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"Cold" - Jorge Méndez (Sad Piano & Violin Instrumental)

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FOR MORE MUSIC by Jorge Méndez: https://youtube.com/JMendezMusic Full ALBUM TEASER: https://youtube.com/watch?v=cbgLtBKmYZk Facebook: https://facebook.com/jmendezmusic [Click 'Show More' to see more links + where to buy the album] Twitter: https://twitter.com/jmendez_music Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jmendez_m Buy the album "Silhouettes" on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/silhouettes/id681363075 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jmendezmusic Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/jorgem%C3%A9ndez BandCamp: http://www.jorgemendez.bandcamp.com Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/3qmdFj0rr2joBgjdjZoZTr Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jmendezmusic?ty=h Official Website: http://jorgemendezmusic.com/ Wallpaper by Mikael Sundberg: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=228829 Mikael Sundberg's website: https://500px.com/mslink * TMFC has the permission to promote "Cold" by Jorge Méndez. *
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Text Comments (19012)
DOUA (2 hours ago)
I’m so sad.
Is it sad that I actually started laughing once I realized what song it was smh 😂💔😭
DeadSlaughter123 (8 hours ago)
This song reminds me of my grandma i loved her but now she is dead and I want her back she was the best she was nice to me subscribe to my channel for my grandma like they always say one like I he prayer
DeadSlaughter123 (8 hours ago)
When you die before a victory royal in fortnight
Mallory Waldridge (11 hours ago)
No one wants to be your friend No one wants to hug you No one likes to hang around you No one love you My name is No one Let that explain itself
Maya Babayeva (17 hours ago)
Hemcinin foto çox gözeldir..
cuteunicornwww :3 (18 hours ago)
One day my friend stabs me with a pencil and i asked her " What did i did wrong??? " and she told me that why do i even exist and i asked her " so you want me to die???" And she said " yes ". Next day she tried to push me off stairs and then she said " why didn't you fall??? It will kill you. "
Nicolas Eduardo (20 hours ago)
What saddest song I've heard, my God 😔😔😢😢
I'm Me (22 hours ago)
There's no such thing as depressed people, There's people who born in the wrong place. لا يوجد اشخاص كأيبون، هنالك اشخاص ولدوا في المكان الخطأ لا اكثر.
Hussam Literature (1 day ago)
I’m now at 30 years and I’m done nothing no family no job homeless because always my father threatens me by expulsion and furthermore I’m living in Iraq at war there’s no chance to life 😔
Henry Kh (1 day ago)
I wish I will be a football player😢😢
Mario Popa (1 day ago)
Nice the music is very good
ISTEEVAN (1 day ago)
2019 :(
bbb bbb (1 day ago)
Mr Snake Gamer (1 day ago)
almomit sampulna (2 days ago)
Since 2016 up to 2017 suffering from depression. I almost kill myself dont know who is standing with me. No one knows how i feel everytime im lying in my bed and keep crying. My family didn't know everything what my feelings is. I'm hopeless, worthless, it seems the worlds against me
Mildred Snethen (1 day ago)
Almomet, you are welcome,I've had depression since I was sixteen and nobody to talk to I used to cut myself at school but I am older now and believe it or not I am not depressed any more and plus I have found Jesus and he is my saviour 😇🇺🇸
almomit sampulna (1 day ago)
+Mildred Snethen thank you so much. I dont know how to get through with this kind of situation
Mildred Snethen (1 day ago)
almomet, Please don't give up Jesus loves you He died for you 😧
Mahgol Sohrevardy (2 days ago)
sony saran (2 days ago)
My sister had dyslexia.... no one believed her.... people though she was naturally dumb... we both got along so well.... but she didn't want to see anymore pain.... so she.... killed herself.....😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 ... I miss her to this day.. please comeback...
ღYeyi Studioღ (2 days ago)
I'm not crying, you're crying
Azout Lilia (2 days ago)
Its so hard To feel that no bodey know the real you... specially the close people and you pretend you're happiness with a fake smile and you always keep trying to find your place in this world pretending you're not scared and day after you become blind to see how far to go ....
