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THREAT movie [Riot Sequence - straight edge hardliners One Less Drunk)

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This is the riot sequence from the indie film Threat, filmed in downtown NYC (mostly the Lower East Side back in the 90s) though some of the locations are actually in Brooklyn (the rooftops mostly, tough to shoot Manhattan rooftops... although I have some great stories about getting busted on Manhattan rooftops). This is most of the climax to the film, which tells the story of two friends (Jim a white homeless straightedge hardcore kid and Fred a militant black radical) whose boys have a conflict (due to one bad apple on each side: a wanna-be gangster and a wanna-be straightedge hardliner, both with something to prove) that quickly escalates out of control. (If you're wondering about the crazy black-haired girl, that's Mekky: she's 16 and HIV+ so has a bit of a Wolverine complex) The film was shot super low budget on film stock left over from local TV shoots and 16mm cameras borrowed from a film co-op after hours. Threat is currently available on Cable VOD at AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS, Rogers, etc. You can get the DVD (with soundtracks featuring Minor Threat vs Holocaust, Gorilla Biscuits vs Defrag, Youth of Today vs Edgey, Glassjaw vs Enduser, Killswitch Engage vs Edgey, Bleeding Through vs Hecate, Most Precious Blood vs Atari Teenage Riot, and many more) at Amazon or at Halo-8's website where you can also download the full movie.
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Mikki Yeong (4 years ago)
way to make white people look  racist like fuck and the black people  victims ;)   crappy movie they are no victims
Justin X Kershaw (5 years ago)
So much jumping! Lol. Can't tell who is with who!
Antonio Balderas (7 years ago)
i cant tell wh o is who but any way edge for life xD xXx

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