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Hot Chicks in Shiny & Glossy Pantyhose Tights #1

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Text Comments (6)
Randy Baker (2 years ago)
Anyone notice that these girls aren't covered with tattoos from head to foot ?
sándor szombath (3 years ago)
sexy beautiful lady
silky smooths (3 years ago)
Growing up in the 80's pantyhose everywhere, sadly these days hve to search the web
exactly what I was thinking, I grew up in the 80's myself. it seems like everywhere u turned, young lovely women had pantyhose on, it was like heaven! now u have to look on YouTube to see it!
I would think I would have died & gone to heaven, just to hang around with some of those sexy pantyhose!!!!
Олег Иванов (3 years ago)
Super-Legs!!!!! Sexy!!!!!

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