damn this is true 🙁
DJ-Classy (2 days ago)
I feel the fear in my body. (Just body)
Mehmet Çaliskan (2 days ago)
turk yok... uzucu
CoverBy Tay (2 days ago)
This song is just beautiful. I’ve taught myself how to play the piano part because I love this song so much. It really stands out to me because it makes you remember all the bad times you had but it reminds me that I’m not alone and that everyone will get through their suffering no matter how big or small. I get insulted by others a lot. And it’s hard. Because you feel useless. But keep your chin up high because you shall tell yourself that you will get through every day and whatever they say doesn’t matter to you. Everything they say is not true. Every human is perfect in their own way. If someone doesn’t like who you are, they can’t stand above you because of that and I don’t want you to let them. You have the right to be respected by others. Please listen to this and remember that your not alone. So many people will go through this and will put up with it and have a happy life. If they can, you can do it to!
xDerÖde | CavE_LaPz (2 days ago)
when you saw the Video with 27 millions views and go to this Video to make a ´´when´´ comment but realise that all are already taken
Faasau Lemalu (2 days ago)
Having a rough time as a person myself I can't take what's right from the others, growing up in a family in a islander family is hard you know I had bad times where I just want to die and just kill myself because no one loves me and after my dad passed in 2015 Feb 3rd everything starts to change I couldn't take this no more got kicked out of the house get hidings from my mum my sisters my dad and I almost went to the hospital growing up is hard my life just want to end right now my family don't want me friends don't want me everyone don't want me and I can't accept myself of who I am like I wanted to end myself myife everything I couldn't handle myself so I tried to cut myself and I wanted to commit suicide but it seems that everyone cares about me, in my head I was like then why didn't you say that in the first place ...to be continue
Zahra Hassan (2 days ago)
Don't hurt yourself, live for yourself. You deserve to live for you. One day brother it will be just the old hard days. I've been there too.
Efes3W (3 days ago)
quebonafide xd
Tin Nguyen (3 days ago)
Thank you so much for your music , such wonderful art to the sound. May I please use a tiny clip of you music for one of my book advertising. Probably 1 min long? I will put your name and you link under the video..... Please & Thank U :)
Natalia (3 days ago)
i’ve been suicidal these past few months, i have some good days but i never feel like that’s enough to keep going
Zahra Hassan (2 days ago)
Glad to hear you greatest worrior💪👏
Ellen Mayo (3 days ago)
Here's my sad story I was born in Victoria British Columbia I was born my mom did not want me and she gave me to my grandma and when i went to school for the first time I was bullied alot because I had exzema badly and it got to the point where we had to move because the bullying got so bad then I went toy new school I was going great then in 2016 one of my family members passed away I I got really depressed and sad and March 2017 things got alot worse my mom tryed to take away my brother and I got super depressed and till this day I am still super sad and depressed and I haven't seen my mom senice March 2017
Ellen Mayo (2 days ago)
+Zahra Hassan I hope 😔
Zahra Hassan (2 days ago)
One day is going to be your day💐
Power Mind (3 days ago)
I can't take this song seriously anymore, ever since I saw the depressed elmo meme all I can do is laugh. Its not a bad thing, but still its not exactly a proper reaction.
chekobikerbmx (3 days ago)
when you write and write, a comment of your story and then you erase everything, because it values nothing and no one will read it.
Zahra Hassan (2 days ago)
It is always worth something. Dear brother
lil bish (3 days ago)
I recently found out im allergic, to a bunch of things but among them, to dogs. I love my dog with all my heart and she's the one to steal a smile from me and make me happy, make me forget about all the shit I'm living. I have two options, to give away her which I don't even consider an option, and the other is the treatment. but, that treatment is long, insane and way too expensive. I hope I get the cure to that one day. I'm going through a lot of stuff but this is what hurts the most
Badaoui Samir (3 days ago)
get tired(╯︵╰,)
Badaoui Samir (2 days ago)
+Zahra Hassan God created this is my dear sister thank you ♡♥
Zahra Hassan (2 days ago)
I see a great worrior💪 prayers to you brother
Manon Weller (3 days ago)
I cry this world. This is the end of this world. Where is hope? Where are you? Save us please..
26 million vue !
DaLightHammer (3 days ago)
When people get happy because they think im happy but little do they know im crying inside.
Fhiookg Golug (3 days ago)
Rest in peace of stray dogs that were sent and shot before the World Cup in Russia in 2018...
Malissha Beat (4 days ago)
RIP XXXTentaction 😍😭 legend.
