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how to import oracle database or dmp file

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This video will tell you how to import a user from oracle data to you oracle data base
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Text Comments (33)
hi, what is buffer size?
Fayaz Ahmad (9 months ago)
hi buffer size is default donot do make any changes in buffer size
Michael P. (1 year ago)
I am 1 second in and about to turn this off because there is shitty MUSIC instead of SPEAKING. Man, no wonder more people DISLIKE this than like it.
dasaradh jayi (1 year ago)
hi, we have an issue with our .DMP file, Our windows server 2008 crashed with RAID5, we try to recovered the backup data. .DMP with size of 291MB however, when we try to import it giving "invalid data" Import unsucessfull. kindly help us if data is corrupted.
Chhany Soem (1 year ago)
Thanks so much Sir I'm clear your explanation.
pratyush mayank (2 years ago)
Please post video with sound not with music.
Thanks. It is awesome.
uzwaul haque (2 years ago)
I want to Import database with Arabic Encoding ... Is it possible this way dear Kumar ?
Vikash Kumar (2 years ago)
0038 kindly post any soln
Mohini VedPathak (2 years ago)
hi thx it working nice
siddhartha rao (2 years ago)
I like The songs which are playing in the background.....Anyways Nice video..
anjali rajput (2 years ago)
after password it asks for " import data only <yes/no> no: " i want to import whole database from a .dmp file , whatever i answer it runs in a loop with several errors .. if i write "n" then when i try to access db again "it shows invalid credentials " and with " y " it have several other errors ..need help !
shyam kalaskar (2 years ago)
when i type a 'imp' i got an error "Unknown command 'imp'-rest of lines ignored"
Subbu Smiles (3 years ago)
jaffa how many time can i type yes rey
Tony Teixeira (3 years ago)
Good post, thanks!
Shubhankar Nath (3 years ago)
Hi, I am trying to export a full database (used exp) from oracle 10g (win svr03) to oracle 11g express (win svr12R2). created data pump directory, granted all privilege...still the dump file is not importing...
Minos Huang (3 years ago)
Shubham Garg (3 years ago)
why use the background music.
completelynew009 (3 years ago)
Hi Brijesh, How to import an excel file into oracle database, so that I can use it in Oracle 11g application express? Thanks
hassiba abdouli (3 years ago)
Hello, how can i find this database, when i open oracle i find nothing.
Katikitala Prudhvi (4 years ago)
how to give username and password
Nuku Darko (4 years ago)
Thanks man, it worked perfectly. :)
Rahul Kadam (4 years ago)
I dont have dmp file only DBF files of Oracle data base on other computer..i want to copy them to My current Oracle 10g express database.. how to do this
brijesh kumar (4 years ago)
ORA-00402: database changes by release string cannot be used by release string Cause: Changes have been made to the database that require a newer software release or that violate the compatibility parameters. Action: Use a version of the software that can understand the changes or relax the compatibility requirements in the init file.
brijesh kumar (4 years ago)
left the buffer size to system default
Mallikharjuna chevuru (4 years ago)
how to we left it
Iva Hyka (4 years ago)
imp-00402: invalid parameter "IGNORE" with data-only mode ,it appears after the first yes i have done,, can u  please tell me what it means and how can i resolve it...
Casey McGinty (4 years ago)
killer soundtrack
Yask Shelat (4 years ago)
What is the buffer size?
Buffer size is default you don't have to worry about
Faizal Kamaruddin (3 years ago)
+Yask Shelat please read
brijesh kumar (4 years ago)
Any problem related to Oracle and Mysql database just send me a post i will give the solution ok

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