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Hollywood Undead - Pigskin [Lyrics]

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Artist : Hollywood Undead Song : Pigskin Album : Notes From The Underground Label : A&M/Octone Support the band by buying their music. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/hollywood-undead/id285976572 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/DannyTEU ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Join my Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/TheExtremeUndead ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Why don't you subscribe my channel? It's only few seconds, but it means a lot. Click to subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/user/theextremeundead?sub_confirmation=1 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ This is made on non-profital basis and should stay that way. It is uploaded for entertainment purposes only. All rights reserved. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (3456)
SpeedHomeAttack (3 days ago)
Damn this made my dick hard asf
Amari Manuel (12 days ago)
Play dis song at my funeral, brah
KEI 257 (15 days ago)
I love Danny's voice.
lexlex 17 (15 days ago)
A song that describes boys minds these days.
Chy John (19 days ago)
SoraxChu (21 days ago)
lauren leblanc (23 days ago)
This band is honestly the best I loved them for years and I dance like an idiot when I listen to their songs.☺️
Billy Dean (23 days ago)
GlitterVomit (25 days ago)
Rock The House 2
Eater of Souls (29 days ago)
666 dislike
Da queen of da queen (1 month ago)
666 dislikes
János Kollár (27 days ago)
Da queen of da queen XDDDDD
Da queen of da queen (27 days ago)
János Kollár (27 days ago)
Da queen of da queen Been to hell
Drakon Master2018 (1 month ago)
BRING BACK DEUCE #bringdeuceback
Andrew Baker (5 days ago)
Deuce needs to eat a deuce
Okay Then (1 month ago)
Deuce will not come back
Anna Bunch (1 month ago)
I love the way Danny says naughty but really I just love his voice in this song period.
Trinity the bvb alien (1 month ago)
There are 666 thumbs down on this song
Leann’s YT for lots (1 month ago)
Funny man 😍MAH GOD
Lavender Cake (1 month ago)
God damm 666 dislikes Satan has arrived dammmmm
DINO AHMAD (1 month ago)
Who else is listening to Hollywood Undead before school?
Nika Hills (1 month ago)
Literally when my mom heard my one cd of Hollywood undead, her reaction was great. Shes like "do they swear in every song". Me:"ya pretty much"
Eda KAYA (1 month ago)
DINO AHMAD (1 month ago)
My boyfriend is it gonna be playing this song at my wedding
+Okay Then sure!
Okay Then (1 month ago)
invite me please
KawaiiCupcake (1 month ago)
50% of comments: Thots being Thots 40% of comments: HUT 1 HUT 2 HUT 3 GO 5% of comments: Weenie, porn, etc 4% of comments: Kids being to innocent for this world 0.75% of comments: Lyrics Shading 0.25% of comments: This thing
Nia Sohma (1 month ago)
I'm loving danny's voice.
Patricia McConville (1 month ago)
I was sitting in a chair in basemen when my cat changed it to this song. Yeah she likes HU!
KawaiiCupcake (1 month ago)
if u can keep a straight face when charlie says “weenie” then dafuq
KawaiiCupcake (1 month ago)
wait where is the kidz bop version?
mini game kings (1 month ago)
Still my favorite song by them honestly another level sorta disappointed me
Ummmm.... Funny.... Man.... Sounds....... H-h-h-hot
Okay Then (1 month ago)
Mmmyes, sexy latino man
Alissa Meeks (1 month ago)
I turned this on and started singing it in front of my mom and she was like "I got one for you, he gonna get his fingers cut off from touching your body."😂😂😂
Jeremy Barton (1 month ago)
Danny sucks bro deuce could of shereded it
Remington Leith (1 month ago)
Who else likes Danny's and Charlie's parts?
Cotton Candy (1 month ago)
omg i want to rap this at robox but i think everything will be tag's XD lel
Ash Gachiverse (1 month ago)
Why is this creepy pasta related? Its just a bop yo
lover boye (1 month ago)
i stole me friends phone and i played this on the bus for 3 hours i’m crying
wonder_wolf (1 month ago)
Ok, I just found Hollywood undead and I was curious what Danny looked like bc of this and oml does he look too innocent for this...
Cain (1 month ago)
Danny gives a leather kink I never knew I had. Lmao he can touch whatever he wants.
Okay Then (1 month ago)
Ayyeee haha
Helena Wiercinski (2 months ago)
Can I say my boyfriend? Just alil
jeon. (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Peppers (2 months ago)
2018 anyone??? -Lizz❤😋
Midnight Gamer (2 months ago)
Deuce is automatically a better singer. Maybe cause I grew up listening to him
FallenAngel 1 (2 months ago)
This this sounds like a camp camp song holy s***
Okay Then (1 month ago)
FallenAngel 1 (2 months ago)
I am addicted to the song
Shady Flaggard (2 months ago)
lmfoa sierra rae wood
jamis jamsin (2 months ago)
They should play this on half time of the superbowl
Rat Poison (2 months ago)
Charlie Scene sounds so young!
NICHOLAS BONE (2 months ago)
Get naughty
Ashton Carlson (2 months ago)
I like Da Kurlzz and Danny Also Charlie Scene
CAITLYN CARDENAS (2 months ago)
Hollywood undead writes the most random song
Synyster Gates (2 months ago)
0:00 For all you people who broke the replay button; here's a free one. 😊 Now, I’m not one for necrophilia. To be exact, I hate it. But, sadly the replay button was asking for it..
Molly Westemeyer (3 months ago)
Are those bagpipes?
