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"Cold" - Jorge Méndez (Sad Piano & Violin Instrumental)

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FOR MORE MUSIC by Jorge Méndez: https://youtube.com/JMendezMusic Full ALBUM TEASER: https://youtube.com/watch?v=cbgLtBKmYZk Facebook: https://facebook.com/jmendezmusic [Click 'Show More' to see more links + where to buy the album] Twitter: https://twitter.com/jmendez_music Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jmendez_m Buy the album "Silhouettes" on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/silhouettes/id681363075 SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jmendezmusic Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/jorgem%C3%A9ndez BandCamp: http://www.jorgemendez.bandcamp.com Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/3qmdFj0rr2joBgjdjZoZTr Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jmendezmusic?ty=h Official Website: http://jorgemendezmusic.com/ Wallpaper by Mikael Sundberg: https://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=228829 Mikael Sundberg's website: https://500px.com/mslink * TMFC has the permission to promote "Cold" by Jorge Méndez. *
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Text Comments (20220)
Liew Xianyang (9 hours ago)
Listen to this really calms me down...
Pretty Slime (16 hours ago)
I feel the coldness too🥺😢😭
fady ASHRAF (16 hours ago)
Kevin Gross (18 hours ago)
When i lose my promo series
Massimiliano Veglia (20 hours ago)
R.i.p. crypto
Cup Noodles (1 day ago)
Dwynta (1 day ago)
back when I was 8 years old, I had very sad news. I don't have a father, I'm just a stepchild. my life is like a dark cloud. a little happy, a number of wounds. I want to fly high, pass all bullies and people. I'm tired of being hurt, I want to be happy I want everyone to know that I am the right child like other children. I want my family back. Love has hurt my heart. family also hurts me. friends also hurt me. No one can be trusted. I feel a strange thing. I want nicotine as a sedative in the dark around me. I must be calm and stay. my depression is the beginning of my success.
CouchGuys (1 day ago)
This hit my soul
Ventrilo Archer (1 day ago)
We fight, that is how we win and that is how we die. To everyone who read this comment: Doesnt matter if u gave up or not , you are still here with us, that means you still fight , fight to live another day. I know that maybe is not enough for many of us but this is what we have now. When you see a hope of change take it , never hesitate, its worth fighting for... and remember you are beautiful the way you are.
Broken Tv (1 day ago)
Es tan bello
DrexTheDragon (1 day ago)
*when you came for funny comments but their all depressing :(*
Our life is made by the death of others - Leonardo da Vinci
joseph Adams (2 days ago)
what a what a
Good evening or good morning, some of you may be surprised by what I say, but I want to tell you that my Lord is merciful and forgiving and forgiving all bodies. Now a non-Muslim racist is saying that we are terrorists. We are Muslims. We are not terrorists. For the Americans and non - Muslims I am a young man from Saudi Arabia🇸🇦 and I accept my sincere greetings
Fiq Syafiq (2 days ago)
When PewDiePie loses
Yudelka D. C Lin (2 days ago)
Puta ki sad :'v
Lala Mmm (2 days ago)
sometimes my feelings is like this bird hopeless and nobody help everyone just laugh at my drama life -sorry for my english skill I'm not good at eng
Xmomox Xmomox (3 days ago)
لا استطيع ان انكر مدي خجلي من الماضي ... ولكن حينما اتذكره اتذكر نقاط ضعف ذلك ما يجعلني قويا ...
Eric Zhou (3 days ago)
- Viontech - (3 days ago)
When your girlfriend comes out as transgender entirely changing your perception on your lifestyle. True story, needed a good cry.
Milán Kólinger (3 days ago)
Amikor meg hallgattam elsírta magam Like ha veled is így volt 😢
LittleUnicorn16 (3 days ago)
vrancy punky (4 days ago)
Noora Noor (4 days ago)
عقلي لا عقل له وقلبي لا يدق اذا انا ميت
AK -47 (3 days ago)
jonatan fernandes*-* (4 days ago)
*vontade de morrer*
Reconquista Internet (4 days ago)
Wer ist wegen Zate hier ? 😩
Kate the wolf X3 (4 days ago)
I have a story too: 2016: i see my first day my grandpa he always play with me and some reasion stay with me and my grandpa and my grandma and my family it was so happy 2017: i was so happy when i see my grandpa and he always play with me but you will see something really sad 2018: when i came to my grandsparents home my grandmother said: your grandpa died and when hear that i was so sad and starts to crying and i was at a furneal i see my grandpa died and i start to cry 2019: i have 10 years old and i still miss my grandpa and when i saw the bird or when i listen to music i was sad because i still miss my grandpa
Cristian Ionut (4 days ago)
I just... want my life back..
