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Amouage Interlude Man Diary

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Princess Myra (27 days ago)
Im ladies love to wear interlude men.. beside i do love epic ladies opusII interlude ladies and both honour 😉 love from malaysia💕
Fernando Garcia (2 months ago)
Dam your eyeballs almost popped out 😂 great review. Have to get my nose on this one. Great review as always.
Unmagical Mike (2 months ago)
Amouage Interlude is a masterpiece. Absolutely stunning smoky/sweet perfume. I could literally only wear this one and Patchouli 24 by Le Labo and be set for life. Both 11/10's in my book!
Brace Raid (3 months ago)
Eugene you’re fuckin awesome man haha you gotta re-watch this review starting at 3:16 I know this is a very old video it’s awesome though you’re the man
Mark Hart (4 months ago)
Try journey man would love your take on it I love it but would value someone else’s opinion as I find it very strong
Gym Rat 5 (5 months ago)
AWESOME VIDEO. Dude I have favorited this video. THE GREATEST FRAGRANCE REVIEW VIDEO OF ALL TIME. I am Bidding on this fragrance on Ebay now. Excellent Job. So Glad I Found You.
Aleksandar Pesic (7 months ago)
One of the best reviews of Interlude man. Fantastic video that is very evocative of a personal journey we take with a high end fragrance. I wonder if you could revisit and make another diary when possible because i watched this on several different years
kkchome (7 months ago)
I'm very fond of interlude man. My wife likes it to. With this one I usually do one spray to the chest and then hit both wrists and I'm good to go.
Islam Fouad (1 year ago)
Is there a difference between the magnetic and non magnetic interlude man?
Islam Fouad (1 year ago)
The ingredients changed became less so how is the smell and performance
Ajay Chauhan (1 year ago)
I think that first smile always gives it away. The honest first smile when you put your nose on
Dr. JAC (1 year ago)
I had the EXACT same reaction when I sprayed a sample of Interlude Man! I took one more day before I brought a bottle, I Love This Juice! My winter signature scent, I just love smelling it, every time I spray it on.Eugene great video.
U Smells Good (1 year ago)
Amazing fragrance, wife adores it to which is kind of surprising, glad you shared your comment.
Aaman Chowdhury (2 years ago)
First, I'm blind buying a sample. ($26/10ml, $150/100ml). Then I'll decide. Thank you for this review. It was really helpful.
M.M Tshelo (1 year ago)
Aaman Chowdhury where did you buy the full bottle 100ml at 150$
Aaman Chowdhury (2 years ago)
H V (2 years ago)
Mexico City here. Walked into Saks Fifth Avenue, turned around and saw Amouage fragrance stand, was sooooo stoked to see it here, first one I tried sampling on me...Interlude! Result: I asked the SA to take it off in the first 10 seconds! I ABSOLUTELY hated it.......tried EPIC MAN, more my style. Bought Jubilation XXV and Epic...never looked back. Thanks for the vid.....hope you grow to enjoy Interlude.
Fragrance Tattoo (2 years ago)
By the white sticker at the bottom I think that is the second reformulation. Made in UK and less ingredients than the previous two versions.
Ben Smith (2 years ago)
Now I have to buy some.
MrLexical (3 years ago)
you over-sprayed it dude, it's an EDP, a strong one at that
Billy Lydon (1 year ago)
It's been reformulated....He did just fine!!!!
Hotelos Laro (3 years ago)
Your beard and moustache fell off after wearing Interlude ha ha ha ha
GLD Edmond (3 years ago)
This video cracks me up, I saw it a few days ago, and some things keep coming to mind, and I find myself laughing out loud:) What really got to me was how angry the scent made you... and you know, your body felt like it was on fire.. LOL! Getting knocked down, and getting up, not letting it get the best of you, I can't stop laughing, thanks , what a strange hobby:)
GLD Edmond (3 years ago)
+U Smells Good I really like your channel, keep it up:)
U Smells Good (3 years ago)
+Gary LOL! Totally forgot about that but yes i wore it the other day and i don't find myself getting so angry as much but its still a serious scent and one i reach for when i need to get shizz done. Thanks for watching Gary.
