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Family blames police for suspect's death

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Family blames police for suspect's death
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Tom Anderson (8 months ago)
Do I smell a lawsuit? Black Lies Matter. Yep all crooks are innocent.
Ce Ce (4 years ago)
Where tf is the footage.. the cops clearly killedhim and.covered it.up stupid fuckin.pigs
cbx25 (6 years ago)
THat was my Boy...! I WAS SAD AS FUCK WHEN I SEEN THIS. R.I.P. Kylen From Georgia
Junior yanez (7 years ago)
omg how old was he
Derrick Rankin (2 months ago)
shamir sco (7 years ago)
i say lets see the tape the whole tape they not showing every thing some of us did learn something in school and the street so show or confes.if he jump off that bridge its not like they say it did. just keep it real police isnt diffferent from us. because they did the same thing to me so they know they are lier.hell they stick together. that night the light went out in dayton the judge&police got blood on there hands. W.R.ROBINSON. with love to Kylen E i am glad i met you and heard your voice

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