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피아노 ,너무아름다워서눈물이나는피아노소리, 피아니스트이루마님

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MOMO SINGER (6 hours ago)
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Mari Acosta (14 hours ago)
Mui bonito la musica LIKE para che toche el piano mejor
П1 (14 hours ago)
Просто восхитительно!
Bracha Malyi (19 hours ago)
David (22 hours ago)
Hanan Dahou (23 hours ago)
Magnifique chansons
ordinary LOL gamer (1 day ago)
the first one's intro is kinda same as Fur Elise's intro
별별채널 (1 day ago)
뜨르뜨르 딴딴딴
nick fai (1 day ago)
I feel peace and calm but i still cannot forget the mistake I've been doing to my grandma... thanks for this music i feel more confortable
Mara Shizu (1 day ago)
Ti sto ancora amando. Ora per sempre finché non ti ammali di me.
감정마스터TV (1 day ago)
이루마의 피아노 소리는 마음을 연다. 열린 마음에 사랑과 연민, 슬픔과 고독을 살며시 밀어넣는다. 내 마음에 넘치지 않을 만큼...내가 충분히 그리워하고 때로는 설레이며 서글프도록. 딱 그 만큼만... 눈물나게 아름다우면서 슬픈 멜로디이다. 그래서 가슴에 사무치는 음악이다. '첫 사랑'처럼, 섬세하게 딱 그만큼....
Ivanei Alexandre (1 day ago)
GameDesire (1 day ago)
Great for studying! / Muito bom para estudar!
가비트쿠쿨칸 (1 day ago)
아주 노래가 좋내요
rebeca castro (2 days ago)
Me encanta. Es maravilloso, la calma y paz que te transmite. Con su música.
Super Sonya (2 days ago)
14fluffymuffins (2 days ago)
what's the song at 1:31:04 ??
Alan Gómez (2 days ago)
No tengo palabras para describir esta sensación al escuchar estas melodías! Recomendables para estar en paz..!
이진우 (2 days ago)
Listening to this song reminds me of my grandfather in heaven... I'm sorry, Grandpa.
Serena Angeloni (2 days ago)
💙adoro le sue melodie💜❤
Angelica Cuellar (2 days ago)
que musica mas hermosa vale la pena tenerla en nuestro repertorio personal
LunaKay V (2 days ago)
Le di me gusta pero si hubiese un ME ENCANTA se lo doy. <3
Shery A. (2 days ago)
He has the best taste between pianist ever. Love his works. Thanks
Nin Klim (2 days ago)
Wunderschöööööön 😊
Homer Simpson (2 days ago)
Я написал: "Америкосы тупые", а переведу: "American people: is very friendly, and it is true. Видите, какой я опасный.
nayibys cardona (2 days ago)
Esta música es increíble me funciona full para estudiar. El sentimiento y todo lo que puede transmitir es asombroso. Arte y expresión en su totalidad
김미정 (3 days ago)
저이어린이집에서자장가로드러어요너무좋아 요굿굿너무나도슬퍼요
Mara Shizu (3 days ago)
qui saremo sempre insieme Buona notte.
Angel R Shereen (3 days ago)
<3 <3 <3
SRF ACKGZ (3 days ago)
Günlerce, saatlerce ve dakikalarca sıkılmadan.....
텅장 (3 days ago)
한국분들 있으시면 ♡
유재영 (3 days ago)
Lusiana Fitriastuti (4 days ago)
Kiss the rain ini sering banget dipakai untuk acara realiti show di tv, jadilah pas dengar langsung kebayang segala macam dramanya~
ian Huang (4 days ago)
So relaxing to here it
Саф Саф (4 days ago)
Это потрясающе🥺 Трогает струнки моей души 🥺🎼
Alguién sabe que canción esta en el 1:26:50
Angelica Fabian (4 days ago)
Que maravilha de música, que talentoso artista. Me emocionocionei de ouvi-lo, desperta o melhor em mim. Gratidao por compartilhar tanta beleza.
Soo nice😍😍😍
thankyou .
Areej Abdulaziz (4 days ago)
Glitter Jr (4 days ago)
Twenty one pilots 😀😀😀
silent storm (5 days ago)
good i like to listening these kind of music when i work
Dyah Puspita (5 days ago)
what a beautiful music....thank you YIRUMA
Mara Shizu (5 days ago)
muito lindo
Montserrat noriega (5 days ago)
Hermosa música!!
