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How to work with Tablespaces in Real-Time? Tablespace Administration

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https://dbagenesis.com/p/oracle-11g-advanced-dba Oracle tablespace administration - Learn how to work on tablespaces in real-time. - Tablespace management tasks - Tablespace utilization - Add space to tablespace - Add new tablespace - Tablespace best practices - Drop tablespace A tablespace is constructed by Oracle from one or more operating system files through the use of the CREATE TABLESPACE command. Every Oracle database consists of at least one tablespace, called SYSTEM.
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Vinayak Budapanahalli (9 months ago)
Could you share the commands.txt file with us, if no concerns
shubham gupta (1 year ago)
your way of explaining things is awesome... really benefited a lot from all courses that i took from you.. thanx a tonn for your support and help :)
khempes khempes (1 year ago)
Hi where can we get the script ? Thank you
DBA Genesis (9 months ago)
ORACLEGENESIS is not DBA Genesis. Please follow below link: https://dbagenesis.com/blog/528688/how-to-check-tablespace-utilization-in-oracle
Yash S (9 months ago)
same here cannot open any links or any web page
Nagarjuna Mekala (10 months ago)
Hi Genesis, I can't open the links of oraclegenesis.com sites, getting "ssl connection not establishing" error. Please try to resolve this issue.  Thanks.
Nagarjuna Mekala (11 months ago)
for some reason I can't access to your blog. and also to above link. Getting error like "SSL handshake failed" Can you help me to get into your blog?
khempes khempes (1 year ago)
Yves Komlan AGBOTE (1 year ago)
You are very good Please more videos
Vivek (1 year ago)
why system and sysaux tablespace must have 1.5 GB free space ?
DBA Genesis (1 year ago)
You can keep as low free space as possible. It is a recommendation if keep at least 1.5 GB free, you see a performance improvement as your database won't fight under low free space (on system and sysaux). Also, when you perform database upgrades, your system and sysaux will grow as new base tables get introduce. Oracle pre-upgrade utility itself will tell you to keep free space above 1GB in both. To maintain a good health, its good to keep 1.5 GB free.
veera reddy (1 year ago)
Explanation is very good. I learn more things based on this videos. May be we are looking for more videos.

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