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Cha Cha (Sway/Todo Todo Todo) on Yamaha Tyros 5 by #artzkie

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Medley of Sway & Todo Todo Todo performed on Yamaha Tyros 5 by artzkie ツ Facebook: http://bit.ly/2EXW77L
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Text Comments (459)
Erdei Balázs (8 days ago)
50% Yamaha, 50% human, but that's good
Jonathan Salve (14 days ago)
I like cha cha..come and dance...
VIDEO GAMING 1937 (16 days ago)
Music always plays to my ears thanks artwork
VIDEO GAMING 1937 (9 days ago)
+artzkie I will regards I will -gaming
artzkie (16 days ago)
Oh that's nice,hope they are enjoying. Pls. extend my regards to them. Thank you🙏 art-
VIDEO GAMING 1937 (16 days ago)
Where outside my father and her neighbor where drinking wine,alcohol then i play your cha cha song that was great ful😄😄😄
artzkie (16 days ago)
thanks for listening🙏
Nor Mangaba (19 days ago)
Wow helwa awie.. ofw cairo
archel catandijan (1 month ago)
sarap matulog pag ganito ang sound...good job sir
Jessamae Villas (1 month ago)
Sesista Gloria (1 month ago)
I like it this music my mind is very relaxing and my body is much more comfortable for dance
Sergio Venuto (1 month ago)
bella interpretazione è un piacere ascoltarla Bravissimo......
C Swain (2 months ago)
All DEDICATED TO OUR "World"👌👌👌👌
Jerico Buco (2 months ago)
yeah tagay pa more! galeng!
Marilyn (2 months ago)
Hannes V (2 months ago)
Hello, Breathtaking! What a beautiful song and it's nice to hear you playing. Cheers. Good wishes from germany, Hannes 🎵🎼⭐️✨👌🌹👏
Marliza Heyrana (2 months ago)
Bravo...fantastico ..👍✋👊👋 wtching fr israel💪
TheFailasofa (1 month ago)
Music is the langguage of my soul that relieves my stresses and loneliness
Rowena Morrison (2 months ago)
What a wonderful performance, I just love it. Play more please.
The Steam Addict (2 months ago)
Six-and-a-half minutes of repetition..... now I know why 1.2k people give this a "thumbs-down". TYROS5 is so incredibly versatile; surely you can get more variety out of it than this?
mylene geibig (2 months ago)
Cheers🍷 My favourite songs❤ Galing😃😁👏👏👏
melchora pablo (2 months ago)
Nice cha cha, dance.
Alice The rose (2 months ago)
I’m making Holy Rosaries and listening to this awesome music. This music makes me want to 💃🏽. L❤️ve L❤️v it. Thank you for sharing and posting your talent.
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you
Toril Susegg (2 months ago)
Very good!!!
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you🙏
amor mora (3 months ago)
Wonderful instrument and very relaxing music, thank you (3X)....
Mai Gandara (3 months ago)
Grabe . Ginalingan naman.
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you🙏
Jerom Tavares (3 months ago)
nice music😂napasayaw agad ako😂😂
April Four (3 months ago)
Ang galing ng pulso mo, keep up!
Penaflor Idanan (3 months ago)
Rey valera
Trọng Lú (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing (cám ơn chia sẻ)
Myrna Rejano (4 months ago)
Ang ganda naman simayaw na nga ako
Carmen Dollentas (4 months ago)
I really love you tyros yamaha. Thanks for all the music You shared with us.
Ann Dhel (4 months ago)
Love it😍great talent😘
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you🙏
Ricky Gallaza (4 months ago)
Baw kanami gd,, ka tahum... muahhhh. Nami mag saot,,,
MJ k (4 months ago)
Buen instrumental musica
Julie Rosario (4 months ago)
Lili L (5 months ago)
Beautiful ! ! ! LOVE IT!!!
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you 🙏
Thuan Le Thi (5 months ago)
Quá tuyệt !
kien phan (5 months ago)
Awesome ! Thank you for sharing.
Eduardo Limlingan (5 months ago)
Music in the morning makes my body full of positively charges the whole day.
janete española (5 months ago)
nice sound...
Leu Meira (5 months ago)
Very nice
orllyn kuizon (5 months ago)
nakaka inlove na kamay
Eden Balabat (5 months ago)
Wow its very beautiful song
Rachel Baloro (5 months ago)
it's nice song
Maurito Breis (5 months ago)
a wonderful music keep it on!
Nicole Bautista (5 months ago)
Very nice
erwin vh (5 months ago)
prachtig toch
Sonia Tuason (6 months ago)
Beautiful rendition of Philippine folk songs
Gemma Apego (6 months ago)
Gustong gusto k tlaga itong pakinggn kht ilang beses p ng paulit ulit tnggal stress ang sarap sabayan ..woooww..
Tanya Kpa (6 months ago)
arce valderama (6 months ago)
Eñits really beautiful chat chat i really like dance this musical
Jinks McNew (6 months ago)
Can u make a tutorial on this please..
liza ramos (6 months ago)
Cheers while dancing! EXCELLENT!!!
Anna Tomas (6 months ago)
Omg that’s my favorite 🎶
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you 🙏
Micro Jems Watts (6 months ago)
i remember my old long play songs..
