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MFO: Episode 208: Interlude Man by Amouage (2012) ''Mmmm''

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Ritankar Sasmal (2 years ago)
just smelling this from my decant while watching ur review n it is surely very interesting n not that weird also , i m liking this ...
on me this is incense, smokey, fruity!! not an easy one to wear... it's a cold outside scent. To me this can't be worn by some young childish type of guy, this is a blokes fragrance lol! I totally love this one, it put it above tuscan leather on my winter list.... Nice review Bro
Bob Bob (2 years ago)
I love this too, but my experience with it is quite different to yours. It doesn't smell animalic on me. I also don't get the rubber smell you mentioned or the white florals. On me, I get incense, herbs and smoke with a little spice in the background. Then it transitions into the amber. The amber eventually gets quite chocolatey deep into the drydown. Great scent. Very strong, too.
Charles German (2 years ago)
Got a sample about a week ago and tried it....WTF...This is a cologne! 2nd time...Not so bad, really. 3rd time, watching this video...This is some good juice. On my list to get. Thanks.
dspada67 (2 years ago)
Great work mate. I love this Batman type of a fragrance. I really need to get it soon with the cooler weather approaching in Aus. Cheers.
Tanzim Ibthesam (2 years ago)
Fragrance for matured person?
BOLUWATIFE (2 years ago)
Interlude is no doubt a masterpiece in his kind but the versatility on this scent is definitely not the greatest. This could be the signature scent of Rambo, Chuck Norris or Darth Vader. You need big hairy balls, a moustache and leather pants to wear this everyday. :-)
The Scentinel (2 years ago)
i'll have to revisit this one day Matt. I found it difficultto get past the opening, but the drydown...that drydown. Yet another excellent review.
razscott (2 years ago)
Stellar review Matt, one of the best from the house for sure, i had a sample a few years back but finished it, I don't think it's full bottle worthy for me personally but I'd get a bottle if i saw one heavily discounted like on notino, i do prefer l'air du desert though, that's on my buy list, not very versatile though lol, a fragrance for ones self to enjoy during the colder months i think. I need to get my nose on more of the newer amouage frags like journey/fate/sunshine/myths, the only one that really impresses me from a sample set i got was Jub xxv, i found the popular reflection man quite boring tbh, some of the opus line are very nice too but I certainly wouldn't pay 200 kwid for a bottle haha, insanity.

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