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WELCOME BACK RIM LIONS, SO TODAY WE ARE DOING ANTOHER TIRE TOPIC VIDEO OF A QUESTION WE GET ASKED ALL THE TIME! CHEAP TIRES VS BRAND NAME TIRES!! HAVE A LOOK! & SEE! COMMENT, LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE CHECK OUT OUR OTHER VIDEOS!! FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA!! LINKS BELOW!! FOLLOW HILLYARDS RIM LIONS: WEBPAGE: http://www.hillyardwheels.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/hillyardsrimlions INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/hillyardsrimlions/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/hillyardrimlion SNAPCHAT: rimlions577 VINE: https://vine.co/Hillyards.Rim.Lions FOLLOW: AMAR SIHRA INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/AMARSIHRA/ FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/amarsihramusic/ TWITTER- https://twitter.com/amarsihrareal YOUTUBE-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjyukcDgr21S4GqAc9qFMvA
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Mike Woo (3 hours ago)
As a former employee of Ching Dow, I find this video offensive. It seems like you are ignorant and racist. I now work for King Dow FYI.
Mark Bush (1 day ago)
Sailens are junk
glenn okeeffe (6 days ago)
wow where do i get the 7 minutes back from? bouncy filming, horrible mouth noises, pointless chatter and no real info, awesome...
Google User (7 days ago)
I tell people the same i tell them when they are looking at cheap guns. ....... How much is your life worth?
noorizerx (9 days ago)
gary miller (10 days ago)
Give us some treadwear numbers. Let's see something 750 or higher, then we will decide.
Lucixir (11 days ago)
"Just stating the unbiased facts" You are so full of shit, nothing you said was scientific nor facts, all personal opinions and assumptions. You didnt clearly state any factual reasons of why to buy which tire over the other, just spewed stupidity. I dont sell tires but I can tell people more facts about them than you. Brand name vs no name: There's much more to it than 'some fat ass American to sit on his ass and paying for premium perks of owning a big business" How about research and development, safety standards, warranty behind product, technical standards behind every product produced just to name a few. Much of which your cheap tire companies don't care about nor provide. Cheap/no name tires are usually companies that produce the cheapest product from a copied pattern with no warranty or very little and the quality is bare minimum. Brand name companies stand behind their products and use that to build their reputation to sale quality products that people come to expect and trust - none of which cheap companies care about nor provide. Brand name companies make it easy to contact them if you have an issue or quality issue happens and will work with you to resolve the situation - maybe you did get that 1 out of 10000 that failed or didnt uphold to some normal use, they will replace their product. Good luck contacting that Chinese company or some Hung Dung Low to hear about your issue let alone replace their subpar product. Do you feel comfortable placing 4 cheap no brand tires on your childs vehicle and sending them on their way or do you get some peace and mind sending them out on a brand you know and trust from personal use. Or if you are brand new to any of this, you ask around to people you know and trust and 7 out of 10 talk about X brand company, you going to start using them and build your own trust relationship up with them or buy the cheapest you can and hope it all works out? There's much more behind that premium you are paying for tires that cost more than the cheapest out there, even if both have similar specifications, there are always reasons why cheaper tires are cheap compared to more expensive tires. I know when it comes to spending my hard earned money that I take into account much more than only price, I also look for value. Always remember: You get what you pay for. I'd be embarrassed to have this video up, especially if you sell tires or own a business selling tires.
Andrew Hansen (12 days ago)
Sorry A. You get what you pay for and trouble is what you get with the Communist Chinese made faux tires. Do some research on RV forums and see what is said about Chinese made garbage tires. All those folks can't be wrong with their negative comments and bad experiences with cheap Chinese tires. I'll never own them. Your life and the lives of others depend on dependable, well made tires.
clive jones (12 days ago)
what a waste of time nothing learned
Bill Thompson (15 days ago)
all tires in Canada must be safety certified I get that, but what about speed rating and wear longevity of these brands.  do a real compairison  app
GpD79 (18 days ago)
Is he saying that a $100.00 tire is a budget tire? I'm sorry, but I have seen MUCH cheaper!
