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Montverde Academy Ask Black Student To Change Her Natural Hair Style

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School administrators asked a teen girl to change her natural hair because it was against the dress code policy, according to her parents. “People say they love my hair because it’s so diverse, curly and Afro-centric,” said 16-year-old Nicole Orr, a junior at Montverde Academy in Lake County. She says she’s known for her hair, but she never thought she would be singled out because of it. Purchase Merchandise From Our Store https://teespring.com/stores/advise-media-network-store Support us monthly on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AdviseShowMedia Send money order donations(MO payable to Advise Media Network) Advise Media Network 2323 Clear Lake City Blvd. Suite 180 Box 133 Houston,Tx 77062 Visit Our Website http://www.adviseshow.com DONATE 2 THE SHOW http://www.paypal.me/AdviseMediaNetwork SUB TO RATCHET VIDEO WEEKLY http://goo.gl/cIFrl SUB TO ADVISE SHOW MEDIA http://youtube.com/c/AdviseShowMedia Join us on Blaqspot: https://blaqspot.com/AdviseMediaNetwork Join the 1 Million Fathers http://facebook.com/1MFathers Like me on Facebook http://goo.gl/pjgnt Follow me on Twitter http://goo.gl/zisOx Follow me on Instagram http://instagram.com/advisemedianetwork Book me for your events [email protected]
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TheAdviseShowTV (1 year ago)
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Talma Williams (3 months ago)
I am so grateful for this, I am an older Black woman and I am wearing my hair natural. No perms, no more color. I think it is beautiful that Black girls are expressing themselves freely and openly. I love it.
African _NOT_black (4 months ago)
I see a lot of talk encouraging black people to return to Africa. Well, may I just say, if you sent your child to School with hair like this in Africa, at least in West Africa, she will get sent back home also. It’s not a race issue, it’s about keeping the hair neat. We do not just walk around with our hair hanging loose just because it grows that way. Schools expect you to either have cornrows or a low cut for girls. Plus, it’s healthier for black hair to plait it, & not keep it hanging loose too often, because it causes tangling & breakage during detangling.
Antonio Uzzle (1 year ago)
TheAdviseShowTV check email
browneet caramell (1 month ago)
They are really trying to get to our children so they can become angry , trouble makers, and depressed, mental as growing up so that can categorize these kids as criminals and kids that will get in trouble so they trying to tick these kids off, pick their minds, being mind controllers, and have them to have low self-esteem
browneet caramell (1 month ago)
People should wear their darn hair the way they want...gesh!!!
browneet caramell (1 month ago)
All this is oppression to our black women and girls and boys
Debbie legall (1 month ago)
The word dreads were used to identify Hebrews as they approach the townsships. I quoted, here comes those dreadful Hebrews with those locs! There's power in your hair like Samson who was a black Israelite. We want to look like the oppressor, we like it fryed, dyed and laid to the side. Blondes have more fun. When will we come together. build our own schools or organize our home school system with the retirees or grandmothers, we don't have time for anymore. A part of the cruse!
Marion Whitfield (2 months ago)
We got next shalom
Clown Town (2 months ago)
But her hair looks so beautiful and soft, what is wrong with them, and also what's wrong with dred?
Teresa Cody (2 months ago)
Exactly! Targets a certain group! Her hair is beautiful!
Laura Butler (3 months ago)
Talk about CRAZY! WOW! I know what... They're so afraid all that black-beauty is going to attract a white boy. Thats it! Sad. Very sad.
Akilah Askew (3 months ago)
Why they want to be god neva go happen girls I'm the one with this real hair I'm loving the look keep wearing the wool we the sheep's.
