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Warren G & Sissel — Prince Igor

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Text Comments (541)
mancunian4life86 (1 year ago)
Someone take me back to 1998 please.....
Damir Viskovic (3 months ago)
quentin GOADEC Perfect wonderful Song and women!
mancunian4life86 NOOOOO >: V ok no
983 888 (5 months ago)
Leyla Aliyeva (6 months ago)
mancunian4life86 Me too, my school time! 😉
wendy bleeser (8 months ago)
Take me with ya
Phoenix bird (20 hours ago)
И под такую песню идёт фоном черножопное:" средства это воля, воля это средства". Тьфу, нах.
Real shit
лего мульты (16 days ago)
PURPLIE (15 days ago)
лего мультфильмы у тебя весьма нехороший музыкальный вкус в таком случае)
Dmitrijs Nikulins (19 days ago)
2018, still actual
George Stan (20 days ago)
2018 romania
Martin Liebau (21 days ago)
Who listens to this song in 2018 ?
Guyver Bio (25 days ago)
That is intriguing. If you mix classic Russian song with American rap, get a great composition.
Quelle époque formidable!!!
Spookesaurus Rex (27 days ago)
90s rap truly was golden
flimer Бро (1 month ago)
Я ошибался ты дибил
PURPLIE (1 month ago)
хватит уже переобуваться, хуйло ты квадратное, съеби отсюда в конце концов
Youcef Rahmoune (1 month ago)
Who listens to this song in 2018 ?
Un dos tres
liparoti nicolas (1 month ago)
Elle est où mon enfance 🎶💓
Naja Nielsen (1 month ago)
Nice, sissel have fantastic voice.
Ronald Moonsamy (1 month ago)
Warren G without Nate Dogg lyk bacon without eggs.....but this jam is good 🇿🇦
Петър Илиев (1 month ago)
Mnogo hubava pesen s kef q slusham
Ashton Love (1 month ago)
Y'all niggaz like rap with some Russian shit like this? Take another one, from Young Buck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx8qw-i0bUo
gábor dobai (1 month ago)
2018 ...like
MisterVader (2 months ago)
I am a Metalhead/Goth...but love this song!
Valdas Metrikis (2 months ago)
Cool song is cool forever!
ЧЕН ИР (2 months ago)
Шедевр! Однозначно!
SCI-FI Study (2 months ago)
After 20years 2018
Булган Алтан (2 months ago)
I wanted listen to her. Her voice is incredible. She was born from heaven.
nfeeltraita (2 months ago)
Sonically sound!
MatteoM1990 (2 months ago)
2018... 21 years ago... i was 7. A lot of memories
Adamo Nabil (2 months ago)
power of money. Money of power exactly bro peace
Smaakjeks K (2 months ago)
To me this is a Christmas song. Nostalgia cannot be tamed.
Jena Troelsgaard (2 months ago)
She is the true Ariel. Sissel.
Rachid Merdji (2 months ago)
29-07-2018 who's still listen to this fuckin' amazing song ❤
Petra Krönert (2 months ago)
apocalipse 12...jesaja 66.
Karim El harady (2 months ago)
Nice song
Lucielle George (2 months ago)
I was 13. I have been searching for the title of the song for so long. I am 33 now , so you can imagine what it must be like to have a 20 year obsession lol.
PURPLIE (2 months ago)
Lucielle George I'm glad that u could find it :)
Сергей Попов (2 months ago)
Who listens to this song in 2018 ?
Mokhtar Haddadi (3 months ago)
i didn't understand what the song is talking about
PURPLIE (2 months ago)
Mokhtar Haddadi you can find the lyrics and try to translate it to your language, what's the problem?
Noureddine GUENDOUZ (3 months ago)
It's 2018 and it still one of my favorite songs ♥
Adrian Gordon (3 months ago)
where the real motherfuckin G'S at
Angelina Victoria (3 months ago)
Blue bood
Claudiu B (3 months ago)
2018 anybody?
Twilite131 (3 months ago)
Now I'm 34 and bumping this in my land rover velar - life is good.
Kenan Yılmaz (3 months ago)
Çok eski ve güzel günlere götürdü 😢 Türk dinleyeninde olmaması üzücü
Vladimir Kouznetsov (3 months ago)
What do they say? .onkey, .onkey, rap, rap,gang, gang? What a trash do we have to listen to?
