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4 Brand NEW Tires on the Ranger!

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MORE RANGER VIDEOS: http://goo.gl/Uu9mw I got an oil change and 4 new tires at once. It's freaking awesome because it's a LOT harder to break traction now. Then I got a new alternator and now I just have to get a new battery! AND I got a new fuel filter! It's so freaking easy to put in and millions of little black pieces came out of the filter. Tomorrow's video will be better! It's dark, so I can't record right now. Now I just have to put the tail gate back on it and replace the front bumper. For more videos of my 1995 2.3L Ford Ranger - http://goo.gl/Uu9mw
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chris miggz (6 years ago)
Wats up josh listen if u ever need parts for your truck let me know like i said im a mechanice in nj i could get you parts at my cost which is like 40% cheaper then retail cost let me know bro ill hook you up ill send it to u thru the mail doesnt matter to me good luck with everything
NeoEpoch (7 years ago)
@wwjoshdew found out it isn't the u joints, it's carrier bearing. it's becoming a bitch to work on anymore lol
NeoEpoch (7 years ago)
yea i have the same problem with the u joint. i thought it was my wheel bearings that were screaming and locking up the front wheels. i replaced those and was doing the same thing then found that the drive shaft was floppin all around under there. at least i have new wheel bearings lol
cj19621 (7 years ago)
@wwjoshdew Yeah, it's easier to get out when you back in unless of course you back in to a sloped grassy area covered by 6 inches of fresh wet snow... Then it's a bit harder to get out! :=)
cj19621 (7 years ago)
@wwjoshdew Cool. Backing in makes trucks and hot cars look hotter! It's a military thing too (I saw you were in the Army). Have a good night. I signed up for your subscription list so I look forward to the next truck and snow vids!
cj19621 (7 years ago)
OK==remember I said if you keep improving it it won't be a beater. The important thing is that you are happy with it, have fun with it (and park it the right way!) You didn't answer my second question--Do you back it in everywhere you park or just in the driveway?
cj19621 (7 years ago)
The only way to park a truck! Do you back it in everywhere you go? Remember beaters rock (especially when they're stuck...)
cj19621 (7 years ago)
@wwjoshdew Probably smart unless you've got a friend with a jeep behind you! Do you always back the truck in when you park?
cj19621 (7 years ago)
Cool little beater truck--you keep improving it and it won't be a beater no more! It looks like you usually back it into a muddy parking spot. I have seen your stuck in the snow videos--they're great. Have you ever gotten it stuck in the mud?

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