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Analyze Dump File

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In this video, you will learn how to analyze a memory dump file (.DMP) and determine whether to send the memory dump to Microsoft. To install the debugging tools as part of the Windows Software Development Kit for Windows 8.1, visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/desktop/bg162891.
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mohannad zidane (4 days ago)
do you have to run the WinDbg on the host which has the issue? or is it okay to copy the dump file to any another pc and run the WinDbg?
M!kon (2 months ago)
what about this 102918-9952-01
Manas Jena (4 months ago)
Nice video , Mate .
Satish Rao (5 months ago)
The cursor was on the prompt and could not read the commands.
Thabo Mokgopha (7 months ago)
Good day and thank you for this Video. Should I install the Debugger on the affected machine? or will a different machine be able to read dmb files for another machine?
nish 0290 (4 months ago)
works on the other machine as well just that have to copy the dmb file
Beven Spangenberg (1 year ago)
in all your cleverness you forget to show where to find the dump file, us dumb people need all the steps, not just the ones you think are relevant ... thanks away
Adam Kejji (6 months ago)
you are tcpdumb !
Manusia Biasa (1 year ago)
Mr Sister Fister (1 year ago)
apparently dumb ppl dont know how to google either eh? :D
Ishwar Tambat (1 year ago)
Well explained ! Thanks !
Very useful. Thank you for preparing and sharing this video.
Chad Leslie (1 year ago)
I deleted it I saved me $250 :)
MrJeffbbc (2 years ago)
link to debugger is for W8.1, will it work for W10 or is that a different download?
MrJeffbbc (2 years ago)
BSOD WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR BUGCHECK 124, new computer out the box. Exchanged and the replacement has the same thing.
ZenoDiac (3 years ago)
Gabe is that you?
Arwin Vincent (8 months ago)
i think this is the boogie rofl
Wilson Mar (3 years ago)
[3:45] To open .dmp (dump) file: File | Open Crash Dump, or hold down Ctrl and press D. [4:07] Type .symfix to setup symbols from Microsoft's servers. [4:58] Type .bugcheck to display codes [5:11] Type .hh for help screen. Search for bug for a list of bug check code explained. BTW, this tool is now within Archives at https://dev.windows.com/en-us/downloads/sdk-archive For Windows 10, see https://dev.windows.com/en-us/downloads which says this tool is embedded within Visual Studio.
Harish Joshi (2 years ago)
Wilson Mar you forgot !analyze -v, quite important i think

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