Med Bhr (4 days ago)
World War III ends... Presidents shake hands... That lady is waiting for her martyr son... That girl is waiting for her loving husband... Those kids are waiting for their hero father... We don't know who sold our country... But we know who paid the price.......
christopher rinehart (4 days ago)
I am sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd to
Ariane Santos (4 days ago)
Eu amo muito este toque. Sempre escuto ao dormir, é um dos mais lindos que ouvi...faz a mente viajar, parece melancólico, mas ao mesmo tempo é sensual, profundo, inspirador...faz-nos desejar momentos que nunca vivemos...como se fosse um toque de despedida e ao mesmo tempo, um toque de esperança sobre algo que espera que aconteça.
김유나 (4 days ago)
Every day in school I come in with a depressed face, people keep saying that stop looking like a dead person or something . It hurts especially since they don't know anything about my past of bullying...... I'd cry every night thinking of those mean word. Every time I made friends they'd end up saying I hate you or you were never my friend. Every day I'm alone and some people ask me to smile, but instead I reply I don't like smiling cause I just don't. Like an they not take a hint that I feel suicidal most times!!
Cpt FxCt (4 days ago)
Lefterden geldik
AR MK (4 days ago)
this gets under your skin and soul.
Leni Lestari (5 days ago)
Im sad
Kat'SQUARE (5 days ago)
Nie ma mnie już w śnie tonę myślami jestem tam , sama nie wiem czemu płaczę,a duszy tej pragnienie gdzieś ją złapać raz kolejny spróbuje czas...raz po raz
Donkara (5 days ago)
Vas a ser un buen padre perry..
alex_max_master_ AFF (5 days ago)
CLEOPATRA (5 days ago)
I think sadness is the strongest emotion one can feel
Rendi Febiant (5 days ago)
So this is life..COLD...,26 Millions deppresed people and many more they just not yet found this instrument, even famous people ever sad time..
Airplane _Content (5 days ago)
Here my story; One rainy day, at 5 am in Florida. A 32 year old Peterbilt 18 wheeler truck driver was assigned to deliver goods to 4 different stores that day. But since he didn't get enough sleep yesterday, he was tired. Around 5:30 am he was already on the road. As he was driving through the Highway, truck driver was falling asleep. He tried to stay awake and pay attention on the road. The truck driver couldnt stay up any longer so he fell asleep. Another driver behind the truck driver saw the truck turn to the left on oncoming traffic. The driver then honked 10 times. Then, as the truck swerves to the left a school bus filled with 25 kids slams head on with the truck. As they slammed head on 5 other drivers slam behind the school bus. Traffic then starts to backup the whole Highway. 4 drivers pull to the side and try to take out the 25 kids on the school bus while the other driver calls 911. They only took out 5 kids when the truck spills gasoline and explodes with the school bus. All 20 kids plus the 2 drivers die instantly. 5 kids with minor injuries as well as 1 driver who suffered 2nd degree burns when the truck exploded survived. 8 different cops, 7 fire trucks arrive and 6 EMTS arrive on scene 7 minutes later. It took 5 hours to clear the scene.
Airplane _Content (5 days ago)
Why is there a spanish version of Wendy's Ad?
man from the past (5 days ago)
god guid me please :) i need you now :) show me the light :) i love u my god <3 u are the greatest :) and you have mercy <3 i love you
RALE z (5 days ago)
I can't stop crying
Secret 0000 (5 days ago)
when things happens
Amelie Wolf (5 days ago)
Oh yeah i feel it its touching my heart
Ershaad Saifi (5 days ago)
Amazing music
CİHAN (6 days ago)
Buralara düştüyseniz umarım sıkıntılarızdan kurtulursunuz burdan çıkınca da geri düşmemek için elinizden geleni yapın !!
Sreerag Raj (6 days ago)
Ziron1111 (6 days ago)
when it is a 1v1 in fortnite and the other person pickaxes u to ur death
Marcus Vinicius (6 days ago)
Tenho 17 anos e Moro em Joinville Brasil eu sei lá só preciso de ajuda por favor, eu n aguento mais
Lapis Local (5 days ago)
Por favor sé fuerte... Te entiendo. Estoy pasando por la misma situación.
gavaskar shanmugam (6 days ago)
reading the comments with this bgm,very hurtful.....watever happen we have to stay strong. that pic epic!
Aykel Garrett (6 days ago)
when you have a best friend for years and you realise he made a new best friend😥
Pulkit Kogta (6 days ago)
my life is on brink, everyday I run away from my problems. Sometimes I feel I am useless.This song calms my mind and motivates me to stand against the storm just like that bird in thumbnail.