Minoxidil Express (18 days ago)
Right of the bat i can tell you the premium tires are not all about increased priced but right of the bat i can confirm the infinity almost killed me the car was slipping with a tiny bit of rain but after putting michelin never had any sort of road slipping and that's right of the bat.
David Woodrow (19 days ago)
Brand name tires all day everyday, except Pirelli. Pirelli is a garbage tire. Dorals, Summitomos, Westlake are all good cheaper tires made by bigger companies. I personally prefer to run nothing but the best tires. Toyos, Goodyear’s, Bridgestone etc.
Chris Campbell (12 days ago)
Pirelli is fine. I put a lot of them on and never have any complaints. Goodyear is an expensive tire for what you get.
Philip Sarkunam (22 days ago)
He is talking RUBBISH....
Armando Rodriguez Jr (1 month ago)
This video is useless. Sure it passes DOT regulation but for $40, one will perform much better. And when it comes down to it, would you risk your life or your families lives over $40? Tests have proven time and time again that the technology in tire compounds and manufacturing processes could change stopping distance by more that 40ft going from cheap Chinese tires to brand name products. They also hold better times in the slalom tests proving to be better for situations where an emergency menouver is necessary. I could go on and on with tread wear and what not but obviously hes just looking for views with no intention of providing factual information. Who is this "Mr Hankook"? Point in case... there is nobody by the name Hankook. That was a rebranding in the late 60's.
captiantim1 (1 month ago)
Hankook tire made in Tennessee's new 80 million dollar plant , great tire ,
Rafy G (1 month ago)
Answer the phone,. Lol
James Orr (1 month ago)
I will not buy General or Firestone anymore!! I had a General completely disintegrate on the rear of my auto and If I had been on a narrow road I would have wrecked the car!! All the tires were installed at the same time and had lots of miles and time left on them Dealer said it was a defective Tire>>No Shit !! And Firestone?? Remember the Ford Explorer???? People were Killed with them.
Tenor HowlerMonkey (1 month ago)
If all those tires are made overseas who gives a sh*t?
Auto Solutions (1 month ago)
Great explanation
Vikas Yadav (1 month ago)
I am buying linglong tires for my SUV
Vikas Yadav (1 month ago)
Valuable information shared.
Jon Minnella (1 month ago)
I found its all what you are looking for I have used cheap china tires thy work fine and I have use top brand tire if you are looking for more of a snow tire I found dont cheap out buy the best summer tire china tire works fine
One Soul (1 month ago)
I didn't learn anything... 😳 So what is the difference ?
Sipping or zipping the little slits of cost
J Wil (1 month ago)
I get it, you hate wealthy people and successful businesses.
Nowel Aquir (1 month ago)
It seems that most consumers focus on the tire only: There're other factors such as brakes, suspension, the car itself: I have given up on the brand name thing, large companies charge premium prices solely on the fact that they're a known brand. I have been burned by the brand names enough times and not enough by the Chinese brands. remember back in the day when Americans bashed companies like Toyota, Hyundai well those same people praise their products nowadays.
A cheap set of tires can ruin a luxury cars ride or a sports cars performance or an economy cars gas miledge. The worst is bouncy tires that are out of round. Cheap tires for performance cars will warp in weather chages and take a longer time to heat up and round out when you leave in morning. Good tires keep their quality and grip throughout their entire life.
Comrade Yuri (1 month ago)
My gosh man, quit the quick camera panning back and forth plz ! Firestone is hardly a top shelf tire!
TheGuruStud (2 months ago)
Double the money on summer tires.