Jenifer Lopez (5 days ago)
No se me sonaron a la pelicula de hachiko
Jenifer Lopez (5 days ago)
I corazon empezo a sentir y tristeza pero... a la vez felicidad grandioso
Jenifer Lopez (5 days ago)
Si les gusto esto les recomiendo escuchar canciones cristianas de miel san marcos,redimi2,evan craf, barak
iStyl ShaDoWs (5 days ago)
Sao song sadness +yiruma = want suicid .cool
The Life Project (5 days ago)
loveld Lu (5 days ago)
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Cynthia Katerine (5 days ago)
Que canción es en 1:26:24?
jenny (5 days ago)
hey, you. yes, you, reader of this comment. i'm not going to tell you to scroll back up or anything like that. but i want you to do something for me. close your eyes for the count of 20, and listen to this video. do it, right now. see how nice it is not being distracted by your computer screen? procrastination is an addicting habit, but you can beat it. i may just be words on a screen, but behind these words is a person who believes in you. i know you've probably heard this spiel before, but that's because it's the truth: you can do it : )
jenny (2 days ago)
Angelaa G :p
Angelaa G (2 days ago)
aww thank you! I feel better just because you exist and say this sweet thing! even if I don't know you, I love you!
Ricky SaiSai (4 days ago)
Thanks! Procrastination is a typical thing for a teen to go through and sometimes you just have to let time slip by but the more you laze around, the more it overtakes you. Have a great day!
A.R.M.Y라차 (6 days ago)
Thanks we always need yeruma in life 😊
silver5389 (6 days ago)
Simone Dourado (6 days ago)
Toca o coração e floresce amor!
Ngân Nguyễn Khánh (6 days ago)
His music has a very different, unique calming property that helps my mind and body stay relaxed and drag me out of my procrastination cycle lol. Respect!
Elif Ozturk (6 days ago)
Ellerine saglik diyorum be arkadas :)
RONSSON SANTOS (7 days ago)
Hola, viva México! Greetings everyone
Roberto Grijalva (7 days ago)
La uso para estudiar, pero transmite grandes sentimientos!
hermosos sonidos, un placer en el oido humano...
吳慧蓉 (7 days ago)
Прекрасная музыка!!! Я включаю эту музыку во пора контрольной работы по арифметике в школе. Детям весьма нравится и это помогает им сосредоточиться.
Москва Сити (8 days ago)
Раша тоже любит такую музыку👊😂
전순수한지니 (8 days ago)
아름다운 피아노선율에 세상에 아름다움을 느껴봅니다~
Sean (8 days ago)
썸네일 보고 이말년인줄;;
NoNodina JJ (8 days ago)
What i wont to say...this music taken me to anther world🌺🌺
Anilda Carvalho (8 days ago)
Maravilhoso estudo todos os dias com essas músicas maravilhosas.
mary gallardo (8 days ago)
AWESOME (8 days ago)
Francis Ybarra (8 days ago)
I would remember Gabriela Herrera..if the winds of despair Let me
게임하는루비 (9 days ago)
정말 언제나들어도 아릅답고 예쁜노래들 이네요 잘듣고갑니다
RocANsteaDY (9 days ago)
Who in here is making their kid(s) sleep so your scrolling on the comments? Thank you Yiruma, kids knocked out before the 4th song!!!
유재원 (9 days ago)
gutss 666 (9 days ago)
mó musica de programa marcia goldschmidt
precioso manos con arte.!!! Bravo.!!!
Юлия Гейвах (9 days ago)
Як этак гарно грати .Скільки вчитись треба!
Mara Shizu (9 days ago)
2 <3
MEHUL CHOUDHARY (9 days ago)
It is beautiful and soothing. Moreover, it helps me to concentrate while studying so thanks a lot!!!!
백살공주 (10 days ago)
참 좋쵸?
Azucena Prat (10 days ago)
문제춘 (10 days ago)
넘나 좋다....이 촉촉한 눈물은 뭐지??....
jaime farias canales (10 days ago)
Me encanto, esta melodía me suspende en una burbuja de armonía, paz y tranquilidad....
estupido de mierda
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Miguel Zalazar (10 days ago)
La Mejor Música del Mundo que te Eleva mas Alla del Cielo y te Rejuvenece el Alma!!
Kenyan Gal (10 days ago)
Sooo beautiful makes me tear up
Macarronenton (10 days ago)
Creo que ya puedo morir feliz...
rong lin (10 days ago)
very nice music , quietness ,clam the mind deep in heart
Izabela Kacalek (11 days ago)
Marjorie Robinson (11 days ago)
Kiss the Rain brings tears to my eyes as I sit here grateful for being alive and appreciating each day I live.
Manny Stwart (9 days ago)
And i love you Marjorie. Life is better this way.. We declaring our love to the people. I love you.♥️🤝
Kelly Anahua (11 days ago)
Saludo a Naye... fan de Yiruma :)
Mihaela Dumea (11 days ago)
Ani 60 lol
Mihaela Dumea (11 days ago)
S F (11 days ago)
que belleza de música, me trae toda la paz que necesito justo en este momento extraño de mi vida.
구영진 (11 days ago)
사랑아 어디로 가냐?
Sonia Ristanti (11 days ago)
my GOD I swear his music really touch my heart :)
Manny Stwart (9 days ago)
You sweet beauty... I love you.. God bless you and your family..♥️♥️♥️
Samantha BellerLeslie (11 days ago)
Áurea Lima (11 days ago)
Lindo 👏👏👏🎶🎶🎶🎼🎼 sonetos que suaviza a alma😘
Livia Lantini (12 days ago)
Bella canzone

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