Rachele Lillo (6 months ago)
Jerlyn Tumpang (7 months ago)
Lab it so much😍😍😍😍
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you 🙏
Miriam Yamson (7 months ago)
Biên Hòa Memories (7 months ago)
Can I post this song in YouTube Bien Hoa Memories ? Thanks
Biên Hòa Memories (7 months ago)
Hay qua - xin phep cho toi post bai nhac nay vo Trang YouTube’s Bien Hoa Memories duoc khong ? Cam on......
Hector Alvarado (7 months ago)
In English it is called Sway . In Spanish it is called " Quien sera la que me quiere a mi" Who will be the one that will love me. Is the translation.
Alexander campita (7 months ago)
Gumiho Tame (7 months ago)
A very sincere gratitude from a lady with 27 years of existence on earth carrying the soul of a 53 years old happy and contented woman
Aniq Sharudin (7 months ago)
Good music
Sibaweng Quiros (7 months ago)
akala ko orchestra ng caranto haha....ganda....
Archie Kent-Kellett (7 months ago)
juvy smith (7 months ago)
Amazingly wonderful,talented person.i love it. Thank you for sharing.lovely.
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you 🙏
gina benigo (7 months ago)
Ang galing ❤❤👏👏👏
Gemma Jamero (7 months ago)
i really like it..si much
Gemma Jamero (7 months ago)
so much..luv it!
Susan J (7 months ago)
Who ever your very especial thank you!!
Joan Savage (7 months ago)
This is fantastic. Thank you.
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you 🙏
abner frayle (7 months ago)
Remarkable, hi-tech ang sounds equipment. superb.
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you 🙏
Nina Ugarte (7 months ago)
La interpretación es magnífica. Gracias por compartir una música tan alegre y con mucho ritmo. Me. Encanta bailar, y el chachachá invita a seguir el ritmo. Your music rocks...!
Jesie Martins (8 months ago)
I wanna dance with you. Can I?😍😍😍
artzkie (2 months ago)
Merelyn Samson (8 months ago)
I always play it because it’s so beautiful you’re very good at it 👏👏👏
Merelyn Samson (8 months ago)
I admire you always,God bless you 😇❤️❤️❤️
mimi beley24 (7 months ago)
victor wood
Ingrid Akkermans (8 months ago)
heel mooi hoor goed gespeeld blijf spelen succes groetjes ingrid akkermans
elvis mananghac (8 months ago)
Tagay pa more...
Angel rose Sumalinog (8 months ago)
active lj (8 months ago)
madalas ko play music play mo sir ! nakakawala ng stress subcriber nyo po ako
Miroslav Popovic (8 months ago)
i had some wish to do play as you do
Miroslav Popovic (8 months ago)
geloan po (8 months ago)
cha cha cha na sa discohan !!!!!!!!!!!
Very good
Yolaine Lama (8 months ago)
Super ! Que de souvenirs ... mais, à la fin, il avait soif le monsieur !!
Lenie Veracer (8 months ago)
Lets dance cha cha..you are good..men..I love it.😍
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you 🙏
Elenita Chenoweth (8 months ago)
Oh my god. So nice to hear all my favorite music like cha cha and sway.while im resting i start open my cell going to youtube.very nice to hear.
Repeta Paoo (8 months ago)
WOW so loving this. Hello, Kia-orana from New Zealand. Thank you very much for sharing to all.
artzkie (2 months ago)
thank you🙏
Celia Mesinas (8 months ago)
Love your music cannot help but to dance and dance kahit walang partner
Julie Rutor (8 months ago)
🇵🇭 tagay pa more para May feelings and lively.
Phuong Tran (8 months ago)
like 1000 like
Jocelyn Alvarez (9 months ago)
*Pikahe Birahe CHACHAHEE!!*
David Antonetti (9 months ago)
Fae Lucy Bayudang (9 months ago)
70s ako pinanganak kaya gustong gusto ko yang mag tugtug mo, ipagpatuloy mupa yan para marami kapang mapapasaya hanggang sa labas ng pilipinas lalo na mga mga pinoy.
Ponds Pingul (9 months ago)
ooooh nanigas nanaman ang aking mga legs napasayaw nanaman ako...
Pajanustan Jenessa (9 months ago)
woow my fav. music in cha cha...
Pajanustan Jenessa (6 months ago)
Anthony Bodino (6 months ago)
Pajanustan Jenessa hai am Anthony Bodino #09384199189
Ruben Topal (9 months ago)
o love it...
Mientras sea el cha cha y no la chacha, todo estupendo. Saludos!
lhey dasal (9 months ago)
Wow amazing thanks god bless 😊😊
Michael Miravalles (9 months ago)
Nice nkkmiss nmn....
Christian Larracas (9 months ago)
everyday my favorite wunderlich besame very nice , sarap pakinggan ,i lab you wunderlich galing , , ,
Hoang Dzung Pham (9 months ago)
Only you have a magic technique.. When you sway I go weaaak .. Sway me smooth .. sway me more ... I want to go dance now ..
Manuela Nela (9 months ago)
espectacular adoro muitíssimo.

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