Sonic Mike Stephens (2 months ago)
I got 4 Providers at Discount Tire for my 2003 Ford Sport Trac.   40,000 mile warranty, great design and Quiet! About $60.00 a piece.  I will never go back to any other tire...
Wayne Mullally (2 months ago)
And there is no mid range tyre here one brand and two cheap Chinese tyres that are practically the same.
Wayne Mullally (2 months ago)
Do not listen to this guy. 30years in the tyre business. This is so misleading. There is a huge difference in quality. Is safety not a concern? This is dangerously misleading. And don't compare hankook tyres a few years ago to these cheap Chinese tyres. Look up the tyre tests there are thousands of them they tell you the truth. And would you put cheap dangerous tyres on your kids car omg. I see these guys all the time ruled by profit margin. Tell the customer the truth and let them make the decision
ferkemall (2 months ago)
$106 for a cheap Chinese tire ??ffkkking what ??? my tyres .co for my car £30 195x60x15 its cheaper for you yanks to drive to the UK and get them their !!
ferkemall (2 months ago)
Oh yes could you fit me a set of Firestones on my explorer please i wan tto commit suicide ?
Fight The Bully! (2 months ago)
Vanderbilt tires are they any good?
HILLYARD'S RIM LIONS (2 months ago)
Yes they Are good economy value.tire made by the brand
MERCEDESBENZS600 S500 (2 months ago)
stephen v (2 months ago)
How about other brands like Cooper and Coopers own sub brands like Starfire which are made in Mexico
Linda (2 months ago)
All I got from your swivel panning is dizzy.
Rony Debbarma (3 months ago)
Is chinese tyre good or bad
Mike Frech (3 months ago)
I always buy used tires. They're road tested.
Ernie Martin (3 months ago)
I've used Motomaster tires and I consider them to be garbage. Like many cheaper tires, the belts seem to separate on them. I bought Nexen winter tires from Walmart and didn't like them all that much. I used Nokian and they are a great tire. Michelin's are also very good. You pay a premium for them, but they are worth it. If you want to save some $$$, I'd look at Cooper. They make a decent tire and a very affordable price.
Peppe Ddu (3 months ago)
It:s not a matter of cheap vs expensive or brand vs no-brand, it's a matter on how the tires are built and anyone can find that out. Does the cheap tire have micro pumps?, does it have sipes going all the way to the bottom?, does it have a thread pattern that siphons water out? etc etc etc. Some cheap tires have very light sipes that makes it work "OK" for the first 5000mi and when they wear out you're driving on thick rubber that lasts longer but you get way less braking performance and when you get into an accident you'll never know because it worked "OK" when you bought it six months before.
Dean Manson (3 months ago)
All tyres are certified to go on the road .screw paying for a tyre that is 50 bucks more expensive just because it says Bridgestone ! All it comes down to at the end of the day is that you might get a few more kms from the branded tyre . Iv had good service from China tyres ,never skidded off the road ,never run up the arse of the vehicle in front of me ,never had a random blow out ,never had the tyres melt on a summer drive ,never had any disasters that people blame on tyres just because they are from China . half the big tyre companies have China make them a budget tyre under a different name because they know there is plenty of money in it for them to produce a tyre with cheap labour that still gets the job done of getting the family around .
oldschooldiy (3 months ago)
What people don't realize, name brand and el cheepo, might be made by the same company!! Same belts, plies, rubber, etc., just might have different tread pattern!! And very often, same warranty! Even tires made in the good old U.S.ofA., just check out Cooper tire and the different brands they make! Not just tire companies either, Rheem air conditioner makes two or three off brands! Before Huskvarna bought Electrolux, they made Sears lawn equipment and Poulan/Poulan Pro lawn equipment! The difference? The color of the plastic covers!!
Last Time (3 months ago)
Passing Safety standards compared too quality and longevity are 2 different things. The problem is that you never know until its tried and tested
Richard Taitt (3 months ago)
Come on don't miss inform your clients, they are not built the same, the rubber is not the same quality, you see it every winter you get what you pay for. alot of garbage from china not worth taking a chance with that crap.
