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Claire's Boutique Knit This! | Cat Beanie kit & Fashion Scarf kit

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Claire's Sugar Knit This kits Cat Beanie and Fashion Scarf. Loom Knit kits with yarn, tools & photo tutorial style pattern. Subscribe and stay tuned for more details and UNBOXING .....also update, I've been approved to film a tutorial!! stay tuned!!! My Earflap hat kit I designed for Claire's Boutique. Just saw it's $8 right now on sale...great stocking stuffer for budding crafters! (comes will all supplies and photo/written directions!), Design for the absolute beginner. http://www.claires.com/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=65286. My scarf kit I designed for Claire's Boutique. Just saw it's $8 USD right now on sale...great stocking stuffer for your budding crafters! (comes will all supplies and photo/written directions!) http://www.claires.com/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=65276. Stitches and technique links to come later. Check back and bookmark this video.
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aspennoelle (1 year ago)
Have you don’t a tutorial? I’m struggling with the directions in the box.
janewebley (4 years ago)
I wonder if you actually gave this to a child, with no experience, to try and do this based on your instructions? They just don't make sense- sorry
janewebley (4 years ago)
This is impossible to follow. Sorry but pictures don't help
ThatLesbianCouple (4 years ago)
sorry but I hated the kits they were too hard! lol I guess I just don't have the patience :(
tlover9369 (4 years ago)
Oh i like Claires!
Lori Lynette (4 years ago)
This is a fantastic way to intr due kids (boys and gals) to learn to knit. Kudos to you!!!
miriza2 (4 years ago)
How many pegs does the loom have? This is so cool! May get one for my niece! Also what are the recommended ages?
GoodKnitKisses (4 years ago)
Recommended ages are 6+, However, depending on reading level they will need adult assistance.  The scarf is perfect for the younger ones and the hat for older ones, but it really depends on the child.  I made the hat to be as simple as an earflap can be.  The extras for the hat will need help for younger kids. Here is an unboxing video of the Cat Beanie so you can see what is included. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8-LJSQ4XW4
ClarenceTrillinger (4 years ago)
The cat beanie is so cute <3
GoodKnitKisses (4 years ago)
Glad you like it!  Here is the unboxing video for the beanie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8-LJSQ4XW4
TigerDragonGrrl (4 years ago)
Congratulations on your success!
GoodKnitKisses (4 years ago)
Thanks so much!

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