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RetroFord Magazine Feature

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Probably one of my proudest moments when i picked up my copy of RetroFord Magazine in June last year which had my car featured in the front cover, centre pages along with a full 8 page feature. Through 8 1/2 years of building the car in my Dads garage. Through the financial strain, the seriously hard graft and late nights and weekends working on it, not to mention making my wife a garage widow whilst i beasted away at building my car, I never thought it would grace the cover of a magazine. Super proud of myself and my Dad for building a car that we can look back on and say, "We built that"
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Zakspeed TV (1 month ago)
Very nice 👍
Mk2Dave (1 month ago)
thanks mate
MARCUS HAYES (2 months ago)
EPIC car!! I love the editing in this video as well Dave! :)
Mk2Dave (2 months ago)
thanks mate, appreciate it

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