Hisham Elshoni (3 months ago)
if the difference between the US brand new tires and the Chinese unknown ones is only 160 bucks for the set, it does not worth buying those unknown tires which could be good or bad. better to buy the ones that u r sure thy are good.
Hisham Elshoni (3 months ago)
I had been using LionHart for a year now and it was NOT a good choice at all. The tires got worn quickly after <10000 km of very good driving. They got separated and the car start shaking in a very stupid way. I bought another set of MOMO tires and they should be a nice Italian brand. NEVER BUY THOSE CHEAP CHINESE TIRES. Hisham +1 306 880 3380
Alehuj (3 months ago)
bought made in China Hankook like 2 years ago and they are worn ed out with only 25000km, total junk. lesson learned you get what you pay for.
John L (3 months ago)
I do not trust Chinese made tires, no way are they as good or as safe as a national brand name tire
Antonio Avilez (4 months ago)
HILLYARD'S RIM LIONS (4 months ago)
Can't afford it
Nick V (4 months ago)
I don't trust chinese tires but I have no problem buying House brand tires like StarFire or Fuzion made by Cooper or Bridgetone.
MrTire King (4 months ago)
We sell just as many non name brands as name brand tires. We sell in bulk tho! 🚚🚛
Mohammad Nuruz-zaman (4 months ago)
Sorry I have to disagree that your only paying extra for branding alone for the expensive ones, it goes towards research and development and better quality rubber. Not like the Chinese ones where they just copy from other brands and use recycled old condoms.
WILLIS CURRY (4 months ago)
Fair enough. But what if you plan to drive 60,000 miles in a year? To the point the vehicle itself is used up. Do u really need a LONG lasting tire like the favorite one that starts with "M"?
rory bellamy (4 months ago)
Firestone Firehawks . I went through two sets on a 2013 Dodge   . not the best . my choice ? Michelin or Goodyear
Carlos Gabin (4 months ago)
yea so the most expensive one would last the longest too right?bill rundell that was well put
y z (5 months ago)
those are different tires and not comparable
Rud (5 months ago)
Why don't you mention tread depth? I bought Blizzaks instead of Michelin snows cause the Blizzacks had a more substantial tread depth 13/32s compared to 10/32s, I think this equates to a longer lasting better performing tire for removing snow and better traction.
WILLIS CURRY (4 months ago)
13/32. A new Semi truck tire has 14 or 16/32.
sbcfilm (5 months ago)
yap yap yap with no information....
Spectre007 (5 months ago)
This guy should sell cotton candy, :)
Dan Compton (5 months ago)
I bought a new set of Michelin tires for my F250 and the sidewalls cracked in two years. I put a set of Goodyear Trailer tires (5) including spare for my 28' Travel Trailer and the spare that was kept inside my garage the tread actually came off without even being on my trailer. On the same fact, I installed Hankook tires on all three of my daughters cars and my wifes SUV and those tires really do last 60,000 miles. American tires should be better, except they are NOT. American tires are Crap, so its Hankook tires for all my car vehicles and Continental tires on my truck.
Chris Campbell (12 days ago)
Kumho is good too.
E Gonzales (5 months ago)
Btw, there is no person named "hankook"! The word literally just means KOREAN! Wow! Your customers should think TWICE about going to you! Your facts sound like Donald tRump facts...made up...fake!
E Gonzales (5 months ago)
Chinese-made tires DO NOT follow American standard specs...so much for caring about your customers! BTW, hankook, Indonesia, makes laufenn tires...good tire!
Steve Shih (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video. What do you think of atlas tires? I just realized it’s a US brand but made by linglong tires with their factory in Thailand. There’s so much hate for Chinese tires and I am worried they will come apart at highway speeds or a few months down the road . Thanks for your time and patience.
