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Most Popular Violin Covers of Popular Songs 2018 Best Instrumental Violin Covers 2018

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Most Popular Violin Covers of Popular Songs 2018 Play Plist Thanks for whatching See more popular violin here: http://zipansion.com/2QtXk ; Website: http://radiologyhn.com Plsrc Subscribe chanel
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Text Comments (431)
Winter folfy (22 hours ago)
despasito 2
Mariana The Fox (1 day ago)
I'm about to play the violin.
Doesnt Matter (4 days ago)
Hi. If anyone is interested, I create piano-styled music for my channel and I do plan on expanding my content. I do apologize if this comment is a bit inconvenient, thank you.
christopher thapelo (5 days ago)
Oh my God.... 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🙏🏿
mitsaki kirishima (6 days ago)
It keeps me concetrated i like it
vijay sarathi (8 days ago)
Mass bro keep it up and do sone more Because music is end lessssssss
SquircleQuir (8 days ago)
Im gonna buy a violin using my own student money. Will definitely be worth playing for the talent show.
junedi Naibaho (9 days ago)
I like this music Is very nice....
Joseph Purvis (9 days ago)
mirrors sounds really good at 1.25 speed
SilverSurfer (9 days ago)
Guitar play ruined it all ; (
Wakanda Forever (11 days ago)
Tbh this helps me with me doing my homework😂
Anzarie Mahabir (4 days ago)
fr i'm doing mines rn
CyKo Hiez (5 days ago)
Tbh same
Renato Torres (13 days ago)
Independiente del tema el violín es una delicia.
Orionhax (15 days ago)
at 00:18 its the same beat as greatest showman. when they sing, "and its here right next to you, this is where you wanna be"
Dor H (15 days ago)
Why so many songs repeat themselves twice??
Bismar Aranda (16 days ago)
Q lindo
HerobritePrime Venus (16 days ago)
Passando para passar só para avisar que o arco e o violino está na mão errada
21 savage (17 days ago)
I love this
Raahina MERCHANT (17 days ago)
Really helps you concentrate P.S. studying while listening to this.
Jumpylilypad (19 days ago)
I might do this all the time when im working
Wii Potter (20 days ago)
Jamir Babanagar (22 days ago)
So Beautiful
daisies channel (23 days ago)
Rentse Moepe (24 days ago)
well made *****
Despacito ? Really ? ....
jacksepticeye423 (28 days ago)
jacksepticeye423 (28 days ago)
this shit i lit as fuck lmao
Lenilyn Escabosa (28 days ago)
Nice selection of songs
Jasonhighspy (28 days ago)
I love it
Xxx TinaxxX (29 days ago)
Despacito and rockabye 😍
Pantip PS (1 month ago)
enjoy listening to  all songs, Thanks.
Julia Hug (1 month ago)
Ummm did anybody notice that in the pic she is holding the violin on the wrong shoulder...
7 Different Worlds (1 month ago)
Addie D (1 month ago)
Sheet music?
Aljon Montero (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this classical music very useful and so beautiful to listened it😇✨
Addax (1 month ago)
Alexa this is so sad, start video
Chris Smith (1 month ago)
Holy krap, this is how Despacito should have been from the start.
leele may (1 month ago)
1:15:10 what song is this? please
Keh keh (1 month ago)
Niklaus Mikaelson (1 month ago)
can we download this whole coverset?
Remya Thatiot (1 month ago)
Bernadette Dela Cruz (1 month ago)
thank you. this helps me continue my research!
Soni Tyagi (1 month ago)
Love this
Alena's Chippy life (1 month ago)
Despacito is a bit high sounding for my taste, other than that, it's pretty good. I feel like my ears are bleeding though.
Leo Bass (1 month ago)
iishraddhadeepakii (1 month ago)
I listen to it every day and I love it: 3
Shahla Abdurahman (1 month ago)
Subema La radio is jz ozm
semiramy alers (1 month ago)
It's so beautifull. Is fine for your self and soul.