Emma Randall (3 months ago)
Ostyn Murray (3 months ago)
Danny's voice is hot asf... 😍😍
Okay Then (1 month ago)
Of course it is
76 soldier (3 months ago)
Dx awwww they are so hottttt
8 Bit (3 months ago)
This is the first Hollywood Undead song that I heard... It was a Ben Drowned (Creepypasta) video.... If it weren't for creepypasta, I wouldn't be here... ❤❤
Person Person (3 months ago)
Charlie/Danny are my favorite
Okay Then (1 month ago)
I like funny and charlie.
Brianna Betzel (3 months ago)
I want Danny back. I'm not a fan 9f deuce no matter how much he sounds like Danny. No one can beat Danny
Demon Neko Girl (3 months ago)
I love this song but it makes me think of my ex's and someone I have a crush on
Zatchy BOI (3 months ago)
Danny has to be my favorite >:0 he is so cool bro I'm 13 sorta strange funny man a d Danny are to chill and deuce left the band for some reason ever since 2012 I think
I still can't believe that a creepyapdta tribute brought me here. This song, for me, is a masterpiece.
Madelyn Brakeville (3 months ago)
this makes me pee myself
creepy girl (3 months ago)
I love this band so so much who else wants Danny and Charlie to fuck you
My sex theam
Nudies GT (3 months ago)
Omggh, I remember when they were all together, I havent listened to HU in about 5 years or so! STILL LOVE THEM! I remember when Deuce split from HU and made his own band/group and i dont really know what happened since then.
Cead Ewer (4 months ago)
It kinda sounds like their on helium
VeeTi soinio (4 months ago)
what are these "micey 40's" ???
Laureen clemmer (4 months ago)
If you nasty, talking about how you'd let them touch your body, you need to Hut 1 Hut 2 Hut 3 GO away hun
Brandon Sharp (4 months ago)
Pokemon trainer red remix anyone
cyba killa (4 months ago)
I don't like Danny he has good lyrics but he is too girlish for a male rock band
Awesome Dawn (4 months ago)
2018?.. Also I really like the song
Sam Burton (4 months ago)
You sitll have a fuck up problems i told you fack months fuckr i not a Female like little girls female die every day in beside i am working the ms13
Well, you aren't a little girl because little girls pick up a dictionary 🤔
Unloaded Alloy97 (4 months ago)
🤤🤤🤤I love this song❤️
Timber Chibi (4 months ago)
Sierra Homen (4 months ago)
Okay Then (1 month ago)
I'm not sure how to respond.
Hayli (4 months ago)
When I hear this I imagine Danny singing it while wearing a skirt for some reason This needs to happen
Hayli (4 months ago)
_Kiori_ _Dreemurr_ At least give me credit for my idea please
Hayli (4 months ago)
_Kiori_ _Dreemurr_ Can't wait
*Kiori Alfredo* (4 months ago)
Once I make the video I'll put the link for it here ;w;
Hayli (4 months ago)
_Kiori_ _Dreemurr_ I need to see it
*Kiori Alfredo* (4 months ago)
I'm definitely going to draw this and put it in a video XD
Tylar Mears (4 months ago)
Hi I love ur song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erka Shrk (4 months ago)
Thirsty teens everywhere
i am no face (4 months ago)
Uh, I'mma guy. Can I still be touched??
Yeah just say no homo
Gingerbread Man (4 months ago)
fuck yeah!
Leean Thomason (4 months ago)
Damn. This song is fucking BOMB! I could play it over and over and still be in love. Fuckkkkkkk
gabby abel (4 months ago)
this is perfect to "chill" while watching Netflix
Coco Sweets Does Gacha (5 months ago)
Is it just me, or are they really old sad men? Tbh!!
Toby Rogers (5 months ago)
G Go Go o Go on Go on g Go on gi Go on gir Go on girl Go on girl l Go on girl le Go on girl let Go on girl let m Go on girl let me Go on girl let me t Go on girl let me to Go on girl let me tou Go on girl let me touc Go on girl let me touch Go on girl let me touch t Go on girl let me touch th Go on girl let me touch tha Go on girl let me touch that Go on girl let me touch that b Go on girl let me touch that bo Go on girl let me touch that bod Go on girl let me touch that body.
baby grape (5 months ago)
dannys voice turns me on a little
Pat Ree (5 months ago)
Aarron Black (5 months ago)
damn commies
Shaelyn Westbrook (5 months ago)
The only reason I wear a skirt
infinte hedgehog (5 months ago)
danny's fucking amazing
Adrian Anthos (5 months ago)
Danny's solid 20 seconds of shade from 1:42 until 2:01 was beautiful
Viktor Nicula (5 months ago)
"And all you fuckin haters go beat your meat"Badass quote from HU#10
kiki16664 42b (5 months ago)
My shades on at night I'm feeling sleazy runs into door
Zøram xx (5 months ago)
All this time I thought funny man was called funny mom 😂😂
Well he's funny dad now
No Audiozz (5 months ago)
Danny S T O P B E I N G H O T
Alexa Bessee (5 months ago)
They sound so freaking adorable and young Also, one of their shorter songs
Ahmed Abualqasim (5 months ago)
Sed here!
Undead Toy Soldier (6 months ago)
This is the Shit right here.
2018? This song is [email protected]#$g *AMAZING!!!!* 💘💛🔥🔥
_Red Skeleton_ (6 months ago)
I love this fucking song so much. I don't even think guys are attractive and this gives me an eargasm.
1950s. Greaser (6 months ago)
I found this song from reading a sweet pea fan fiction, don't ask. 🤣🤣
1950s. Greaser (6 months ago)
Idk why but this song reminds me of sweet pea.
Introverted Fox (6 months ago)
I like how Danny tells the haters to go beat their meat as if he was suggesting it at 1:59

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