My mom was died :((
Julia Targońska (5 days ago)
Quebonafide zorza
Thicc Botie (5 days ago)
What is anything anymore...😕😞
Ivan Bogatyi (5 days ago)
Life asked death, “Why do people love me but hate you?” Death responded, “Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful, truth.”
D E P R E S S I O N (5 days ago)
Meme song?
Some (5 days ago)
Anyone else here for noahsnoah
Quesos Hmmm (5 days ago)
Here we are talking about the magic! But can anyone tell me why there is no someone play it on violin I only found piano covers this is so weird :/
N8IVE PRIDE406 (5 days ago)
I came here because I dropped my pizza :'( 1 like= #PizzaLivesMatter
Gwizdek30 (2 days ago)
really man XD :D
Prins Dawn (5 days ago)
Haven't heard this one for a while 😢😢😢
Sorio_Gaming (5 days ago)
when mom finds the poop sock
israa ARMY (5 days ago)
هل يوجد عرب هنا
JusTKeat ™ (5 days ago)
She said "I don't want relationships" One year later, she kisses someone else... When i saw them... i felt like a turd in the wind inside. I'm kinda depressed. Discouraged. Useless. I try to be strong inside, to show that i'm okay and i'm happy with this but it hurts. I tried to search in other girl what i couldn't find in her... Hapiness, love, trust. Same result... I... I realised that... That I love her so much but I have to live with the thought that she'll never be mine... She'll never love me like I do. She'll never see me with different eyes... It will never be an "us". 😔 Stay strong you person reading this. Life is no fairy tale and there is no happy ending...
DECAIDE (1 day ago)
Im so sorry.. I really am.. I have tears rn, I hope u find someone just like her ;c except the part where she finds someone else..
Soheil Haghighat (5 days ago)
speechless, absolutely amazing
sergio (5 days ago)
where can i find love? what is 'love' means? it means nothing to me.
Panda Power566 (6 days ago)
Here is my sad story I lost a v-buck
Lavender Gaming (6 days ago)
this is an amazing, beautiful, and emotional song for sad movies. that song made me cry, and I couldn't hold it.
Alvarovski (6 days ago)
XM291 ATAC (6 days ago)
The world is so full of crab its just sad...
flora flora (6 days ago)
انا من يتعذب كالطائر ،وليس هو،انه الفراق القاتل ،اين انت يا حبيبي ،
LPS CAKE TV (6 days ago)
I know everyone has got feelings. It can be a love story. Or it can be a missing story. But it doesn't matter. You have to be strong always in this life. It is the rule of the nature. I miss everyone but couldn't come here or back to world ANYMORE! IF I couldn't be strong in this life I can't be here and writing text to you. I saw my grandmas dieying and it is not good okay if I can forget it you can forget too. I understand you can't forget anymore but you can think something different like still you are healthy or your family is alive... Be yourself and don't see anyone just... just be happy
Misley Cruz (6 days ago)
Alguém em março de 2019? 😢🎻😞
Dulcineia Alves (5 days ago)
Sim 😔
Issa F (7 days ago)
UltraX Techno (7 days ago)
My teammate in Pubg died in a sad way 🤕😔😢😭🥺
Marie (7 days ago)
When I step on a Lego... My life is falling apart for 2 minutes
jj_to_fye official (7 days ago)
Sometimes I have sad dreams the one I had last night really brought me down it was like my mom passed away and they had me and my siblings fake bodies in the casket with her passed away real one so it really made me think love ,respect and enjoy ur parents bc u only get one dad and one mom so go hug ur mom and dad and give them a kiss on the forehead and tell them u love them
CHVNCE (7 days ago)
I dropped my hot pocket. 🙁
flutter shy (7 days ago)
Deadliest plane crashes
ღDaisymeღ (8 days ago)
Did you know you can't smile while breathing? try it! Just kidding, just wanted to make you smile c:
Hamodeh Abu Ajweh (11 hours ago)
a lot of thanks to you for make us smile anyway
sayx nOmor (14 hours ago)
Wow thank u tho 😁
blink 132 (21 hours ago)
Aww cute.Thank you.This made me to smile but it was hard for me.I am here 'cause my crush doesn't love me but loves another one:'(
Anthony Jude (23 hours ago)
Yes we can
LavaSkaty (1 day ago)
One of the only things which worked on me wtf :9
RaZe Row (8 days ago)
Ich kann nicht mehr es geht nicht....