Robert U. (3 years ago)
i was so curious about this that i had today the honor of smelling that ! I sprayed it at 10 o clock in the morning on my hand and now its 19 and it smells still strong ! its a kind a weird but awesome scent - i love it already !!
Scentmonk (3 years ago)
that body on fire smell you describe is the cells in your body being destroyed, it's that powerful.
jposco (3 years ago)
"This is for a high priest in the holiest of places" Haha!! That Blue Beast!
Kingtut777 (3 years ago)
I have never seen any video like this in my life. This has to be the ultimate, honest, on the money, detailed, artistic review i have ever seen. As soon as I finished watching it, I ordered it. You are an amazing person, and truly, with all my appreciation for going out your way to describe this perfume. You are a gifted, master, perfume reviewer!!! If you read my other comments for different channels, i am very harsh when I smell a lie. I do not like bulshit, and maybe that is the reason I am so incredibly impressed with your conduct. Grrrreat job, my friend!!
Kingtut777 (3 years ago)
+U Smells Good I love it, my friend. You were right. It is not for everybody, but obviously your taste and mine are very similar!!
U Smells Good (3 years ago)
+Kingtut777 wow, now that is a compliment! Let us know how you feel about Interlude Man and thanks always for watching.
scorptarget (3 years ago)
Love the video! Just blind bought this! Can't wait to get it! Hope all is great!
Aaman Chowdhury (2 years ago)
scorptarget How do you like it?
blancindividuel (3 years ago)
Wow, four sprays! I only wear two (one to the chest and one to the back of the neck), and there are times when one spray is plenty. In fact, I find the best way to wear it is to hold the bottle as far away from me as possible and spray once toward by chest, to get a mist, and that's all I need.
gigaman2012 (3 years ago)
Great video man! need your opinion on this: Interlude man or TF Tobacco oud? thanks a lot
Billy Lydon (1 year ago)
Interlude Man blows away Tobacco Vanille fagot juice!!! lol
maya613 (4 years ago)
"I did feel superior to my superiors". My favorite line. :)I liked this better than Interlude Woman. Must get a sample so I can try it out!
Alex Martinez (4 years ago)
STOP SPRAYING ON YOUR CHEST!!!!! Seriously though you should apply to the sides and back of the neck. The shoulders away from the face is a good place too. No place where the fumes will rise dirrectly to your nose and get cloying. Oud Ispahan nearly killed me when i test sprayed it on my arm lol. 2 sprays to the side/back of the neck and its perfect. 
Bob Bob (4 years ago)
Great video. What kind of projection and longevity do you get from the bottle? Is it the same beast mode that you got with the sample?
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
Hey Bob, yes the Interlude bottle i got with the magnetic cap is the reformulated one and not as strong as my sample but i am perfectly fine with that as this is still one of the strongest frags in my collection and much more wearable, i just need to use more sprays. With 6 sprays it last 10 hours plus and it still overwhelms. Thanks for watching :)
Red Guthrie (4 years ago)
Great video buddy. I am glad that you conquered and liked it's beastly complexity. Indeed it is a very unique scent and very weird in a very very good way. I agree with you that there are times, this gorgeous got some vibe of vanilla and/or caramel. You wouldn't believe me but I sometimes catch a whiff of cocoa over base. Cocoa is one of my fave note in a perfume. So Interlude Man, to my nose is perfect in our very cold weather, whether outdoor and indoor. But it is not a work scent, imho. I wore it last night (5 sprays, an hour before leaving house) at my friends Christmas party. Unexpectedly got some good compliments from both genders as wearing Interlude Man is more of a self pleasure. I received a rattling loose cap (ebay seller claimed it is not a reformed, I think it is), I guess he was slightly dishonest and took the magnetic cap from this reformed juice. But that is okay as I own a decant (purchased 3 yrs ago) from the non-magnetic cap bottle and I sensed no difference over all. Keep it up with more videos buddy. Off topic, last year, I was choosing to blind buy from a split between Leather Oud and Oud Ispahan. I ordered the former and what a huge regret. All my friends here in Canada said Leather Oud (outdoor wearing it last year and at home, recently) is consistently piss/poop (top to base) and advised me never to wear it outside home. They even smelled straight from my decant bottle and sadly, same feedback. Then with fragrantica and youtube reviews recently, there are very high regards with Oud Ispahan. Lesson learned. Happy New Year to you and your beautiful big family. Cheers from AB.