SORIN Manea (3 months ago)
Timpul trece mult prea repede
ernest ernesti (3 months ago)
They made a classical russian song sound so good in rap...respect
+31Pyro (3 months ago)
Too bad that it is removed from Spotify..
Ivar Choi Espedalen (3 months ago)
+31Pyro you can find the song if you use the YouTube Music app, or if you have a YouTube premium sub. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=SSEL22d1Y58&feature=share
Andy Andutzu (3 months ago)
2018 up !
Hana Kurtović (3 months ago)
Nikola Dostin (3 months ago)
2018? 🖤
Petra Krönert (3 months ago)
apocalipse 12...
Vladimir Kouznetsov (3 months ago)
This is a very good sample of perfect opera vocal vs f.cking trash rap.
Mitty Ahmed (3 months ago)
croma81 (4 months ago)
So when USA went to moon, Russians were already making party over there
Crimson Claw (4 months ago)
2018 sad life
19boris66 (4 months ago)
Great one
Петр Иванов (4 months ago)
MORE BETTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWlT_fMIo6s
Søren Andersen (3 months ago)
Have looked for this $ong in nearly 5 year'$ then I'm gonner find it in rehab. Who would thougt that? Best song EVER3
Samir Amiar (4 months ago)
Eh lesta disons le bon vieux temps
Rysuje Sobie (4 months ago)
Alexander Borodin brought me here
💙💚❤Россия Наш💙❤💙💛🙏
💪💪💪Россия Хорошо💪💪💪💪
pticurina (4 months ago)
Valeska negrita (4 months ago)
2018 😘😘😘 bringing me back memories
enil lika (4 months ago)
big love from Albania
Лайк, если тебя зовут Игорь:)))
Roma A. (4 months ago)
Как прекрасно поет. И совсем без акцента!
Munteanu Alexandru (4 months ago)
Can someone name the music that runs in the background of this clip, pretty please?
Витя Шукало (4 months ago)
охуененая тема
JOZEF JO (5 months ago)
Ivan TheGreat (5 months ago)
Claudiu Poanca (5 months ago)
Andre Rizo and Oscar-Prince Igor 2017
Geeno Efx (5 months ago)
This is Art! I Love it.
A. N. (5 months ago)
That nostalgia... burst of emotions...
Kai Van Vliet (5 months ago)
So bad
Kai Van Vliet (5 months ago)
So slecht
Nemo seven Seven (6 months ago)
AWAD (6 months ago)
20 years still listening and enjoying this song-1998/2018!!!
rob_gamer911 (6 months ago)
i was looking for this cuz of the minister of time
Petko (6 months ago)
2018? ставь лайк, ёба! ))
negyms (6 months ago)
Sissel Kyrkjebø <3!
Hris _YT (6 months ago)
Bally Gill (6 months ago)
2018 squad?
Как издавна мы воздействовали на выборы
sun omar (6 months ago)
песня про Россию
Wolf Girl (6 months ago)
aslan aslan (6 months ago)
1999 and 2018
Jawed Bna (6 months ago)
Les belles souvenirs de 1997 après 21 ans et oui s'est la vie
Erikk Carte Blanche (7 months ago)
way better than that playstation rap crap they produce nowdays
Thanas Pilafas (7 months ago)
A mix of wonderful russian music and ugly american rap.
Willems Pierre (7 months ago)
Super Whack.
2018 !! still lisen !!
zigi Ahmed (7 months ago)
zigi Ahmed (7 months ago)
Who lisening in 2018 March 4th
Mostafa Mowafy (7 months ago)
1998_2018 20 years 😮
Kuniyama Linda (7 months ago)
The voice of Sissel never ceases to amaze me! Worldclass!!
👍👍👍 👑СИССЕЛ👑 ХОРОШО ТЕБЕ 👏 👏 👏 👏 🙏 😊
Galin Vladimirov (7 months ago)
2018 anybody?
Apollo (7 months ago)
2018 ???
Aisha Revadova (7 months ago)
Listeners in 2018 ☝🏻
Metin Hsn (7 months ago)
Bulgaria 2018

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