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Russian Car Crash - Dash Cam Compilation

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a Big Compilation of russian car crash captured by dash cam. Crashes for 1 hour - Its just a normal day on russian streets. Seriously, Russia, WTF? Due to a high rate of insurance scams and the fact that many citizens believe traffic cops are corrupt, plenty of Russians have installed dashboard cameras in their cars. But why do so many bizarre things get captured on them? Trucks spilling cows, half-naked dudes running from the cops, and a slew of other assorted oddities seemingly get posted from these cameras on a daily basis. This year the dash cam reached maturity, going from capturing weedy little videos of Russian car crashes to recording global news events. And these are the very craziest dash cam vids of 2013 from the whole world over.
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Text Comments (2009)
Stefan S. (1 day ago)
wodka + drive = ☠️!
김민성 (1 day ago)
2:03 nice
Sparcy ! (5 days ago)
cyka debil\
Sam Mark (8 days ago)
Is a glance at the left side prohibited in this video?!
Crazy Funny Cats (9 days ago)
1:55 GROUND BEEF 🥩 🐄 ouch
Crazy Funny Cats (9 days ago)
Vokda 🍸and idiots that drink and try to drive
S K (9 days ago)
The country is so big, how do they ever come into contact with each other?
James Workman (11 days ago)
Bad roads, bad drivers, plenty of vodka. What could possibly go wrong?
Donnie Campbell (12 days ago)
What kind of drugs are Russian's on? they see the car in front of them break lights come on and they speed up to hit them, Everybody has to be somewhere 30 minutes ago there all driving like fucking idiots. When I see this shit I realize it's not so bad here, even the people crossing the street don't even look to see if a 2 ton Rocket is coming at them at 100 mph, wtf?
Andy Sedgley (13 days ago)
0:36 Oh they do love their Ladas
Andy Sedgley (13 days ago)
Andy Sedgley (13 days ago)
And 3:12. Etc etc.
Andy Sedgley (13 days ago)
And 0:54
Neal Rasmussen (17 days ago)
Pro-tip. Put your click here for part 2 at the end so we don't turn off annotations and forget about that.
I love crash compilation, come on and see mine too.
I love crash compilation, come on and see mine too.
BWcapture (23 days ago)
56:44 You may want to wipe the snow off the back of your vehicle so it's visible if you're wrecked in the middle of the road. BLYAT!
The Big Bang Theory HQ (26 days ago)
They want to kill each other.
Nikola Martinis (29 days ago)
32:01 Toyota Verso! Car that parks itself in your driveway after an accident...
Joey Abad (1 month ago)
2:39 that's what i do in american truck simulator
I searched Russia and I saw this.
Taperet (1 month ago)
Every time I watch a video from Russia, it seems that most drivers are permanently drunk with vodka
stonerbelly (1 month ago)
Anyone else get lead here by April from parks and rec
TheProfessionalAsshole (1 month ago)
Robert Harris (2 months ago)
whole new meaning to rush hour, one crash doesn't slow nobody down. dam
Robert Harris (2 months ago)
i guess the speed limit is go as fast as you can, and swerve. and leave your common sense at home ?
Jim Moorby (2 months ago)
31:56 comical 😂the bloke at the end
sock06555 (2 months ago)
Slavunho (2 months ago)
gta IRL
I bims (3 months ago)
Ay blyat... i was in russia for 3 months an we had an car accident there and the first thing i sad was PIZTEC BLYAT DURRRRRRAK😂🇷🇺🇷🇺✌️
Mike D (3 months ago)
Too much speed too much vodka
Lance Weber (3 months ago)
I To gathered things. 1. The Russian solution to every traffic negotiation is hit the gas and swerve into oncoming traffic. 2. All traffics problems are solved with bats, hatched, pipes and or any other blunt object. 3.The Russian Lada is the overseer and purveyor of vehicular destruction.
Pavel Šedlbauer (3 months ago)
Russians are a "good" tank drivers only. Not important for them, what they destroy or whom they kill... 1968, etc... Cars are dangerous for them. No thinking, no propriety, drinking, fast driving, no security...
E MAN (4 months ago)
Russians can’t drive
Francis Noir (4 months ago)
These all look like clips from Midnight Club tbfh
Francis Noir (4 months ago)
For people that can't even drive straight they sure hate gay people
Emperor Meiji (4 months ago)
What's the good of buying a car when you don't have a driver's license?
T-Rex9000 (4 months ago)
The reason why russians crash a lot is because they drink to much vodka 😂😂😂😂
MaryStewart (4 months ago)
seems like russia is like america but with few american cars but has eu and japanese cars!
Russell Lanier (5 months ago)
I like the girl driving directly towards the other car without slowing down. It knocks her out.
Bill Olsen (5 months ago)
29:07 That's hilarious.
SALLY SCHUR (5 months ago)
Sam Sifton sent me here. Thanks Sam! (Wince)
hgalindo12 (5 months ago)
I can't believe that I watch the entire video.. like if I have nothing else to do!!
hesapsorar (5 months ago)
aşırı votka nın yan etkileri
Fake News CNN (5 months ago)
No Mustangs were involved, im soo happy
Seth Acord (5 months ago)
18 minutes in. Run that idiot over.
Seth Acord (5 months ago)
Sorry, better yet, live in America and shoot him through the windshield. Lol.