Bev Nedd (3 months ago)
Whenever blackwomen embrace their beauty, causcians get scared and comes up with some hogwash. I have locs and let any of these disagreeable beings tell me otherwise. I am a conscious and proud Nubian Empress in every area of my life
Johannes Smith (4 months ago)
I love African hairs
Lateesha Ehrlich (4 months ago)
I know some schools use the line safe space slot yet tho this is an example of not a safe space to me because a safe space to me is being myself and that includes how I chose to wear my hair and clothing. So good on her mum and dad for standing up for other girls and boys as well as there daughter
Vegas Mitchell (4 months ago)
So is this a Public School if So Blacks get the white people out of there. if it's a Private School then WHY Are Blacks Sending their Kids there??????? He just said "Net & Organized" Meaning Blacks AREN'T "Neat" 2 Them. These "Professional" Blacks think they did something. They're still sending their Child 2a School where they really Don't want Her Kind!!!
Mike Thompson (4 months ago)
Stupid white trash
Lottie Woodward (4 months ago)
I'm late to this video, but I have a physical pain watching this shit. I'm mixed race, but look white and was brought up in a white family in the UK, with all the privilege that brings. On behalf of white people everywhere, I'm truly sorry. Your natural hair is beautiful. Shine on xx
landscraper240 (5 months ago)
Racists are stretching, reaching, and looking for something to bitch about and at the same time they try to hide the fact that it is obviously about race.
Larry Lloyld (5 months ago)
who is white folks any folks to tell blacks about there hair...who die and left them in charge of tell blacks people's how to do when to do...Nobody.. go get a life ...I'm a black woman and proud of every part of how God made me..very much proud and thankful.... stop the jealousy and move on...I'm using my husband phone..
Dee (5 months ago)
But the hairstyle is not dreadlocks at all.
Bobbie Potter (5 months ago)
The problem is that they can't wear their hair but one way I think I will call that jealousy.
Lucy Splendid (5 months ago)
Thank god it's not like this in Britain. Your hair has to be batshit crazy before it becomes an issue
BlackManTravel (5 months ago)
“Neat and organised”
Windsingerful (6 months ago)
Hmmmmmm... “When Black people’s hair is relaxed, white people feel relaxed.” That’s a deep statement...although not true in all cases. There are many white people who are absolutely fascinated with our hair....jealousy????? Hmmmmmm... Some don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot! Think about the reason the Tignon laws against showing Black hair in the 1800’s in LA. Deep those guys all the way around, in an issue that constantly seems to crop up. Stay strong, brothers and sisters! Embrace all aspects of the unique beauty that we personify!✊🏾🙅🏾‍♀️👏🏾
overflowenterprises (6 months ago)
Best looking women and cutest little girls on the planet!!!
John Hodge (6 months ago)
Dread like wear....so dreadlocks are now illegal...
Nicole C (6 months ago)
Our hair has energy in it and life. A spring or coil has kinetic energy stored in it. I love how my hair springs back when I gently play with my coily strands. Our hair is a blessing.
B Q (6 months ago)
im moving to either africa or carribean man fuk deeze crackaz
Hot Sas (6 months ago)
Bald head will do.
Eula Winfrey (6 months ago)
debe wish4 (6 months ago)
We deal with it cause we are strong and they would love to break us. Nope
Darlene Johnson (6 months ago)
Maria Pace (6 months ago)
Why is our natural hair so threatening? People already know that girl hair was not dread locks. This was definitely racial even when the school administrator tried to say not neat an unkept. Her hair was just fine. DON'T KEEP TRYING TO CRUSH OUR CHILDREN SPRIRITS BY TRYING TO PUT THEM DOWN FOR THEIR NATURAL BEAUTY.
Aubrey Jordan (7 months ago)
I wanted who wrote the hand book, haha!
Derek lacey (7 months ago)
That meeting wouldn't have ended so well for them if they didn't bring the news with them.
Brother John's (7 months ago)
very interesting
shippertime (7 months ago)
If blacks go back to natural the Asians will go bankrupt.
