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Warren G & Sissel — Prince Igor

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Text Comments (643)
mancunian4life86 (2 years ago)
Someone take me back to 1998 please.....
ماذا لو؟. (1 month ago)
This song old then me 🤣😄
Jef Jef (3 months ago)
Me 2
Damir Viskovic (8 months ago)
quentin GOADEC Perfect wonderful Song and women!
mancunian4life86 NOOOOO >: V ok no
983 888 (10 months ago)
Milan K (11 days ago)
98 Thanks woop woop
Bojidar Malinow (12 days ago)
2019 brat meeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!££££50£ purple weed 😘🔞
Mert AKKAYA (15 days ago)
1sick88lx1 (17 days ago)
Mо Caт (22 days ago)
February 2019? Anyone? Haaah... Memories of 90's... My childhood...
Карина нвпн (24 days ago)
Александр П (27 days ago)
Prince Igor, Russian folk song. Very beautyfull.
Norwegian singer sings Russian song "Prince Igor" ) I remembered my childhood. I liked this song
Johny Appbuilderlol (1 month ago)
i like "dark" ambient colors in 90s videos,fuck HD,90% creative videos same in old resolution,fuck new world order too
2019? Love this!
magier7272 (1 month ago)
lcv tube (1 month ago)
someone listen this song in 2019
mohamed elmasry (1 month ago)
Who listen to this song 2019!? Am i in 1998 ? What anice day i was spent
Нет на данный момент!Сиессел😜🛸💪🍀🌹This is mi Favourite Sound!!!!👽👽👽👽🤝💎
Marianne G (1 month ago)
He is using those hand signals what celebs now ...
Impetus Creations (1 month ago)
I was looking for this since 2010 thanks
rich (1 month ago)
Тарабарщина )
Бля это моё младенчество. Чистый relax
Примитивный вульгарный ,ушлепский нигерский рэп ,вывозит российская опера.
Xtentacion An0nYm0us (1 month ago)
Stolen by Evgeniya Sotnikova! https://youtu.be/uZAi5XLjWgI
Самый идиотический клип какой я лишь лицезрел. Мало того что ни каким боком песня не связана с припевом. ну-ка оно и понятно однако и клип ваще хер усвой о чем. Поет про разборки а здесь у него космос и бабушка на луне у него поет. Что он курил когда это создавал. Если не вникать а попросту внимать песня отменная. Но клип глядеть ни в коем разе невозможно.
Вот вы суки для чего услажняете всех оюдей на свете здеоайте если желаете от нашего господа ведь он посильнее всё что кушать вселеной
Enea Kelo (2 months ago)
hip hop the love of my life
shot man (2 months ago)
ARCHIMBA (2 months ago)
RAP живой!!!.для 90-х хотя это и была попса,не сопоставить с паблик конечно вутангами и изи-и. НО ВСЁТАКИ СЛУШАЛИ!!!!!!!всем РАПЕРАМ привет!!!МИНСК!!!!
Benedicta Akinyamoju (2 months ago)
2019 anyone ?
Youcef Mermoul (2 months ago)
2019 Any one’s here ? Of course...
vadegdadeg (2 months ago)
куда мазафаку разделяй?
Christian R (2 months ago)
2019 anyone?
Walid Bellahcene (2 months ago)
To jest nuta.
DR Morro (2 months ago)
восхитительная песня
Mehboob pm (2 months ago)
2019 ?
Natty (2 months ago)
KanduOlhi (2 months ago)
2019? 😌
Ricardo Fernandes (2 months ago)
2019 ?
Aziz Akhmedov (2 months ago)
I just heard a song without the words b****, h**...Respect! An oldy but a goody. Those were the days.
Attyah Akram (2 months ago)
Finaly i find it
XXX-IronMan-XXX 2018 (2 months ago)
alexandros_k (3 months ago)
Warren G Top Dogg patrolling the beach Niggas say they’re hard as bricks but they’re soft as a peach Claiming the G of all G’s, please, I come blowing Through like the breeze, sitting on the threes Post it coast it and mash it down. Pacific coast In the bomb chrome rims, black on black Yukon With nuts hangin’ from the city, where the bangers Be bangin’. It don't seem like shit is changin’ I hollered at a homey the other day G’d up at the park, Sippin Alisay One of the homies took a beatin’, so now we'll start to be A gang, checkin’ at the meetin’ like cycles repeatin’ It’s just another sunset fall and see I can hear the homies that pass calling me And you know what I discover what they keep sayin’ Keep your mind and your money motherfuckers And shake busters [Chorus: Sissel] Улетай на крыльях ветра Ты в кромка родимый, родная песня наша Туда, где мы тебя вольно пели Где было этак привольно нам с тобою [Verse 2: Warren G] Have you ever sold millions, but yet you niggas Persist to talk shit, get off my dick Ya never catch me slippin’, rollin’ with the heat Slap the clip in, I never thought the world would start trippin’ My life's a trip though, hit the crypto, blow the whistle They think I bang, so I pack a pistol Warren to the G is a G, I don’t fuck With you nigga, so don’t fuck with me, let’s ride To the East Side, slide like a fo I pack a 44, when I'm steppin’ out doors To the bang to the boogie, if I speak then I spoke Warren G you do it every time, till ya low Get the party lit like blazin’ smoke The East Side of the beach, West side of the coast You know the niggas that arrive with hogs Attack dogs to say niggas are down to die With motherfucker
Элмарз Плиев (3 months ago)
Jef Jef (3 months ago)
Dec 2018?