??? (5 months ago)
это трамвай, он не объедет 29:10
??? (5 months ago)
Весьма признательный прохожий 28:40
mila popovic (6 months ago)
C est normal, tellement normal que j entend personne s"énérvé... normal quoi
mila popovic (6 months ago)
Arrête la Vodka !
MsJinkerson (6 months ago)
looks like that 1 guy is driving a horse while under the influence
steve clapper (6 months ago)
That one with the dump truck stuck in the road that truck driver could really drive. That was assume!
Cortana (6 months ago)
crash is normal in russia
Ericha_McCullough (6 months ago)
Are there no brakes in Russian cars? Good lord
Nina 1995 (6 months ago)
What majorly annoys me: can they afford a new car every 4 days or way don't they drive save. Savage!
HerrBorito YU91 (6 months ago)
20:58 Schon mal was von anschnallen gehört?
Lars Andersson (6 months ago)
In fairness to the pedestrians crossing the road ON ZEBRA CROSSINGS, there are millions everywhere and are placed on dangerous junctions. (even on roads THREE LANES ACROSS!) It's not their fault that's where they're put.
DogGo 74 (6 months ago)
Russians know how to drive:D
Mr. King (6 months ago)
Snakebloke (6 months ago)
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate Statistically-speaking, you're almost twice as likely to die in a car accident in Russia than you are in the USA; and 3-4 times more likely than in Western Europe or Japan. It's true, Russians can't drive for shit - considering they are supposed to be a developed country.
MrMayonEgg (7 months ago)
I love the occasional babushka crossing the street with her shopping when a lada comes flying by at 100 kmh , nudging the bags, and she just looks around a bit, then continues home.
Jack Sparrow (7 months ago)
I wanna buy you.
Jack Sparrow (7 months ago)
Anyone for a skyhook adventure.
Spirz (7 months ago)
You know, sometimes I wonder if they are doing it on purpose.
Salem Danna (7 months ago)
اللعنه على روسيا الملحده
AWSOMEPOSSUM16 (7 months ago)
32:04 Honey I'm home!
AWSOMEPOSSUM16 (7 months ago)
It's like they fucking try to kill each other.
Timothy Stephenson (7 months ago)
2,000th COMMENT! WOO HOO!!!!!!
Pro Global Tv (7 months ago)
Один я руский
Pollo Frito (7 months ago)
VODKA IS AWESOME. 40:43 The absolute most chill chick on the planet. Gives ZERO fucks. 49:51 AND THERE SHE IS AGAIN. ALL CHILL.
C T (7 months ago)
You fucking russians want to impress me? HANG PUTIN!
Hobin Rood (7 months ago)
brake, action, wheel, blinker and handbrake. blyat... this shit comes from devil... the russians are better halfmonkeys as the humans!
Marc William Castle (8 months ago)
That hurt my soul to watch that Nissan GTR crash. 😭
Hallelujah Allah (8 months ago)
Chaos Zombie999 (8 months ago)
Bikers think they own the road, which is why everyone who drives a car hates them
Pitur (8 months ago)
Job twoju mać suka bliać.
Why do most car crashes happen in Russia?
Coonjoh (8 months ago)
Vor geschätzt 10 Jahren noch mit Pferd und Wagen unterwegs, und nun mit westlichen PS Monstern sieht man wohin das führt. Aber die Russen sind ja die besten Autofahrer auf der Welt, nur Verkehrsregeln ist ein Buch mit 7 Siegeln.
The Life (8 months ago)
Quit russian around man you gonna crash
Эль Оренс (8 months ago)
Yop thoyu mat, Sanya. Nasha mashina v zhope!
Pere Davison (8 months ago)
Impatience, carelessness, unskilled and vodka.
EPBPLakers (8 months ago)
hey! I' speak the Russian language and me live in russia!
Brandon Sinclair (8 months ago)
#womendrivers amaright fellas LMAO too real lol lmao rofl hahahah Sooka Bleeat
Umuntu Ohlakaniphile (8 months ago)
No rules, no logic, no common sense. This is the country that PUTIN rules.
heiner lauter (8 months ago)
Sold all my insurance stocks!
Pablo Casanola (9 months ago)
i'm amazi whn the girl was hit by camara car , and she was like nothing's happen
Pablo Casanola (9 months ago)
satriski putisky
Pablo Casanola (9 months ago)
i think, in russia you are safe when you don't drive , walk or ride a bike
Pablo Casanola (9 months ago)
it seems like those semi and cars breaks when crash
Pablo Casanola (9 months ago)
lol , they every morning have vocka
נהיגה בטוחה (9 months ago)
Joel Thorsson (9 months ago)
25:15 only english words in entire video: "sexy sexy lover"
Brot Eater (9 months ago)
Aniket Khasnabis (9 months ago)
Lots of good drifting(especially in the snow) xD.. fast and furious should learn from this..
Raven Ookami (9 months ago)
Y'all joke about asians being bad drivers but damn i think russians surpass them
Hayley (9 months ago)
6:20 holy fuck
Mrz. Castle (9 months ago)
I pray no one got hurt 😟
Irukka Is Home (9 months ago)
Yo this is the funniest thing I’ve ever watched
Phoenia's Productions (9 months ago)
Men yelling and women gasping, the show
Kam Domber (9 months ago)
9:58 When you honk so hard that the person who cut you off crashes
Frittser (10 months ago)
Why don’t they stop!?!?
devki, vi blyat dlbedki
Steven Nagle (10 months ago)
There are some utter dipsticks around. Makes me worry for my family on the road.

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