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
Hi Erik, yes Interlude is quite the complex and self full filling beast. Im glad that you  also get the burnt caramel vibe as its good to know that I'm not alone on that. It wasn't until after i put this Interlude Diary together that i realized i had got a reformulated bottle but I'm totally ok with that as this is much more wearable, thus enjoyable juice than the nuclear stuff i received in the sample. Im currently trying to obtain a vintage bottle just to put together a video for Interlude reformulations but am not having much luck.  As far as Leather Oud goes i recently got a bottle (please see my Oud Ispahan unboxing video) and am really enjoying it. i would suggest to go light on the application, maybe 2-3 sprays under your shirt nothing above your collar bone. It will be potent enough for you to smell but will be subdued to people around you.  Merry Christmas to the Cotorno family and best wishes on your fragrance journey :)
MyMickers (4 years ago)
Wow, what a diary! I've never seen a vid like this before. Super cool! Congrats on the purchase!
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
Truly humbled that MyMickers was here, thanks for your support! :)
manny44 (4 years ago)
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....that reaction was hilarious. That is the feeling us frag heads,live for isn't it? I just had a similar eureka!!#@ moment today with 'Land of Warriors'.
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
Yes, for me there's no feeling like smelling a fragrance for the first time and Interlude was golden! I'm pretty sure I wore it 5 days straight which never happens lol. Thanks for watching :D
Delicious Delights (4 years ago)
Hi!  I'm a new subbie :D  Have you tried Interlude Woman?  It is soooo wonderful and a masterpiece in its own right.  Perhaps something to try if you enjoyed this fragrance.
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
I have not the pleasure of trying Interlude women yet, and although I do own Lyric Man I keep hearing Lyric Women is just that much better. Would love to try both. Thanks for watching, great channel btw :)
Alan Wright (4 years ago)
Hi, although i have no plans to wear interlude man it was a fantastic watch of your diary, i loved your honesty and your take on it, it seemed almost spiritual. 
Alan Wright (4 years ago)
+U Smells Good sorry my mistake it is Barari by Misk Al Nukhbah, some info on basenotes, im in the process of relocating back to the UK so cant get to my frags until next month but will let you know my thoughts
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
+Alan Wright I looked up Barari and there not much information on it, i would love to hear your thoughts on it so please let us know. Merry Christmas Alan 
Alan Wright (4 years ago)
+U Smells Good Hi Eugene,I have a decant of an Arabian fragrance, Barari by Amber Oud coming and its supposed to be similar to Interlude man, will be interested if i can appreciate it, have a great Christmas 
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
Hi Alan, I must tell you i have never been so captivated by a scent like this one before. I am thankful to get my nose on it and can't seem to let go. You should give it a try.
Cleo Cam (4 years ago)
Sampled, loved, bought all in one vid, awesome!  Glad you found something that lights you up.
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
 I'm still hypnotized and wearing it everyday since. :) Thanks for stopping by
saeidhakimi (4 years ago)
I bought it when it just came out based on amazing reviews, I couldn't wait to get ride of it.lol Sold it don't want to try it again never! I am glad you found something you love:-) Why you didn't show up in our gathering on Sunday? I was so looking forward to chat with you about couple of fragrances!!!
U Smells Good (4 years ago)
Lol, I can't believe you don't like it?? To me it is one of the most amazing perfume experiences, but all our journeys are on a different path… About the gathering I'm so sorry i missed it but i had no idea where it even was, i would have loved to meet everybody. Thats not to say we can not meet and greet :) Thanks again Saeid for stopping by.

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