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Play-doh Cookout Creation Grill Kitchen! D.I.Y. Kid Craft

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Play-doh Cookout Creation, Grill Kitchen D.I.Y. Kid Craft Like, comment, share! Please SUBSCRIBE to our channel for support and that way you can find us faster and be the first to see all our future videos! To subscribe, click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzId... Find us on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/toysunlimitedYC Instagram: https://instagram.com/toysunlimited_yc/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/toysunlimitedYT DREAM BIG, WORK HARD KID! :) BACKGROUND MUSIC: BUDDY, LITTLE IDEA from www.bensound.com Carefree Melody by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://www.twinmusicom.org/song/302/carefree-melody Artist: http://www.twinmusicom.org
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Text Comments (1006)
daksh rana (6 hours ago)
My favourite is hamburger
Boris Herrera (20 hours ago)
oh this shit is awsome
Jd Lee (23 hours ago)
Cheese is yellow not Orange.
Jd Lee (23 hours ago)
Cheese is yellow not Orange
Jd Lee (23 hours ago)
Cheese is yellow not
Jd Lee (23 hours ago)
You no i can't read rite.
Fiyinfoluwa Ige (2 days ago)
You are a good play doh cook.😃
Fiyinfoluwa Ige (2 days ago)
I love grilled food.😃
robertcicek (3 days ago)
J Han (4 days ago)
kgoodare (5 days ago)
I love your videos and make so much more 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Janvi Reddy (5 days ago)
It’s not even worth getting over
vinita kumari (6 days ago)
Very nice
Mark Cambonga (9 days ago)
I want that
montaser sayed (11 days ago)
My son want it
She is a bad cooker i dont like here
The cheese is yellow
Zoubair Elouazzani (13 days ago)
c vbgjcshfwrysdryjlyifyjdxtjdagafe. gfd v. vx nn.
Isaiah Mccowan (14 days ago)
+ sS A Z Z
Eizeljian Marcelo (14 days ago)
Your burger is weird...
rudy chavira (14 days ago)
i do not like tomotos like if you do not like tomotos
Ginny Flores (4 days ago)
rudy chavira Lol its “Tomatos” Not Tomotos XD
Karen Cummings (15 days ago)
Random Potato (15 days ago)
N S (16 days ago)
Intresting video!
Joschawanna Richardson (17 days ago)
Joschawanna Richardson (17 days ago)
Hey man
Kurt Tejada (18 days ago)
I Have That Toy
Ernanelima lima (20 days ago)
technologies jinnah (21 days ago)
joshua trejo (21 days ago)
Talat karim (22 days ago)
Well I know how to cook 👩‍🍳
l am like kitchen
Angel Willock (26 days ago)
Beth Dunford (26 days ago)
Chris S (27 days ago)
Zak effort
maka ra (25 days ago)
Stephen Edgar (27 days ago)
Sais Maher (28 days ago)
Nice foodstuffs 🌭🍔🍕🌮🌯🍝🍖🍗🍞🧀🍳🎂
Alvin Mancao (29 days ago)
I wish I had all this stuff
Debra Bunch (29 days ago)
Thank you for the video lol
mad Max vlogs (30 days ago)
Romain Panzarella (1 month ago)
Je uiuuuuuuyyyyy
Jennifer Villanueva (1 month ago)
Mine is
Rachel Moreida (1 month ago)
Ccxcxc 👀🐜🐜🐙🦄🐞🕸🕷🐅🐆🦏🐃🐏🐖🦘🦍🦓🐪🐫🐂🐄🌲🌳🐲🐉🌵🎄🌿🍃🌺🌾🌚🌑🌑🌒🌖🌖🌑🌖🌞🌑🌒🌍🌒🌚🌜🌚🌩⛈🌈🌪🔥💥☄️
Sara Moore (1 month ago)
Rick C (1 month ago)
Elina Grace (1 month ago)
I love your work good job 👏👏👏👏
Gyanu Ghale (1 month ago)
Gyanu Ghale (1 month ago)
Wow yummy
Alisydhu wvdbTurki (1 month ago)
بس.ؤ. من ت-تظيزبكرزمررز٠ي٠قعث٩خثحص٢١٢٣٣٨٤بح
Lynda redTate (1 month ago)
Excuse me we know our colors
Gina Wait (1 month ago)
Lynda redTate not everyone does
Lynda redTate (1 month ago)
Hamburger meat sandwich paddy breakfast sandwich and yeah
Dan fan H (1 month ago)
That yellow mold is a 🥩
Dan fan H (1 month ago)
And pizza 🍕
Debra Bunch (29 days ago)
I like pizza too
Debra Bunch (29 days ago)
I like pizza to
Hazel Anne Cervantes (1 month ago)
Alls.slaXlxlXlxXlllls .x.,,x,x.,sklllllllllllllllllllllllslLsl,SlaLs.lsllsals
Joanne Gaño (1 month ago)
Jayashreedevi Teacher (1 month ago)
Jayashreedevi Teacher (1 month ago)
Jayashreedevi Teacher (1 month ago)
Pay O9orvrVTFri rgvv4rrrrrrrrrvr to roll '@*****++*@@@@---+--+---3lii.