Dipanjan Mitra (1 month ago)
what was that @ 2:28
Nana 28 (1 month ago)
i love it 😍😍😍😍
Nana 28 (1 month ago)
i love it 😍😍😍😍
Marcos Ortiz (1 month ago)
hi im Jannelice and i play the volin and im in 6 th grade and im going to keep playing
Arianator Getthefoff (1 month ago)
I am admired
HH Ash (1 month ago)
I sang all the song I love it thank ❤️❤️❤️
Giovanna Parra (1 month ago)
excelente tocando el violín relajándome desde Colombia
Selma Palmquist (1 month ago)
Ah yes my favourite song, RockabyeSean
Greg M (1 month ago)
That What About US cover is pretty good.
Reymarck Esaguirre (1 month ago)
Who covered that despacito?
tamerata (1 month ago)
Pratiksha Bhure (1 month ago)
It's lovely. I just love it
Larry C (1 month ago)
Justin Le (1 month ago)
Did I just die?
N B (1 month ago)
Thanks for the absolute soulless oriental rendition of Meheecan music.
Johncarlo M (1 month ago)
Sơn Trần Tuấn (2 months ago)
The last song is an old Vietnamese song!! How do you know it?
Kreslyn Ruckman (2 months ago)
The violinist is left handed
Lord Lord (2 months ago)
This is so sad, Alex play......
abcd efgh (2 months ago)
Omg!! I love Despacito , wonderful., fantabulous!!
N3WBIE (2 months ago)
Which instrument should I learn? Violin or Cello?
1103 Musik Berlin (2 months ago)
i see a great video
Gabriela Morilla (2 months ago)
despacito :3 mee encanta}
Ayanda Queen'Yaya Kotoyi (2 months ago)
Absolutely love love this !
Gwendolyn Rainbolt (2 months ago)
it would sound better without the music in the back ground and just the violin
ainsley corbetto (2 months ago)
Wowwww this is so amazing🎻😍 luv this
Desiree Salcido (2 months ago)
muy buenas canciones y mas si estan en el violin
leslie palma (2 months ago)
esta canciones esta muy bonitas
Josip Ćurić (2 months ago)
I just realized that modern music, whipe nice to listen, still could be better with a bit of classical instruments.
iExabyte (2 months ago)
0:00 This is sad. Alexa, play Despacito.
Maya Younis (2 months ago)
My step-grandmother loves it!!
Barbie Elegant (2 months ago)
axel nikko alda (2 months ago)
Please also support my friend who is just starting her youtube page https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCHr1wAfc81O2-Dpih1h4Aqw Thanks
Juan Hernandez (2 months ago)
I'm crying 😥 it reminds me my mom is dead
Octobream Retractis (2 months ago)
d e s p a c i t o
Yusuf Aksoy (2 months ago)
I don't like.
Neko nightcore (2 months ago)
Why is she holding the violin wrong
Fabiana Andrade (2 months ago)
Lindo amei... top
楓葉雪逸 (2 months ago)
1:15:09 want this song??
Ssnyd3k (2 months ago)
This video just reminds me of middle school English class when we’re all writing essays lol. Anyone else?!?
CloudPotato (2 months ago)
Kalessi2017 Reyner78 (2 months ago)
1:10:25 como se llama esa musica?!
Talking Masterroblox4z (2 months ago)
this violin and her song is beautiful!
Lizzy_PlayzRoblox (3 months ago)
Rockabye was my favorite.!
laura suarez (3 months ago)
unicorns rainbows (2 months ago)
laura suarez yeah I love this music
zakaria bakkali (3 months ago)
Coooooooooool merci pour cette video
NOA YARON (3 months ago)
Despacito BAD
ชอบฟังค่ะนึกถึงตอนเด็กๆเลยที่เล่น violine😍😍😍
# 3 Gamer Girls (3 months ago)
My teacher always puts this song on idk why
Robi Rodrigues (3 months ago)
Kdbvhac wwahis ttgkp 😀 okerytas
csaba kerekes (3 months ago)
Thank you
Shaine Notori (3 months ago)
Great ! Need the notes please 😊

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