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Shane Dawson being Drunk for 2 minutes straight

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Shane Dawson Being Drunk For 2 Minutes!!! For more contents like these , like comment & share.
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Text Comments (19)
Jazmine NELSON (8 months ago)
This video is his whole channel
Fraudga (8 months ago)
Ommmmmg the shaaade is real
gemma feltovich (10 months ago)
Shane gets so whiny when he’s drunk 😂
bloodytoxics xx (10 months ago)
*two minutes gay
Fraudga (10 months ago)
bloodytoxics xx shane is Bi so
Gavin Ryan (11 months ago)
Mama Dawson made 6 accounts to dislike this.
Fraudga (11 months ago)
Gavin Ryan omg i dieeed😂😂😂 He tryna put me down sis😂😂😂 Thnx luv for the comment
Shannon Cox (11 months ago)
You don’t know. You haven’t seen my penis
Angela Santa Cruz (1 year ago)
Shane sounds so fucking cute when he's drunk 😂
Truly_ Tiff (1 year ago)
Why did ryland dislike it??
slimey queen (1 year ago)
WinterBlueGirl 93 how can you check who disliked it
Fraudga (1 year ago)
WinterBlueGirl 93 only he knows 😂😂
JishNtyjo tøp ree (1 year ago)
AnIOop kitty (1 year ago)
752? :0
Fraudga (1 year ago)
Ell Wallace satan did ThaT
JishNtyjo tøp ree (1 year ago)
Did ryland dislike this
JishNtyjo tøp ree (11 months ago)
jessica Vandal I haven’t a clue 😂
slimey queen (1 year ago)
Ell Wallace how can you check
Fraudga (1 year ago)
Ell Wallace he did.Not come for.me😂😂

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