Wiscrey De Paula Melo (1 month ago)
machamacha kids (1 month ago)
Wow! These toys are amazing!
Dan Long (1 month ago)
Amazing video
Regan Lewis (1 month ago)
im really high but this is kind of cool
Ali Dinler (1 month ago)
mekhi harden (1 month ago)
We are working
barghino (1 month ago)
josefina cataldo (2 months ago)
Cristina Pereira (2 months ago)
Priyal Vyas (2 months ago)
Burger:-) likes 90
My favorite food is fries
Robin Serrano (2 months ago)
Candra Bani (2 months ago)
I love play doh
Lulu Ramos (2 months ago)
Jihad Brown (2 months ago)
Happy good morning
Jihad Brown (2 months ago)
Happy birthday party
Christopher Febreo (2 months ago)
Burgur for me
Ilove you and play doh
Gerontai Powell (2 months ago)
Christopher Powell
Alice Williams (2 months ago)
Big Dax xsxxJosie’s legvcg
Laila Johnson (3 months ago)
Why is the chicken yellow
Iesha Gray (3 months ago)
Bbgn rifOr
rakhi kharitttry (3 months ago)
I am going back on Friday to get some things to work bye
Krazy Kidz Korner (3 months ago)
Super Fun! Love the Video. Check out Krazy Kidz Korner too!
jerome toledo (1 month ago)
ika leli (3 months ago)
My favorit is burger n hot dog so yummy
Violet Bradley (3 months ago)
Me and my family love this
Ani Kikon (2 months ago)
+Ahliyah White jvhgggb
Ahliyah White (3 months ago)
Henk Liakathoesein (3 months ago)
Hazel Umali (3 months ago)
I like your videos❤️❤️❤️
charlyn po (3 months ago)
Niroshana Perera (3 months ago)
I want you play doh
Vimbai MAJAHA (3 months ago)
that is a patie mold
Su Gallery (3 months ago)
Steve Robinson (3 months ago)
Steve Robinson (3 months ago)
Hannah Jimenez (13 days ago)
Frffycjugbyvdfdpyyhvgcd5h Hz d f guffygt ftfd ft rhhwgSteve Robinson.
Ryan Anderson (4 months ago)
If ur chicken is yellow u probably have salmonella or ur color blind
Bobby Nkomo (4 months ago)
Sandra Owusu (4 months ago)
Sandra Owusu (4 months ago)
Sandra Owusu (4 months ago)
Sandra Owusu (4 months ago)
Megan She Like it 6464962866 mom😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈64649+7= 77_88= 444×666= 5555555+666666666666 @ ==
My Surprise Toys (4 months ago)
owo geat video ,
I love elsa & anna food
We love. tomato
Oscar Deras (4 months ago)
SC I see you are you are the best because videos sometimes I saw it last time that was a good one from the Vault the other part have something for hot dogs in your sandwiches look like you know in sandwiches know what cooking is good to buy my name is Olivia my dad is watching TV but but your TV show are so good meaning my my name. Olivia my cousin Love's your shows and videos bye before I leave my phone number is 2 5 1 8 8 8 0 3 2 6 that's my phone number
Dad Bod (4 months ago)
Cheese burger
nailun niam (4 months ago)
Wow it is amazing
Clide Kent Caasi (4 months ago)
ilike the hamburger

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