HILLYARD'S RIM LIONS (5 months ago)
Hi thanks for watching I used to sell Atlas tires never had a problem Chinese tires are made very well these days
GymChess (6 months ago)
To cut the story short: if you don't plan on keeping the car for a long time, e.g. 5-10+ years or more, just go for cheaper options. If you've already owned the car for say 5 years and need new tires, again same question. So that's it. Why pay a lot of money for something that you'll never get back or get compensated for if you trade in the car or sell it.
Martin A (6 months ago)
Brand ahhh i don´t think so!! no Michelin og Continental
Charlie Jeans (6 months ago)
This last set i got are shite. The Goodyear E300 had more grip at 25k than these peace of crap i just got. Michian aren't what they used to he. I waa very dissapointed with TOYO. Pirelli were good not grest for the price ! Bridgestone are always good. Goodyear higher price tyres are good. Chinese tyres should be illegal to sell.
Naveed Tanha (6 months ago)
i want too make bussnis with chiness tyres how i am
Wolly (6 months ago)
I had Kumho tires on my car and exchanged them now with Continental after 7 years. It is such a huge difference in better driving and safety feeling. I would go for the brand.
J. Berry (6 months ago)
Stop mixing cocaine in your coffee. Any real-life experience and/or sincere research easily proves most statements you made are absolutely false. However, I did not watch until the end to see if you yelled “Gotcha”.
Sky1 (6 months ago)
This video is total Bullshit, cheap shit tires are exactly that cheap shit. Don't put your family at risk
gabriel rodarte (6 months ago)
only bf goodrich
Richard Marshall (6 months ago)
Coopers and Kellys are good American tires for those on a budget. Stay aware from all Chinese tires, they are junk.
MrRedskins0021 (6 months ago)
You're paying more because of cost of labor. Chinese people get paid pennies while American workers get paid a good wage. You're paying for hard working people. The Chinese crab pays more for the rich.
Angel Bolanos (6 months ago)
if you could make a video how much you would need two start a small tire shop . that would be grate
Angel Bolanos (6 months ago)
+HILLYARD'S RIM LIONS thank you I will
HILLYARD'S RIM LIONS (6 months ago)
Angel Bolanos I actually have already made one, check it in my.videos on "how to run successful tire shop"
Alex MacLean (6 months ago)
Oh this was painful. You do indeed pay for the name, but you also pay for experience, for engineering, for longer lasting tires and for tires that will grip better in all conditions. Just look at some of the tests, Chinese tires are always at the bottom in longevity, stopping distance and handling. If you want your wife and kids on the road with these tires, by all means, but I think we've all owned enough Chinese products to know their stuff is garbage. Tires are the only thing keeping you on the road, damned if I'm trusting that job to Mr. Chow.
0311RFLMN (6 months ago)
yokahama,perelli,continental.ive used these brands and they performed  excellent.
geniuspharmacist (7 months ago)
You get what you pay for. make sure you look at ratings, reviews ...etc. While safety is priceless, the difference in price could be more than justified by the difference in tire life and fuel economy.
T usa (7 months ago)
who's care buy USA made F china
Media Guy (7 months ago)
Turns out most of the people that bitch about the cheap ones have a junk front end. Loose inner outer tie rods, and bad upper lower ball joints and their steering is out of alignment. Don't bash the tires if your front end is garbage.
motionfire (7 months ago)
Chinese tires are bad.
MegaTechpc (8 months ago)
I recently bought a set of Starfire WR's for my Genesis sedan (sub-brand of Cooper made in China) and they are absolutely fantastic so far. Smoother riding than the BFGoodrich's I replaced and much quieter. I can't say how good the tread life will be yet but so far I am very impressed with these cheap China-made tires. Got a set of four 235/50R18's from Kauffman installed for $375! That's just a fantastic deal and I have no regrets whatsoever! Will be buying cheap tires from now on for sure. Unless you are tracking your car or driving a lot in very inclement weather, spending boat loads of money on premium brand tires is just a waste of money.
