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Customer Driven Quality with Bob Waterman - Quality Through People Training Video

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Watch the complete program and over 350 more for $99 a year ($8.25 a month) when you subscribe to Trainflix®: https://www.mytrainflix.com/. Quality through People looks at the important role that the employees of the Wallace Company, a Malcolm Baldrige Award Winner, played in stimulating a quality-based corporate turnaround. Wallace changed from a rigid hierarchical organization into a model of teamwork and personal empowerment. Discover how Wallace employees dedicate themselves to this vision each and every day. This series is hosted by In Search of Excellence co-author Robert H. Waterman, Jr. The second part of the series is Quality Through Systems and series pricing is available. For More Information, visit: http://www.enterprisemedia.com/product/00338/search-quality-volume-quality-people/
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