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Purchase the written instructions: WEBSITE: http://thecastingoncouch.com This knitting pattern includes three design variations: Chunky Scarf, Chunky Cowl and an Aran version containing a twisted rib. Perfect for beginner knitters, this step by step guide will show you how to knit this beautiful infinity scarf or cowl. The project is joined together using the kitchener stitch which I demonstrate stitch by stitch. Please post your results to my Facebook page. I would love to see them. SOCIAL MEDIA INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thecastingoncouch FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheCastingOnCouch TWITTER: https://twitter.com/youtubeknitter RAVELRY: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/the-casting-on-couch-2 WEBSITE: http://thecastingoncouch.com Why not make the matching gloves? LADIES FINGERLESS GLOVES WITH PLAITED CABLE - Part Two The Main Glove- https://youtu.be/H79gaA_UCig LADIES FINGERLESS GLOVES WITH PLAITED CABLE - Part One The Hand Warmers - https://youtu.be/NVluwsXgQxs Other related videos that feature this cable are: CHUNKY CABLE EDGED SCARF - https://youtu.be/1aL8A60kOms CABLE EDGED SCARF - https://youtu.be/L0EnlQXq-Co Twilleys Freedom Wool Scarf - https://youtu.be/7qamLWJIadM
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iChillypepper (9 months ago)
Thank you! I finally get how to do kitchener stitch!
The Casting On Couch (9 months ago)
Brilliant. It’s so good to hear the Kitchener Stitch has gone so well for you!
Anne Salo (10 months ago)
Beautiful scarf all right ,,,but how slow she is knitting it and with difficulty , don' t understand. . She has tvo sticks , why not use those??😟 Moving yarn up and down , back and fort , God help me !!
Jessica Del Bene (1 year ago)
Just made this scarf! amazing tutorial!!!!!
ursulatigra (2 years ago)
I need your help please. I got stuck. I have made one and used a kitchener stich but stiches at the beginning of work/ones removed from provisional crocheted loops/ came of twisted. I have made different cowl, used this metod again-all came fine. Then, I have made of the same, and the same problem occured. Luckly, I have realised after 3 stiches and stopped in time. I have a feeling that it must be a problem with these provisional stiches. Please what can I do. They look not straight on a needle however on my other work was the same and last result was fine. Can you show how you transfer provisional stiches on a needle after removing crocheted ones. Help please...
May Renon (2 years ago)
This is genious !!!! Great tutorial !!! 😍😍😍
rachelre1 (2 years ago)
Wonderful tutirial !! Thank you very much !! Is there a special reason why to use double strands yarn ? What will be the difference between using double strands yarn, and single thicker yarn? Will there be a difference in the result?
rachelre1 (2 years ago)
Thank you very very much !!! GREAT WORK !!! Both the models and the way you teach !!
The Casting On Couch (2 years ago)
rachelre1 - Yes, a thicker yarn will produce the same effect. Look for yarn requiring the same needle size. Ps, I have a picture of the matching gloves to this scarf on my instagram: https://instagram.com/p/BBTXFQKB0qH/ There is a complete video guide for the matching gloves too: https://youtu.be/H79gaA_UCig
rachelre1 (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for your fast detailed answer. As for the scarf - If I use a thicker single yarn - am I supposed to get same final result as in your tutorial?
The Casting On Couch (2 years ago)
rachelre1 - I wanted to make matching gloves in a single ply of aran yarn. So working 2 plys of yarn together can give you flexibility. You can have finer gauge gloves with a chunkier scarf. I like to do this a lot when I want finer looking tassels or edgings, combined with a chunky effect. Also really handy if you like a certain colour way, but it is not in the desired weight.
Rasheeda Loggins (2 years ago)
Hi Love the pattern... Was wondering if I could do a provisional cast on since I don't know how crochet?? Can I use two colors for this pattern
Rasheeda Loggins (2 years ago)
Okay Thanks so much.... I will definitely be sharing when I'm done....
The Casting On Couch (2 years ago)
Use the provisional cast on that you are most comfortable with. You will be needing those initial stitches to join together with the last set of stitches using the Kitchener Stitch, hence the need for a temporary cast on that allows you to reserve your first row. You could experiment with colour with this project. Share your results with my Facebook page to inspire fellow knitters!
Claudia Machado (3 years ago)
Wonderful!!! I loved!!!! Kisses from Brazil!!!!!
Yanna Michaelides (3 years ago)
Lovely set up! This is also stunning. Thank you for this new technique!

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