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Lambada - Akkordeon/Accordion Cover

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Kaoma - Lambada (llorando se fue) Akkordeon/Accordion Cover
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Text Comments (131)
samu-taku (7 days ago)
Er fühlt es xD
djon djon (26 days ago)
давай антоха, деспасито нам....
Turxan Mayarli (29 days ago)
Çox gözəldir. Hi from Azerbaijan. Good song
1Marcin i Zuzia (1 month ago)
Sand Sampaosiam (1 month ago)
Very nice.
Helena Coelho (1 month ago)
musique jolie merci
Filippo C. (1 month ago)
Amazing! Greetings from Italy
Mary 91 (2 months ago)
Bravo 👏😃
Kevin Lind (2 months ago)
That's bloody good, that is!
Roman Sanich (2 months ago)
Ламбада в труселях.
Zena Sibai (3 months ago)
oh god how didn't I watch this amazing video before great man !!
Gunner Gunner (4 months ago)
Evelyn Ponce (4 months ago)
Ewa Kowalska (5 months ago)
Zajebiste !!!
1FC HUNDEFUSS (5 months ago)
Sehr schön gespielt 😁 möchte aich akkorden lernen 🙂
Zbigniew Szczepaniak (6 months ago)
Fajnie to grasz. Akordeon tez jakis znajomy ;). Pozdrawiam!
Mercedes Benz E Klasse (6 months ago)
👍 gut
Blitz Of The Reich (7 months ago)
It's called llorando se fue, not lambada.
高凡 (7 months ago)
best version ever
NyLoX (7 months ago)
pls play this at my funeral
aprender python (7 months ago)
KAROL SEVILLA ANA (7 months ago)
SMOKE MK (8 months ago)
Angry Video Game Nerd
Ваня Маслаков (10 months ago)
fan de claudio capeo (11 months ago)
jador tous simplement vous pouvez pas montrer contre il fo en jouer car je vais avoir un accordéon à piano mes je veux jouer de lambada car je suis fane de claudio capeo
Zé Mané Doca Ralho (11 months ago)
fan de claudio capeo (11 months ago)
Salut question très urgent esque en peux faire un homme debout de claudio capeo avec l'accordéon à piano
dit zi (1 year ago)
Gut gespielt ! Sogar sehr gut !
Паша Roblox (1 year ago)
Bravo! pozdravlay vas s tvorчestvu
Класс! Но этак меха не водят!!!!!
Piotr Laska (1 year ago)
Very well;D Amazing performance !!!!! You are the master! Subscription and greetings from Poland ;D Piotrek
Laura Minniti (1 year ago)
Hi! Can you send me your notes? I cant find them on web! I'll be gratefull
Aaron Pelan (1 year ago)
You perform it so well! I just started playing at the beginning of the summer and I hope that one day I can play as good as you do!
HobbyAccordionist (1 year ago)
sehr schon gefallt mir
Andreas Mohr (1 year ago)
Wirklich sehr schön gespielt---
Tushar Kamble (1 year ago)
beautiful sir
Erika Trueman (1 year ago)
I enjoyed watching that. Can we have some more music from you, please?
Simas Laurinaitis (1 year ago)
Eugene Stanco (1 year ago)
best best
Rocco Cantorelli (1 year ago)
Great playing. Whjere did you get the sheed music from? any chance to get it through you? Thanks.
Marian Kaszuba (1 year ago)
Bardzo ładne wykonanie - brawo duże
Matias Cossi (1 year ago)
acordeón Walter
TravelStyleNews (1 year ago)
Why not, Love it! ;-)
Best Nature Videos (1 year ago)
Very nice !!!
Jason (1 year ago)
It's very funny watching you guys comment
Yucaboy (1 year ago)
I love how he enjoy the music!!
Shahin Rabhi (1 year ago)
rob ert (1 year ago)
Best version I found, nice one man
Anderson Rocha (1 year ago)
Da pra ver que ele curti essa musica !