The Hebrew Widow (7 months ago)
They know there is power in our hair that they do not have acess to! Hahaha! Black girl POWER!!!
xap xap (8 months ago)
we can't place the chemicals and pressing combs on our hair ,,that is destroying our follicles
xap xap (8 months ago)
her hair is Awesome !
prossy Nannyanzi (8 months ago)
I hear in the older days the slaves their were not allowed to what all can grow their hair... at slavery time the monster tel their slaves what to wear think that is were white people are coming from. After all their grandparents did it y should they miss out hahahahaha I'm waiting someone to dare tell me what to wear or how my hair should be worn...
prossy Nannyanzi (8 months ago)
One line???? Hahahahaha hahahahaha
prossy Nannyanzi (8 months ago)
Why a they abscessed Hai our hair? This ppl are abscessed with everything BLACK... No wonder they end up putting chemicals to have bigger lip, bigger butt, bigger breasts the list goes on and on. The above list I get it BUT HIAR???? WTF.
Kenneth Ratcliff (8 months ago)
What does wearing her hair have to do with her academic ability.
DC T (8 months ago)
Damn.....this reminds of TSA going through black women’s hair before they can get through terminals in the US..,,ridiculous 💯👊🏾
Bryan Glass (8 months ago)
This "white" guy don't get it: what is supposed to be wrong with African heritage hair? I'll tell you my brother could tell you about the nastiness people had when he grew his hair out. White boys aren't supposed to have afros. Personally, I didn't see anything wrong with it: I had long hair, our other brother had long hair, why shouldn't my younger brother have his long hair? That was in the '70's, since then he has kept it short just so people don't comment. My dentist has African heritage hair, and it doesn't interfere with her fixing my teeth. I thought the young lady in the video looked rather nice. Kinda pretty if you know what I mean.
Axel Cardona (8 months ago)
how do i get a news anchor to do a story on my school's dress code against black cultural styles
Zulu Man (9 months ago)
It's going to get worse too like backing a animal against the wall they will get ferocious they're going to be attacking and lashing out add black people more and more another thing when they are losing ground one of their last tactics you know when they're losing ground when they throw they white woman at us that's one of the last tactics remember this Brothers watch yourself oh yeah I would advise every black person Two Gun up take classes don't provoke keep your cool but if anyone attacks you or your family your children is sacrifice time yes you do have to pick your battles but that's one that we going to have to fight our families even if we have to die hopefully not but don't be afraid
Zulu Man (9 months ago)
That's because black people are waking up and they are scared of that but they can't stop us now white people are on there way out out
Angela C (9 months ago)
Let's put the chinese out of business.
Carmen Fox (9 months ago)
Keep your hair natural. Don't conform to white supremacy. Those teachers need to be removed from their post. The teachers are part of the KKK. Don't let them fool you. You would be dumbfounded to see what they do after dark. Please don't CONFORM to there standard of hair policy.REMEMBER our CREATOR said, WE ARE A PECULIAR RACE OF PEOPLE. We are the only race of people with this kind of hair. It must be for a reason? All the other races of people have long straight hair. Again, just look at all the animals, they too have straight hair like the white Europeans, Chinese, Indians and so on. The only animal has the Wolley hair like black people are SHEEP. What does the SHEEP AND ITS BABY LAMB represent? Dig into the words learn more about Yahushua, our saviour who has hair just like yours. Your Wolley hair is special. Why? no one else has it. BE YOURSELF, AND NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE.YOU'RE UNIQUELY AND WONDERFULLY MADE. Our trials and tribulations may be many, Father Yah eyes are still watching over hischildren. They are times it might seem as if we are forgotten, but hold on.
Rick GK (10 months ago)
Let's all head back to Africa, it needs us and we need it...it's about time we black people say "eff to the west!"
Chantz S (10 months ago)
Let's tell them white girls not do dye their hair. And why do they care about deadlocks....... ? So far no issues here in London, but you know we like to copy you.
Sylvia SYLVIA (11 months ago)
Basically, it makes WHITES afraid because they most likely remember the 'AFROcentric' area of time with the combination of the essence of pride and power. They seems racially powered 'red lights'. I guess they are afraid of another UPRISING..all because of the way you wear your hair. SHAME!!!!