Lavender Gaming (6 days ago)
stay strong boi
Анирад Тр. (8 days ago)
:(, 2019 .........
mohamed sy (9 days ago)
لا تحزن ان الله معآ
Abdullah Salem (9 days ago)
this music like a little baby touching my heart with his tiny finger. he touchs again and again ... and i just sad ... human without sadness equal to piece of rock
Dayler Kid (9 days ago)
Esto fue lo que hize con esta base... https://youtu.be/Uif-FJ6kZpo ... no use autotune pero bueno, hize lo que pude con un celular #fucklove💔
dusty the skeleton (9 days ago)
i lost one of my closest friend
Bolton Game (8 days ago)
My girlfriend want maybe make a suicid 😫😞 im scared
nayeon be my mom (10 days ago)
We do we only realize it was warm, when it gets *cold?*
Mario G (10 days ago)
Use in no friends scene, end with him replacing his father
Allan David (10 days ago)
Quando eu escuto essa musica,lembro q a vida é curta,e tudo isso um dia ira acabar...
رؤى العبادي (10 days ago)
اه العصفور يمثلني حزين ومهموم من غدر اقرب الناس 😔
Oyundu bilmem ne (10 days ago)
artık modernleştik sigara yakmıyorum elektronik sigara yakıyorum mangolu...
MU HAMMAD (10 days ago)
For me,I feel Im not save but only God feels me the hapiness with my parents ,even with my friends ❤️🌸
Ava Steelpaw (10 days ago)
basketball princess (10 days ago)
Friend: you don’t even look like you got sleep last night! Did you even sleep!? Me: -no I was crying myself to sleep and cutting myself ....because it’s getting even more harder staying in this world! Please save me- No I was just watching my favorite YouTuber!
dusty the skeleton (9 days ago)
why would you make it mood ruin
Faith Mukobo (11 days ago)
I came here after the Ethiopian crash on the 10th of March 2019 that killed all 157people on board ,,,saddest thing ever!!😢😢😢😢😢
John Matthew Garcia (10 days ago)
I came here also because of flight 302
J•MinT•P Nyeh (11 days ago)
I remember whan my twitter has baned my account.This's so sad for me.😥😭💔
kypy 00 (11 days ago)
Fuck love!
it's miss Rocky! (10 days ago)
Mommy? Daddy? (I lost my parents.. I lost my mom when I was 6 and my dad when I was 8..now I'm 14 and I'm living with my aunt, people are making fun of me for not having parents, life is tuff and it won't stop)
Alex Lyons (10 days ago)
it's miss Rocky! It’s going to be okay. The people that make fun of you can F*ck off. You’re strong! You need to keep fighting for them. Everyone tells me it gets easier and I don’t believe it. But it does. Not a lot but it does. Block the bullies out. I’m sorry for your loss but I know you’re gonna be amazing!
anthony Rios Becerra (11 days ago)
Sin tiii no puedo vivir Este remordimiento Es para miiiii 😞😞
lauren farrington (11 days ago)
when you turn your volume up ready for your asmr and theres an ad #ripears
Javid Haq (11 days ago)
We see the world with our naked eyes, yet we are so blind when it comes to emotions. We are minority, whom feel sincerely !!!