István Bocska (6 days ago)
OMG 😭😭😭
narcyz czyżewski (6 days ago)
😢😢👍👍👍👍👍👍👍20like pls
عراقي مر من هنا لايك
Hidalgo Mitzi (7 days ago)
When you step on a lego
VKA gamer (7 days ago)
I want adopt this cute Bby bird😢😢
Alex Lyons (7 days ago)
When you live a girl but she’s with someone else and you cry about it and want to be with her because she’s your everything but you don’t know if your dream with ever come true
Juinuer (7 days ago)
Saudi Arabia 0 - 5 Russia 💔💔🇸🇦
Just a gamer girl ❤ (7 days ago)
When you're a Level 1 Crook and the Level 100 Boss pulls up in the server and starts trolling you
اي واحد عرب خلي حط لايك ويشترك معانا
DOMINO Official (7 days ago)
Fernanda Rodríguez (7 days ago)
Quiero hablar con persona qua me ayude 8295940554
racz szilard (7 days ago)
eskiciim (7 days ago)
Eduardo Morales (7 days ago)
it reminds me of Game of Thrones
SreeN (7 days ago)
rip xxtentacion i miss you :(
Alice Melody (7 days ago)
My story My grandpa passed away which had a huge impact on me. I love him and he raised me for a while. Whenever I would cry he would cry with me, when I was happy so was he. Then he became really sick and passes away. I cried and thought I would never let go ( i never let go) I stared to get bullied. My grades were bad I wasn't happy. I would cry everyday. My parents never knew. I became angry and got mad at my mum she would sometimes shout back and do other things. Please be kind. I am still crying to this day but I want to be strong and make my grandpa proud.
Lapis Local (5 days ago)
Please be strong... I don't know you but I already feel your pain :(
Yousuf Kebbe (7 days ago)
When you look at your exam mark ..
Crime Escapist (7 days ago)
When you need that little rain to get a rainbow
Nicholas Shultis (8 days ago)
Blasted be the wind who makes the cold unbearable Why have you done away with the warmth of summer sun Though darkness may shine brighter than light And well out of sight I will always fight To see the light of faith one more time Even though you remove my able To see the sun It's hope will never be undone Nicholas Shultis - 2019
Mohammed (8 days ago)
Ana Livia Marchetti (8 days ago)
This music is much sad😢 I want this baby bird to me❤
Mauro Lopez (8 days ago)
Bolton Game (8 days ago)
Cette chanson me fais penser à ma chienne qui est morte il y a 2 mois j’ai passé ma vie avec elle et maintenant elle est parti 😭 C’était comme ma meilleure amie j’habitais en campagne et quand j’étais plus jeune ont se baladais et jouais dehors et un tas de truc.. C’etais la meilleure a mes yeux 😞
Antonia a Peña (8 days ago)
veri Goo is music lo siento no se que carajo dicen en inglés pero lo que digo es que es muy buena en verdad vale la pena escucharla es triste pero buena
Philipp Gröbner (8 days ago)
I love it!! This is very emotional
Winston Churchill (8 days ago)
When you tell a joke but nobody heard it
Winston Churchill (8 days ago)
I pooped my pants
Ayoub Asqiriba (8 days ago)
My dads sisters bird dead ;(😭😭😭😭
اكو عرب حزين
Ahmet Mahmut KURT (1 day ago)
Ağaç kıskanıyorum seni Rüzgarda ki danslarını Her şey olup biterken Yorumsuzluğunu , kabullenişini Yok edenin parçasının senden olmasına karşı "ah!" demeyişini Ya dağlar ? Denizler ? Hepiniz aşıksınız sessizliğe Meşrebiniz böyle... Kelimelerin yetersizliği Sessizliğin haykırışı Beni de alsanız yanınıza Dahil edin eşsiz felsefenize Gıkım çıkmaz Heyy ! Dağ Ben anlaşılmak istiyorum Biliyorum farklıyız Senin kalemin sessizlik Denemedim mi sanıyorsun Denedim... Ben burada haykırmaya geldim Sense sessizken bile haykırıyorsun Hiç bir sessizlik bu kadar sesli olmaz. Tanrıyı daha iyi anlıyorum.
Allen Witherspoon (8 days ago)
What your shoe hears when you step in dog pooh..........poor poor shoe :(
وبعد عناء طويل وجدتها ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Grafiks11 (8 days ago)
Meilin Ray (8 days ago)
Image is very .unsettling. I want to protect that bird. Warm him up and feed him.. Poor love. ..😕
Mujtaba To (8 days ago)

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