Sylvia SYLVIA (11 months ago)
I truly think when WHITES and some LATINS ((I have experienced this one myself see you wearing your natural; especially in braids its reminds them that you are a BLACK person (whether mixed or not...still belong to the races of BLACK blood); it makes them very nervous. They or most remember the so-called militant BLACKS who wore the true texture style of their native ancestry birthplace. During my college years, I got an award to do some internship at several major financial companies. I got hired at the time I was being interviewed my hairstyle was layered curl (but more straight and long); by the time the summer rolled in I had decided to have my hair braided. Monday morning I come in and this Latin supervisor asked me 'what had happened to my hair? I replied something like 'I got my hair braided over the weekend!". She replied that if I had come to the interview with my hair 'braided' that I most likely would not have been employed'!!! This was a want to be a WHITE LATIN woman. Prejudice is everywhere and with them (LATINS who believe they can pass for WHITE), are prone to have this type of prejudice. They believe that they are privildeged to voice and treat you thiis way and form of discrimination. You will find they want to be WHITE and honor the WHITE code of how you should look (inclusive of how you wear your hair).
lil malik (11 months ago)
They just jealous , that we , black people have the best haircuts
Archer (11 months ago)
There is nothing "natural" about hair weaves that black bitches don't wash for months and smell like yak dung.
Tony Tony (1 year ago)
They want to go to that school and be white shit that's what happens
Tony Tony (1 year ago)
How is that
Tony Tony (1 year ago)
Black dudes have longer hair than black girls
Lisa Jackson (1 year ago)
So sad and they rather not go crazy over school shootings
Arthur Knox (1 year ago)
Love it my black sisters are so beautiful h8ter get blind and want to be them so bad it's killing them
Marie Alphonse (1 year ago)
Besides being controling , they still think they are the masters ; they want you to keep relaxing your hair to make it straight like theirs so they can feel that you admire them trying to look like them . that time is over the self love , the self acceptance are inside now and no one can take it out .
Axedaddymac (1 year ago)
White supremacists are satanic and seek to force you to emulate them as a form of worship.
Honey Gold (1 year ago)
I'm glad this girl's parents reported this on the news
FRED ANDERSON (1 year ago)
lichvod hashem (1 year ago)
Is there no limit to their fear, hatred, and desperate attempt to oppress and control us.
Al Smith (1 year ago)
Ya"ll white pople get me sick trying to black girl's that they can keep there natrural hair leave the fucking black girl alone dam school is for learning not a Beauty shop😠!
Dont you dare change a thing. You demand them to not be blond it is your rights.
BJ22 (1 year ago)
The "neat and organized" look they're going for? Translation... look white.
UTC Zulu (1 year ago)
Black women wearing their hair natural is going to cost a segment of the hair industry a lot of money. This is why they are taught from an early age to hate their hair to keep the money coming in. This is reinforced when little girls seeing their moms use chemicals or wear wigs.
clayton jackson (1 year ago)
Black hair has those natural coils, that make it difficult for the harmful rays of the sun reaching the scalp and driving us crazy!! The coils resist the rays, too many coils,the rays are weakened and can't reach the scalp! Know yourself people!!
Mrs. W (1 year ago)
And you wonder why BLACK WOMEN WEAR WEAVES. Maybe some black women just don’t feel like fighting some battle every time we go anywhere. It’s exhausting.
Alberta Reid (1 year ago)
Her hair are very, very pretty
Mr Automatic (1 year ago)
Help who? Clean up your dirty, nappy looking hair. What is America coming to? Cut that shit.
Chris. (1 year ago)
Stupid school, how can kids learn at a stupid school run by stupid people?
scarlet hottie (1 year ago)
If black women would stop wearing weave so much, they wouldn't do this. Why does the mother have straight hair. See what I'm saying. It's these perm headed whores who mess it up for everyone.
Dark The Wolf (1 year ago)
I hate when the dress code, are being used for adding a fuel to the fire for white supremacy. SMH
TEMA GOLDBERG (1 year ago)
if she had walked in with blond straight permed hair they would have enjoyed that better, so they can have something to laugh at. they are always saying we are trying to look like so called white women, but having our natural hair is a problem too.