Lion Singh (12 days ago)
Mirror is my best friend cause whenever I see him crying it never LAUGHS have a nice day
JØĶËŘ HĶ (8 days ago)
+Lion Singh dammit 😭😭you happy now
Lion Singh (8 days ago)
JØĶËŘ HĶ cry please😂😂😂
JØĶËŘ HĶ (8 days ago)
+Lion Singh 😂😂😂
Lion Singh (8 days ago)
JØĶËŘ HĶ yessss you areeee 😂😂😂😂
JØĶËŘ HĶ (8 days ago)
+Lion Singh no really i'm not crying😭😭😭
Noora Noor (12 days ago)
رغم كل الموت الذي في داخلي دموعي ستسقي برعم لاعود من جديد \ بكالوريا
Noora Noor (12 days ago)
ارفع راسك وتحدث مع السماء \ بكالوريا
My wife and son died in accident When I hear this sond mak me cry Pleas oh my Allah keeb them haby in your haven.
Mishal Kashif (1 day ago)
My friend may allah ease your pain
hillncer1 (4 days ago)
+lolman533 then theres nothing call the reality Exist
AmmAr mohammad (5 days ago)
+lolman533 he has the right to believe in him
lolman533 (5 days ago)
He ain't real
Pyro King (12 days ago)
Cierren los ojos y dejen que su mente se habrá
clara jung (12 days ago)
*I keep coming here..I dunno where to confess ..everything getting so hard..myself who tried to be strong endless being hurt..my heart is die..myself already drown..it's been very hard ..I pray for the best ..but I can't hold it..my life is getting so sad .I'm tired of everything, no others ways to end my suffer..no ways ..my physical and mental is so tired ..what to do? No one understand my suffer, I can't do anything..I hope I can run from this sadness ..I don't want to do something stupid ..i just wanna stop this sadness and I want to rest..*
Vivii Covers (11 days ago)
BREATHE. Everything will be fine, you just have to breathe and chill, i am here with you. God bless you. You are amazing, you will go through it. Try to smile and to go through this stuff. I believe in you. I am here for you. You are not alone. You are not the only one going through pain, i went through a lot of stuff, we all have problems and things that make us sad but this experiences make us stronger. God will bless you. Love you. Everything is going to be fine, keep your head up!❤
TheMrMakro (12 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7ILyFPBQKY Poland Hip Hop !! THIS iS BEAT ! ! ! Pzd K
nika klincic (12 days ago)
When you look at this picture for a while you understand it and it's more sadder than the melody.
Alina Catalina (12 days ago)
This song I remember of him, I love him so much, it's doers I can't forget him Sorry for mistakes, I'm from Romania
nope.avi. (12 days ago)
Myat mon (12 days ago)
2019 March ????
Dziadek Andrzej (12 days ago)
Razzel Rosales (12 days ago)
😂 its funny tho when I tried to be emotional by hearing this beautiful music but reading all this comments make me laugh so hard! 😂
Teng Lee (9 days ago)
ugułem spaniale (12 days ago)
Kto od quebonafide?
ugułem spaniale (12 days ago)
+Dziadek Andrzej dzien dobry moj kochany ugulem cale te
Dziadek Andrzej (12 days ago)
Oguem witaj strusiu wodny
David Garcia Navarro (12 days ago)
El 9 de septiembre de 2018 mi pájaro Eduard Se me escapó con lo bueno que era el Se comía las pipas que le daba Y siempre lo recordaba con esta música Joder no puedo escribir por tristeza Así que apoyo para mi pájaro Eduard 👊👊👊👊😢😢😭😭
When T-series beats PewDiePie
M.Afwan Fauzi (13 days ago)
My mother told me " son you so fooll"
Alex Playz (13 days ago)
3 days waiting for my dad he is my only hero but after the day he was found dead in the lake he was buying me a bicycle i shouldve not ask him for that bicycle. You: ooh it was a fake story well idc if u dont believe me
Iulian Todosia (13 days ago)
"I pooped mah pants" ;-;
SOMИiX (13 days ago)
*I pooped my pants*
Kentucky fried memes (13 days ago)
When your Roblox GF cheats on you
When your memes are dead and fried
Marcos Duarte (13 days ago)
Ese pajarito soy yo contra el mundo 😭😭

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