Ionut Ocneanu (3 months ago)
One of the best hip hop 😎😎😎👌👌👌
F*ck politics, we all live in one planet!
Ziani Aiman (3 months ago)
Gangsta pleas godddd give me the time backkķ
Krystian Lapinski (3 months ago)
Bigpunexplonasion clip
Krystian Lapinski (3 months ago)
Machine productionnothingeuropeacomisionbettersomonecaling
Celestina Cella (4 months ago)
*My life is complete now!* Thank you YouTube! 😇🙏❤️🎼🎶🎧🎵
Karchata R (4 months ago)
shinga solomon (4 months ago)
my best favourite song
Dr Tusar Official (4 months ago)
I love this song.... Daily dose of listening
Jonas Welldone (4 months ago)
Power of the money, money of the power
Don Johnson (4 months ago)
От её голоса слёзы наворачиваются. По украински этак не споёшь.
Muhammad Zairov (4 months ago)
dea sersfe (4 months ago)
Rap'in ne kadar kötü birşey olduğunu karşılaştırmalı anlatıyor şarkı.
Kai Voigt (4 months ago)
Still great song in 2018
منوعات ديزاد (4 months ago)
Respect from Algeria 💝
TIK TOK (4 months ago)
Thanks thanks 😘😘😘😘
Атас пеня! 2к18
Moh Waz (4 months ago)
This was music ❤️
Abbas Mahamat Khamis (4 months ago)
Best time... Old school for ever ! Chadian negger.
Alex Aran (4 months ago)
I know Sissel and Prince Igor thanks to Warren G...It's a beautiful mix
Angel Gamer (5 months ago)
Oha aga efsane
FenixFaer (5 months ago)
И под такую песню идёт фоном черножопное:" средства это воля, воля это средства". Тьфу, нах.
Real shit
лего мульты (5 months ago)
Dmitrijs Nikulins (5 months ago)
2018, still actual
George Stan (5 months ago)
2018 romania
Martin Liebau (5 months ago)
Who listens to this song in 2018 ?
Guyver Bio (5 months ago)
That is intriguing. If you mix classic Russian song with American rap, get a great composition.
yorick tesse91 (6 months ago)
Quelle époque formidable!!!
Spookesaurus Rex (6 months ago)
90s rap truly was golden
Я ошибался ты дибил
PURPLIE (6 months ago)
хватит уже переобуваться, хуйло ты квадратное, съеби отсюда в конце концов
Youcef Rahmoune (6 months ago)
Who listens to this song in 2018 ?
Manon ॐ Sae chedelice (6 months ago)
Un dos tres
liparoti nicolas (6 months ago)
Elle est où mon enfance 🎶💓
Naja Nielsen (6 months ago)
Nice, sissel have fantastic voice.
Ronald Moonsamy (6 months ago)
Warren G without Nate Dogg lyk bacon without eggs.....but this jam is good 🇿🇦
Петър Илиев (6 months ago)
Mnogo hubava pesen s kef q slusham
Ashton Love (6 months ago)
Y'all niggaz like rap with some Russian shit like this? Take another one, from Young Buck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx8qw-i0bUo
gábor dobai (7 months ago)
2018 ...like
MisterVader (7 months ago)
I am a Metalhead/Goth...but love this song!
Valdas Metrikis (7 months ago)
Cool song is cool forever!
ЧЕН ИР (7 months ago)
Шедевр! Однозначно!
Mr. Sadaf Tomar (7 months ago)
After 20years 2018
Булган Алтан (7 months ago)
I wanted listen to her. Her voice is incredible. She was born from heaven.
nfeeltraita (7 months ago)
Sonically sound!
MatteoM1990 (7 months ago)
2018... 21 years ago... i was 7. A lot of memories
Adamo Nabil (7 months ago)
power of money. Money of power exactly bro peace
Smaakjeks K (7 months ago)
To me this is a Christmas song. Nostalgia cannot be tamed.
Jena Troelsgaard (7 months ago)
She is the true Ariel. Sissel.
Rachid Merdji (7 months ago)
29-07-2018 who's still listen to this fuckin' amazing song ❤
Petra Krönert (7 months ago)
apocalipse 12...jesaja 66.
Karim El harady (7 months ago)
Nice song
Lucielle George (7 months ago)
I was 13. I have been searching for the title of the song for so long. I am 33 now , so you can imagine what it must be like to have a 20 year obsession lol.
PURPLIE (7 months ago)
Lucielle George I'm glad that u could find it :)
Сергей Попов (8 months ago)
Who listens to this song in 2018 ?
anis intellix (2 months ago)
Aniram Anid (2 months ago)
Mokhtar Haddadi (8 months ago)
i didn't understand what the song is talking about
PURPLIE (8 months ago)
Mokhtar Haddadi you can find the lyrics and try to translate it to your language, what's the problem?

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