Princess Solace (8 months ago)
Today's UHP low profile tyres are much cheaper compared in the early 90's....What am l doing here l have no idea.
Winston Elston (8 months ago)
Tire life warranty?  I used Michelin Hydroedges on my compact pick-up back in the day, and got over a hundred thousand miles, replaced them, and again got over a hundred thousand, replaced them again, and the truck dropped a timing chain the next week. It wasn't worth it to me to replace the engine, so I passed it along to a shade-tree mechanic who got almost a hundred thousand on them. I was meticulous about rotating and balancing, and any punctures were repaired by the tire dealer under tire life warranty. Never had any problems with traction and the ride was as good as any tires I've ever driven.
Ralf Risberg (8 months ago)
Nothing wrong with sailun , they work great if they are studded , the only studless tyre i want is Nokian hakkapelitta r2
Sandbag1300 (8 months ago)
What information you are missing is that the Chinese want the business and want to make a profit. They will price low but they will also substitute lower grade materials and lower quality construction in order to squeeze out as much profit as possible. You will never catch me riding any tires manufactured in China. That also means tires outsourced to China from a major brand like Cooper Tires and its affiliates.
Bilal Ahmed (9 months ago)
Firestone isn’t really brand name. It’s on the lower end. Should have compared it to Michelin X-Ice or Bridgestone Blizzaks. Even though the cheaper tires are decent. Nothing compares to the X-Ice tires or Blizzaks !
Cosimo Kramarawicz (9 months ago)
Firestone tires are crap as is the Firestone shops
elhombresfbay (9 months ago)
This guy speaks with authority but I am going to speak from experience.It is pure and simple the cheaper tire is not as well made. I do not care what safety expectations it passes. A cheaper tire may end up cuasing your death or the death of a loved one, so no it is not just a brand name you are paying for. This guy makes it sound like hey why pay more? You also will end saving on gas and mileage and will not end up buying a new set of tires sooner.
chriss4365 (9 months ago)
my friend says Chinese tires are trash is he right?
Budi Setiawan (9 months ago)
Cheap tire usualy has very easy fast to get flat when got sharp debris. That my experience
Heath Cartine (9 months ago)
firestone are no name tire , THEY SUCK
Hariss Fidder (9 months ago)
What is not made in China today ? Apple, Samsung, Tyres, electronics, clothes, etc etc due to lower manufacturing cost and the world is using it…everything is globalized nowadays so its doesnt make sense when we say it it has to be made in specific country, as long as it meets safety reuirements and affordable to general public…we all know how much big brands spend in marketing gimmik , promotion and brand endorsements which makes the cost higher…infact these are the brands who actually have contract agreement with China and other devloping nations for manufacturing…lets wake up guys.
Tom Robie (9 months ago)
Buy Michelin they were the most expensive and BEST tires gets dry rots and crack all over the sidewalls in 3-4 years. As for the great good will Michelin manufacturer's warranty?????? It got to be the most expensive pain in the S toilet paper in the WORLD #*)😠.
Remy Brennan (9 months ago)
It's true though, you're just paying for the name. I have hankook dynopro Mt on my car at the moment and in the market for looking at new ones the price has gone up on the hankooks for the exact same tyre, just because the name is out there. So I'm looking at the conforsers now.
penn707 (9 months ago)
I buy all my tires from Mexico. I’m using Tacochihuaha 200’s
Bob Bartos (9 months ago)
You forgot to mention how much u mark up the tires!
trigolis (9 months ago)
I have experience with Chinese tires. They do the job just fine. The only difference is the performance(tread design is older on chinese tires) and noise of the tire. You're paying much more for the marketing.
Mark Cramer (9 months ago)
So you not paying for any of the research and development..? The big brands are the ones who have to innovate. China #clones

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