Harun Türkmen (1 year ago)
i can watch you all day long its so funny to move with you
Marian Kaszuba (1 year ago)
Bardzo ślicznie pan pan grasz , po prostu po mistrzowsku
親王暇仁 (1 year ago)
Rana Dharmraj (1 year ago)
Zeljko Milosevic (1 year ago)
Maestralno :D Kako si ga odsvirao suzu sam pustio
Branco Silva (1 year ago)
acordeonzero você é d mais.....
Mosquito (1 year ago)
When Lambada deliver the whole package
HobbyAccordionist (1 year ago)
Elaozkan7 (1 year ago)
I'm in tears, I adore this song and this cover... Thank you so so so so much for doing it
Piotr Laska (1 year ago)
verry good 😊
Katarina Kiparis (1 year ago)
это у вас старенькые наклейки из покемонов на заднем плане? у меня тоже такие были!)
pimma prom (2 years ago)
thiago laranjeira (2 years ago)
Gaming Reaction (2 years ago)
omg the old song
S.S.Correia (2 years ago)
Very very goog
FERNANDO (2 years ago)
Love it.
HobbyAccordionist (2 years ago)
sehr schon
reza shoaee (2 years ago)
Zadad GÜNTER (2 years ago)
very very nice my friend ,love it :)
CinnCity78 (2 years ago)
Isn't he the cutest??
Alex Henderson (2 years ago)
I listened to a shit load of these. You have about the best timing. Most of the people playing this on accordion seem to lose the timing and feel. I think your reeds need to be tuned a little though. Good job.
Timur Salkov (2 years ago)
сбрось нотки ламбады!!!
Luan Pham (2 years ago)
his face is funny good performance
Julin Vieira (2 years ago)
Pedro Rengel (2 years ago)
Todas las personas gozan y disfrutan con esta cancion tan hermosa que no importa que edad tengas o de donde seas siempre te va a encantar!
Dedpol (2 years ago)
Tuan Nguyen (2 years ago)
Awesome you are talented.
Michael Borsellino (2 years ago)
can you post more videos please
Popa Robert (2 years ago)
he can only sing in his underwear :))
Eleven 11 (2 years ago)
Nothing like jamming out in your underwear! 😄
Dj Mindroler (1 year ago)
Eleven 11 nohing like indeed
karma wijaya (2 years ago)
AMiR.B TaTToo (2 years ago)
Rebecca Ben Sassi (2 years ago)
Wunderschön gespielt!
pxxxr (3 years ago)
слабоватое выполнения
Eduard Contreras Rojas (3 years ago)
Esta mui chinba
Mario Will (3 years ago)
Sehr schön gespielt! Wie mein Dad ;)
Ksimetazolin (3 years ago)
Он в трусах? Не усвою.
Walter Gilman (6 months ago)
за то классно играет !!!!!!!!
Dyka Dima (1 year ago)
ха... мужык в трусах. крассава.
Viet Lai (3 years ago)
Beautiful!    Ignore all the comedians.  Let's see them play !1
Блюз Мен (3 years ago)
Русские кушать?
NEW NOW (1 year ago)
alexey reweyra (2 years ago)
+Иван Павлов а если найду?)
Иван Павлов (3 years ago)
+Блюз Мен Точно дудки.
+Блюз Мен,неа... нету...
Esmeralda Gonzalez (3 years ago)
MiatakiasGR 83 (3 years ago)
WOW This is the best version of lambada solo accordion i have heard on tube.. congratulation is so close in official version and maybe better..:)
R James (4 years ago)
Great playing, even if I can nearly see your ballsack.
Tofu Ufo (10 months ago)
Ryan Dawkins | That's part of the Song.
You looks like David Hewlett, did you know? one to one
mariella (4 years ago)
Quando riuscirò a suonarla così sarà una vittoria! :-) Bravo!
reza shoaee (4 years ago)
so nice man,so nice
ardonzillo (4 years ago)
bien com mucho sentimiento grande
Jesus Fernandez (4 years ago)
el sentimiento y la nostargia es tar que hasta baile sentado c:
Zefy Pissaki (4 years ago)
man are you wearing your pants?? (!) 0.o
QĐNDVN (4 years ago)
sweet ! super man LoL !

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