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Mac OS X Accessibility Features

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Mac OS X Accessibility
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Kulguri Jüri (6 months ago)
My eyes get weary occasionally and start hurting and I'm planning to switch these accessibility functions on
lickthebean (8 months ago)
Thanks mate, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness and time that you have put into making this video. I found it you to be very nice sounding, clear and I got the information that I wanted from it so thanks a million bro. Peace and love
Zhibin Yang (2 years ago)
Very helpful, thanks
Vanessa Gaillarde (3 years ago)
I'm planning on buying a Mac because Win10 is really really bad accessibility-Wise and I simply can't use it. But I'm a bit worried about the compatibility : all the softwares that I'm used to and that I'd have to change and find something similar. Honestly I don't know what to do but at least your video proved to me that the accessibility features are really good on a Mac. Just one question : what is the default font ? And can it be changed or resized (you know, without zooming, just resizing the text) ? Oh, in the worst case, are they any tricks to be able to use a Windows software on a mac ?
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
+Vanessa Gaillarde Hey Vanessa, Sorry to hear about that, Have you tried "Scaling" the display back? it's under the same Display menu in system preferences.
Vanessa Gaillarde (3 years ago)
+Todd Boniface I managed to find most of the softwares I needed but I have a big problem : I can't seem to get a screen resolution low enough for me. The text stays pretty small even with the lowest resolution and I'd prefer not to use Zoom because I find it very unpractical when used every day. And Voiceover gets annoying pretty quickly. Yes you guessed : I finally bought an IMac and I'm really regretting it right now because I end up with the same problems as with Windows 10. I'm about to call the technical service but I'm not expecting much of it...
Todd Boniface (3 years ago)
Hey there. There are ways to change the default font I believe. I find zooming works for me so haven't tried it personally. As for apps, what do you use? I'm more than happy to look for some alternatives for you. Speech recognition comes out of the box too by the way. Keoe in mind you can run Windows on a Mac as well.
James Buller (5 years ago)
Just what I wanted while thinking about giving a Mac a go as someone who is VI. Thanks
Aurelian Radu (5 years ago)
Hey, Todd. Great video! This is the kind of video I've been searching for on YouTube. There are a few but yours is the best so far. I am also visually impaired, but I use Windows since I can't afford a Mac. All I really need is a magnifier and I use the one built into Windows. I would try to buy at least a Mini, but I need to be sure that Zoom in OS X does what I need it to do. I've installed Mavericks in VMWare Player, but the poor hardware acceleration makes the zoom function very laggy, unusable. I was wondering if you could make another video about zoom and show how you use it in various programs, browsers and MS Office, if you use that. Does it track cursor focus? Can it keep the cursor always in the center? How does it work in docked mode? Thank you very much!
Todd Boniface (5 years ago)
I can do that for you :)

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