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YouTube Lambada Keyboard Version on Yamaha PSR 290

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Sabrina Hanna Hyunh (3 months ago)
Nice performance! This is my favorite cover of this song!
nandikonda ramesh (6 months ago)
May i know your phone number
Ionut Turcu (11 months ago)
nice what you doit with this archaic kyeboard... super ! and sound verry nice.. i liket !
Craig Wilson (1 year ago)
You taught me to play this thanks bud ;)
MarineCy (1 year ago)
nice cover, what style number you use for accompainment?
PDGamer2012 (1 year ago)
I had this keyboard back in 2002, it failed within 18 months. It was sent back to the manufacturer in exchange for the PSR-295.
exxumma (1 year ago)
yah mun,,,
lionel strydom (2 years ago)
Well played buddy really good work welldone
lionel strydom (2 years ago)
Well played buddy well played very very good !! Keep it up !!!
RipMüzik (2 years ago)
helal olsun koçaslan
Troy Lucas (4 years ago)
Does anyone know how to save setting changes they made on a voice so you can always come immediately to those settings when you click on that voice?  Any help would be appreciated
Iancov m (4 years ago)
mister i wanted to sing with you and i didnt know how to find lambada when you make them videos help use get the same settings like you .. thank you
artek kowalski (5 years ago)
I like it
Łukasz Maliszewski (7 years ago)
Ingenious! Guest you nothing beats: DD
tony leonard (8 years ago)

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