Louella Robertson (1 year ago)
Louella Robertson (1 year ago)
Marley Millz (1 year ago)
I love black woman with natural hair ... side note , Don't use hair grease and perms if your black . it dries your hair up and split your ends it also blocks the pores from breathing and it stops your hair from growing
Will Rich (1 year ago)
To answer Phil's question. The ruling society is not letting anyone,ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE,show any kind of defiance or Independence of the Caucasian standard(s),of living and or thinking. Nothing complicated or mysterious about this! I'M JUST SAYING.. .
Frank Jefferson (1 year ago)
That girl is extraordinarily beautiful and her hair accentuates her beauty. I can definitely understand why they hate her thick beautiful exotic hair.
Tanjon Zou (1 year ago)
Jealousy that's all they are. They hate what they cannot be. So middle finger to them peckers
ms renee (1 year ago)
Black people please stop sending your kids to racist Babylonian schools, where there are pedophiles and rapist and people that will abuse you.
nannyslove777 (1 year ago)
I am so glad that the parents were effective in changing policy. Glad to hear about this positive outcome for a change.
ejnvids (1 year ago)
CULTURAL INTIMIDATION! Don't stand for bullying by a culture that is not your own!
Ronnie Jones (1 year ago)
Its not not understandable to why that young women was ridiculed for wearing her natural hair???.!!!! From my understanding, student's are there to learn, not to compete in a hair fashion show;the jealously in white people is becoming an epidemic, they're so obsessed and so concerned on how blacks carry themself but would copy everything that blacks do.
Jessica Marie (1 year ago)
I am mixed race I grew up in a white community and relaxed my hair since I was a child. My parents never put it in my mind. I just wasn't like the girls I went to school with. My body my hair everything was different. I'm 34 and only now as a mother especially of a girl. I have been growing my hair natural. I was my biggest obstacle and it's crazy!!! I can't believe ppl would do this. I find bald heads offensive. (Not really) Ridiculous
Jessica Marie (1 year ago)
Wtf does he mean neat and clean look. Whaat
11pakegmail.com (1 year ago)
and yes we are strong peolple!
Alisha Smile (1 year ago)
Dang. Move on already. I'm so sick of this. How about you worry about the state of the country and its citizens. How about you create jobs. How about you let educators teach true education. How about you lower taxes. How about moving on already.
ebsen raptzski (1 year ago)
well this is really fucking stupid
Anneka Elliot (1 year ago)
Its Racist to judge a Black women or black mans naturally curly hair and dreadlocks, my hair can be a mix of styles and i don,t see the problem with it, i am just being myself. stop being the fucking fashion police leave us be.
Tavin McGhee (1 year ago)
Lol they're not dreadlocks
ART (1 year ago)
oh wow, that's jacked up.
Cheryl Stade (1 year ago)
Hey wait a minute everyone! This is portrayed in the comment section as a white against black issue and I disagree heartily! I'm a white woman and find all kinds of black hair styles very beautiful as do numerous white women I know. In my experience black women are typically much harder on one another and more negative about black hairstyles, especially natural look black hair styles, than white women are. Nonetheless I can understand that administrator's point because natural black hair strands don't just hang down side by side like super straight asian hair and much of caucasian hair but the strands spring out in a variety of directions and so might appear less neat to some well meaning people, both black and white, but its a WRONG POLICY because it fails to recognize the innate beauty of all natural hair types. Schools should promote the idea that the human body is innately beautiful as it is in all its variety and does not need to be endlessly altered and adjusted.
Vivian Segovia-Boone (1 year ago)
You are promoting segregation.  Malcolm X started that way and then realized that was not productive and changed.  Bringing white and black people together results in positive change like in this story.  The school became aware of their discrimination and changed their policy. These policies started back in the day when dread locks were not a part of conservative  hair styles because the are formed by matted hair. White people can also have dread locks even though it is more difficult if their hair is not coarse, so it is more 'natural' for black people to have dread locks. Staying desegregated will make the world better through awareness and stories like these.
no name (1 year ago)
Hold up her school district is blind that is nothing close to dreads those are amazing curls that I wish I had
Same thing happened to me when i was working at panera bread

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