. Rust safety gives me performance boost at parallel executions. There is no memory interferance. But julia has trackdown all the varible for thread safety. Julia deosn't throw an any error or warning for memory interferance issue.
Solitude SF (22 days ago)
if you're covering hipster languages now, could you cover Nim later?
SixGorillion (2 days ago)
+Derek Banas I second the vote for Nim! Coincidentally, I have been comparing Nim, Julia, and Crystal as potential candidates for a project. I see you must be on a similar train of thought because you just did videos on Crystal and Julia!
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Nim is on the short list
Julia Yvr (22 days ago)
Yay. I've been meaning to
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I hope you find it useful :)
Masoud Rousta (22 days ago)
Now Julia in one video. This channel is wonderful and you're awesome Derek. Thanks for the tutorial
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you very much :) MatLab is next
Ali Hussein (22 days ago)
Knowledge++ Thank you :)
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I’m happy to be of help :)
Stefan Randa (22 days ago)
Hey Derek, great vid, really glad you covered Crystal too! Would you consider making a video on Haxe?
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you :) Yes added to the list
Chimsaongayxua96 (22 days ago)
Please do ReactJS :( Thanks for the video too of course.
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you :) It is one the learn in one list
BLOOMS (22 days ago)
thank you derek bananas after this tutorial I learned everything about the Julia language and I joined the dev team full time working on lifetime concurrency, atomics, and memory models. This taught me everything I needed to know. From if statements, to julia's jit garbage collector's sweep analysis. much appreciated! By the way, we are adding a Derek keyword in version 1.1. stay tuned
abracadabra poff (22 days ago)
+Gollum Ei haha also he said bananas :D
Gollum Ei (22 days ago)
Did you reply to the right comment? xD
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Sorry you didn’t like it. I covered as much as I could in a 1 hour video and I think I reached my goal which was to cover the core syntax of the language
Mohammad Hamza (22 days ago)
Thanks to the Great Derek
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you :) I’m very happy that you enjoy the videos
Derek Banas (8 days ago)
Learn MatLab in One video is coming next. My computer died. Apple says it will be over 2 weeks till I get a new one :( Sorry for the wait.
Patricia Holmes (1 day ago)
Could you do a video on COBOL?
ivanhoe1024 (8 days ago)
Thank you for your videos! I would really love to watch something about Latex, if possible!
Ishmum Khan (14 days ago)
Hi Derek, can you do one for os development?
Raja Raman (16 days ago)
Flutter mobile app dev please, not enough resource in internets
The Mechanic (21 days ago)
Will you do a Xamarin forms and/or Angular 6 series at some point?
Dewang Saxena (22 days ago)
Oh my...
VISHNU TEJ S (22 days ago)
Julia . Great.
VISHNU TEJ S (22 days ago)
+Derek Banas also on data science
VISHNU TEJ S (22 days ago)
+Derek Banas could you do a video on career guidance and job market please.
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
It definitely is full of many great tools :)
Exodus (22 days ago)
Thank you very much Derek :) Please do a voting in the community section. I would love to see programming a compiler video(lexing, parsing etc..) please like if you agree!
Eben Morgan (13 days ago)
+1 vote for programming a compiler!
DarkSpirit (21 days ago)
i didnt watched the arduinu tutorial mainly because i have now project idearight now... But the idea with the a self written compiler is very nice. After a bit of research i found this compiler framework LLVM or Bison maybe that could be a good startpoint.
Stanislav Vladev (22 days ago)
oh yes this would be great. Some people want to write a compiler.
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
I won’t quit YT. The fact is that if I continue to explore new tutorial ideas that some will fail. I’m ok with that. The only issue was that I wanted to make really awesome projects, but because they were expensive I had to stop mainly for money reasons.
Exodus (22 days ago)
+Derek Banas I am truly sorry your Arduino series isn't getting enough views. I watched it it was super clear, I don't know why people stopped following it after the first few videos :( But please don't quit YouTube because of it :( I understand it can cause frustration, so learn in ones are always the way to go :)
JC Q (22 days ago)
Thanks derek!1!
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Thank you for checking out my videos :)
Student Gary Smith (22 days ago)
Derek Banas (22 days ago)
Well Hello :)

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